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Project Landscape Staycation Ideas for Your Outdoor Living Space

Every time summer hits, everyone is in a rush to book a summer vacation. Very few people know that they can bring that summer vacation closer to them with some fresh landscape designs on the residential homes.

Even when it’s not summer yet, people tend to spend most of their time at home with family and friends. For this reason, there is a need for a backyard getaway. The truth is backyard staycations are the best, but it can be challenging to start one, especially without enough information and ideas.

The ideas shared in this post will keep you searching for a perfect vacation home no more. I want you to trust that your ideal vacation home is in your backyard. If you already have enough space, you just need Calgary landscaping experts to come and create a little piece of heaven for you.

Shade structure-Pergolas and Planting for privacy

When you are considering your home as a vacation home, lazing beneath a shady pergola during the summer is one of the crucial experiences of the season. You need shade structures not just for shade but for making your outdoor living more private and pleasant.

On your summer vacation, you can agree with me that a cedar pergola is not just for the looks; they are preferred to provide shade from harsh summer rays of the sun. With these ideas, a great view of the blooming garden or a sparkling pool is also guaranteed. What will be missing is a book and a drink for your summer experiences.

Put up a Pergola

As you enjoy your summertime in your backyard, there’s a need for privacy. One of the best ways of achieving that private feel on your deck without blocking the stunning views of the surroundings is putting up a Calgary Pergola.

I know you are wondering how a pergola can offer you privacy when there’s no wall. Besides that, would it provide security or just privacy? That is true; putting up a pergola will not guarantee 100% privacy and security, but yes, the beams and the wood columns will offer some obstruction from your neighbors.pergola decking calgary builders

Many homeowners prefer putting a Pergola atop an elevated deck. This provides additional privacy and, at the same time, improves your summer experience. Summer in your home should be the best thing because you have privacy and you are in control. All you should do is to put up a pergola to offer minimal obstruction from your neighbors and consider other privacy measures such as Planting a pergola.

Plant a Pergola for Privacy-

For an additional touch of coziness and shade, choose a Calgary landscaping expert to help you fill the sides and top of the Pergola with twinning plants. It’s a good idea to select climbing greenery or other Calgary plants that can climb on the poles and crossbeams to give your home vacation a romantic and serene touch. This means that you can comfortably relax in your outdoor living space without worrying about a neighbor spying on you from a distance. It’s advisable to plant your Pergola early enough because it may take a lot of time for the vines to go up to the top of the structure.

Hangout with your Greenery

Another amazing method of making your home vacation comfortable, serene, and private is the use of greenery. This can be challenging, but with Calgary Landscape services, it’s an achievable idea. You can fill your Pergola with herbs and vegetables to obstruct the neighbors and maintain the privacy of your outdoor activities.

Dining Outside-Paving Stone patios and Composite Decking

It’s time to extend your indoor to the backyard and enjoy the summer vacation in style with a paver patio. Although installing the paver stones patios needs some expert assistance, you can install it on your own or opt for the Calgary landscaping expert services.

To set up your Dining outside, you need to choose the easiest to install patterns. Some of the available options that are easy to install include running Bond and Jack-on-jack patterns. If you have enough time, you may also want to consider pinwheel and herringbone, which needs more cutting. For homeowners with the least time, it’s a good idea to consider stamped pavers that resemble stone.

When you are installing your outdoor Dining, make sure the patio is big enough for the furniture and the space you need. It should also allow enough space to walk around. If you need to add a large grill, it’s also important to go for thicker pavers.

It’s also recommended to pick a patio location strategically. It may be in areas such as near the doors and windows. Consider how that can affect the doors and the windows and eventually pick the best location for the project.

Modern Deck and Patio Ideas and Designs

Patio and decks provide you a perfect opportunity to enjoy your summer vacation at home. Space usually includes some protection from some elements which can be achieved through privacy screens, a roof, railings, and Pergola.

The choice of some ingenious and attractive patio and deck ideas offers improved landscaping and improves the looks on your backyard. Here are some of the Calgary decking ideas that you can choose from.

