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Choosing a Commercial Landscaping Company in Calgary

Commercial landscaping involves the planning, design, installation and maintenance of outdoor areas for businesses and industries, both large and small.  This is significantly more than mowing the turf and using a blower to rid the walkways of any clippings.

For a blank slate or an area that has been left unattended and needs some rehabbing, they can help plan and install a work place frontage area that is inviting and professional, while remaining within your budget.  Unattractive landscaping will reflect on the reputation of your business.  However, well designed and maintained greenspaces have been shown to attract new clients.

A good landscaper in Calgary can provide monthly or seasonal services to including weeding, trimming, pruning, and plant replacement.  Being proactive, they can see what may need to be altered to improve the overall appearance of your area.

Using native and site appropriate plants, water features, you can demonstrate your ecological concerns.  Using signage you can identify the flowers and shrubbery and point out the benefit to the atmosphere and to indicate which plants attract pollinators to create a sustainable environment.  We are able to accommodate these directives.

Commercial Landscaping Company in Calgary

Landscape Experts CalgaryIn choosing a commercial landscaper, seek out good communicators.  This includes being able to explain the plants that are being used and their benefits.  If there are snags, they should inform you promptly and explain the tactics to resolve the situation.  Invoices should be transparent and easy to understand.

When researching potential landscapers, ask for references and ask to see a portfolio of the locations so that you can see the results first hand.  Don’t just trust the website.  Their workers should be insured and have appropriate qualifications for the work being done.

Project Landscape checks all the boxes.  Our design team will ensure that your vision is a priority.  We are experts at hardscaping to create seating areas, retaining walls, or other elements to enhance your location.  We use flowering gardens, ornamentals, trees, and turf in a cohesive manner to provide the look you are after.

In addition to design work, we also provide a full range of maintenance services including mowing, trimming, snow removal, and fertilization.  Our services can also include mulching flower beds and aerating lawn expanses.

Our workforce is fully insured and supervised.  They are trained to be professional and efficient.  We are ready to serve you year round.

Contact us through this site or by calling 403-257-4059  to see what we can offer.  We are equipped to work with all types of commercial landscaping concerns including industrial, hotels, office buildings, apartment complexes, hotels, and more.

We offer free estimates and would be happy to arrange an appointment for us to meet and review your existing space and to discuss your plans for the future.  We take pride in our ability to give you the exterior design you deserve.  Every job is important to us and we only use the highest quality equipment to be sure you get the best results.