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What Sets us Apart from other Concrete Contractors in Calgary?

We are a full-service concrete company based in Calgary. We specialize in decorative concrete. We have a great reputation built on providing quality services to our customers. Our design team will work closely with you to create a functional as well as beautiful design to enhance your outdoor space.

We are one of the premier concrete contractors in Calgary as well as in surrounding areas. We work on your concrete curbing project from start to finish. We come up with a detailed approach towards the base preparation to the finished work of the concrete to ensure that every possible measure is taken into account for concrete curbing installation.

Why do you need concrete curbing?

concrete patio calgaryProject Landscape offers the best concrete curbing in calgary. If you have been looking at your rugged and unsightly landscape and you can’t decide whether you need to redesign the concrete curbing or not, we can offer you the best solution.

Curbing is a stone border that is installed to surround water features, gardens, and landscape edging.

The use of concrete curbing can be helpful in improving the appearance of your lawn and garden. After the installation of concrete curbing, your lawn will look sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing.

Besides improving the overall look and beauty of your landscape, concrete curbing in calgary also comes up with different other benefits. Following are some of the major benefits of concrete curbing:

Increase in value of the home value

In addition to improving the general appeal of the home, the installation of concrete curbing will make your home much easier to sell. Thanks to the beautiful curbs, you will easily get a home equity establishment and use it to improve the value of your home.

Less lawn maintenance cost

Installation of concrete curbing can also reduce weed encroachment into your garden. The creeping grasses and weeds are kept at bay with installed curbs. Curbs can work as surfaces against which you can easily eliminate stubborn weeds with lawnmowers.

Root barrier

If you allow the plants to grow without control, they will spread their roots all over the place and create bulges on the walkway. Installation of curbs is beneficial as it helps the roots to grow in an organized way. Well-placed curbs can remove the need for planting your garden flowers and plants in pots. Suburbs give plants the freedom to spread their roots except at the walkways.

Reduces the trimming effort

You might have notches that it takes less time to trim a law that is well organized with curbs as compared to the curbless lawn. Curbs can help you to reduce the trimming and mowing time for your garden.


Concrete curbing is one of the best things that you can do to your laws. It has numerous benefits. There is always a purpose for each curbing, and some purposes may be unapparent. For all types of curbing solutions, you can contact Project Landscape in Calgary. Let us know if you want to get more details about curbing in Calgary.