Pergola Retreat

For the people living in the city but still want to turn their backyard into an amazing vacation home, this is the option. It can easily be attained by adding a deck and a pergola to the decking and patio. Calgary plants should accompany it for a vivid hue and vibrant colors. Although this idea seems simple to implement, it can be challenging if there’s a lack of information and time. If that defines you, choose Deck Builders Calgary for expert help.

Curtained patio

A family with an old and tired stone patio would think of ways of transforming it into a dress-up hub or a beautiful bath tab area. The best ideas, in this case, are using the curtained patio as well as refinish the tile floor and the stone. After that, consider installing curtains and shades. For your summer vacation, it’s a good idea to add some charm with sofa sets and old seats.

Pavers and Pebbles

This is a new patio that matches perfectly well as an option for family owners that wants a beautiful and charming feeling during next summer. It is defined by white curtained Pergola. The Pergola is placed over pebble floors and garden pavers. It may include a fire pit in the middle for people that want to enjoy all seasons in their homes. Lastly, big sofas should side the patio offering an incredible outdoor comfort for summer bees.

Pool, Pergola, and Patio

The summer is coming, and all you need in your backyard is a pool, Pergola for privacy and patio for that charm look and comfort. It’s a good idea to include a cooling dipping pool, a protective pergola, wood decking, and a fire pit in your backyard to enjoy to the fullest. If this interests you, then this is a 2020 trend that cannot pass you unimplemented.

Glass-enclosed patio

Sometimes people want to enjoy the outdoors across all weather conditions. For that reason, you should waterproof your outdoor patio. You can choose a wood-floored patio or a paver stone patio for your outdoors but still engrave it with waterproof glass. This allows you to spend some quality time on the outdoor living spaces every season of the year, whether there’s wind, rain, sun, cold, or snow.

Modern White Minimalist

I want to think that plain and bare concrete flooring is also your thing. If that is true, consider a minimalist white patio, which is a modern trend for summer bees. Just slice coffee table and a small sofa for comfort. It’s also good to add eclectic seats and few potted plants for extra charm.

Interlocking Deck Tiles

This decking idea is a modern trend and an exciting choice for all the people that don’t want to drain their financial reserves for out of town summer vacations. Enjoy your summer staycation with some wood-themed deck tiles with the interlocking pattern. This trend gives your outdoor character and exciting feature. This idea can be complicated to implement on your own, given the work invested and the knowledge needed. Get an expert that is versed with Calgary Decks and someone that can offer services at affordable prices.

The above are some of the ideas that you can implement for your summer months. There are many other ideas that are easy to implement if you have the information. You can choose the half-covered Pergola. This provides your outdoor dining area, both light and shade. It can also be accompanied by a built-in seating which can be created in solid concrete and dressed with cushions. The cushions can be removed during winter months. The built-in sitting structures are left intact for another outdoor activity somewhere in the year. It’s also easy to implement covered patio designs in Calgary for your vacation.


Reputable Deck Builders in Calgary

Deck builders in Calgary performs numerous operations in a wider field of specialization. Their deck-building tasks vary widely and are mostly involved in turning designs into reality by overseeing the construction process.

Deck builders are responsible for assembling and extension of decks at home, they offer services like; maintenance services, composite decking, wood decks, reconstruction of decks, patio installation.

Types of Deck Materials

Calgary experiences extreme and varied weather throughout the year, so when it comes to deck building, quality materials are just as important as quality craftsmanship. From composite decking to weather-resistant woods, pressure-treated woods, hardwoods, plastic, aluminum, and more, Project Landscape is dedicated to using high-quality materials from industry-leading manufacturers. As Top Rated Local® deck builders in Calgary, our team can walk you through all of your options to help you choose the best materials for your needs. Read on to learn more about some of the deck building materials that are available for your project, and contact us today to get started! 

deck builders in calgary

Composite Decks

Composite decking has become an especially popular choice for homeowners in Calgary who want to create a stylish deck that will stand the test of time. This premium decking material is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns and while the up-front costs are higher than traditional wood decking, you’ll never have to worry about staining your deck or replacing splintering boards.  

Cedar Wood Decks

Project Landscape can create a beautiful, weather-resistant cedar deck that extends your living space into the outdoors. Cedar decks are known for their beautiful, natural appearance and their ability to stand up against the pressures of extreme weather, moisture, insects, and heavy foot traffic. 

Pressure Treated Wood Decks

pressure treated deck builders CalgaryPressure-treated wood decks are a solid, budget-friendly option for residential decks in Calgary. You’ll find that this material is quite a bit cheaper than the other decking materials that we offer at Project Landscape, but it still offers steadfast protection against dents, scratches, and other wear-and-tear, just over a shorter period of time. For more information about pressure-treated decks, contact us today! 

Plastic Deck Lumber

As one of the leading alternatives to traditional wood decking, plastic deck lumber is revered for its durability and low maintenance. This decking material is usually made of single-resin polyethylene, polystyrene, or polyvinyl chloride, but some plastic decking is made from recycled plastic, which makes it an attractive option for environmentally conscious homeowners. As a bonus, plastic decking never needs to be finished. 

Vinyl Decks

deck installer calgaryIf you are looking to achieve a distinctive look, a vinyl deck might be the right choice for you. Like composite decks, vinyl decks are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes and are made from highly durable PVC materials that are built to withstand heavy use and harsh weather conditions. Vinyl decks are susceptible to mold buildup, but you can prevent that with a few simple washes each season.  

Kayu Hardwood Decks

Project Landscape is proud to carry the hardwood decking materials from the industry leaders at Kayu. Learn more about the benefits of Kayu decks by visiting our website, and contact us today to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable member of our team. 

Things to Consider When Choosing a Deck Builder

It’s the dream of every house owner to have a great deck thereby enhancing optimal use of their outdoor space, creating a comfortable space for relaxation and entertainment of guest.

Your budget is pertinent to consider, identifying the amount you want to spend on your deck will aid the deck designer in suggesting the size and materials for the project.

Here are factors to consider before selecting a deck builder;

Proposed Project Samples

Gather sample pictures of how you want your project to look. This will help them to understand clearly the scope of work, pictures are good forms of expressing your desires, this will figure out your intents towards the proposed project in a clear and concise manner.   This also gives a perception if the budget corresponds with the proposed design.


Evaluate past performances of the deck builder in Calgary, this can be done by having access to their testimonials, this highlight series of their past projects, their achievements, reputations, a visit to their clients can also be exercised, so as to know how competent the deck builder is.


The company License and insurance is important. Ensure that they are insured and have all the required license to obtain permits. You can carry out checks by seeking an insurance company to verify them.

Assessment of Quotes and Bids

Have a review of the quotes submitted by carrying out an interview with the deck builders to assess their competencies within your budget range.


Before hiring a deck builder in Calgary for your proposed projects, its crucial to clearly define the scope of the work and review the contractor’s previous work carefully to make sure you’ll be happy with your finished project.

If you have any questions about hiring a deck contractor in Calgary for your residential or commercial needs, please contact our team at Project Landscape today. 

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2020 Calgary Deck Trends

This year there has seen a tremendous rise in the decking market. So much is happening and people want to keep up with the trends. There is always something new and better every other day. You may be a contractor or a home owner who has an interest in decking. Knowing trends in the market is important so that you are aware of exactly what to look out for. I have out together some of the emerging trends in the decking market in 2019.

Shade Structures

It is always a good thing to spend some time outdoors. You may find that most of the time you are either stuck in an office working or in a classroom if you are a student. That is why time that is spent outside is supposed to be an enjoyable moment. What then is better than having a shade structure outdoors where you can spend some quality time relaxing. In the recent times, contractors are focused on developing shade structures that will not only offer protection from the sun but also privacy. The Calgary decks are designed in such a way that they have deck privacy screens. The materials used are the UV stabilized lattice that forms a shade in the decks pergolas. The deck boards are wide and can be up to 4inches. This ensures enough protection from the sun as well as privacy especially if the deck is in a busy place. In this way you can unwind and relax comfortable without any disturbances from the neighbors.

calgary-deck-contractorWhen you have a shade structure, time outdoors is not limited to only when the weather is favorable. You can spend time outside even when it’s raining. This goes most especially to people who like listening to the sound of the rains. It’s actually one way that can help you to unwind and ease your mind.

Bold Colors

Color is everything. As a matter of fact, the colors you choose are what set up the mood in that particular place. In 2019 people are going for the bold colors. Bold colors are attractive and light up your outdoor living. The Calgary decks provide the bold colors that are trending in 2019. Some of the best and most attractive colors are caramel, chocolate, cappuccino and red brown. All these color will transform your outdoor living and make it better than it has ever been. You can also opt to have composite decking. This is because it requires low maintenance and the colors will not fade away. Wooden decks will need staining which can fade the colors. However, with composite decking you only need to do little maintenance. They are also very durable and are resistant to mold. If you want to keep your color shining all through then composite decking should be the option that you choose. 

Multiple Deck Levels

There is nothing that is as beautiful as the multiple deck levels. That is why most people are going for this trend. The advantage of having a multiple deck is that each deck can be used for a specific purpose. For instance, you can have a deck for grilling; another one can be for dining and the other for entertainment. Calgary deck builders are experienced in developing the best multiple level decks. In this case you can also opt for a composite decking. It is way better than the usual natural wood alternative.

You can have a multiple level deck at the backyard. Those Calgary deck contractors are the best fit for this work and will completely transform your backyard. There could be space in your backyard that you are not able to utilize because the ground is sloping. Having multiple decks constructed in this area can help to put the space into use.  Landscaping can also be done by the Calgary builders so that the area around the decks is relaxing and attractive. Additionally, when planning the multiple level decks ensure that the landscaping is similar. This is a very important detail that should be taken into consideration.

A multiple level deck provides some sort of covered space. The space that is left is mostly used for storage purposes. If you have issues with having enough storage space then this can solve the problem. You can opt for the design that offers some space where you can keep items such as the barbecue grill.

If you are that kind of a person that likes spending time outside while watching the sunrise or the sunset then a multiple level deck is what you need. It can transform and offer beautiful views of the surrounding especially if there is a mountain nearby or the home is at a lake front.

Deck Lighting

In order to have that modern and sleek appearance you should consider having deck lighting. There are many lighting options that are meant to complement any decking design. For instance there are lighting options that will complement the color of your decks. Additionally, lighting makes means that you can spend time outdoors any time you want even if it’s at night. Remember that decks are usually for entrainment purposes too therefore have this in mind when picking up lighting options. Calgary decks will offer some of the best lighting options that are there in the market. There are different types of lighting options. What you have to do is choose the one that best suits your decks.

Some of the popular deck lighting options include solar deck lights, post cap lights, recessed or step lights and the post or rail lights. Opt for lights that are of low voltage so that you don’t end up spending a lot on electricity bills. Similarly, ensure the lighting offers safety.

Lighting can also be a part of landscaping. For instance, you can have your deck lighting in such a way that it complements and enhances the appearance of your home. One way to do this is having the lights close to the plants that are on your landscape. This tends to the curb appeal of your home.

Picture Frame Borders

calgary-deck-builders-5cc069ebac9e6 Adding picture frame borders to your decks makes even an ordinary deck look elegant. What makes picture framing a trend is that it improves the appearance of the decks. In this case the Calgary deck contractors can decide to use two colors on the decks. One color will be for the interior of the deck. The other color is used on the picture frames. A contrasting color is chosen so that the borders really stand out.

Appearance is not the only thing that the Calgary deck builders think of when decking. The picture frame borders also enhance safety. They act as a visual way of reminding you to watch your steps. You can opt for a dark color on the frames so that they are easily visible especially during the day.

Picture frame borders are a nice way to highlight specific areas on the decks. For instance, they can be used to highlight the grilling area or even the outdoor kitchen. With Calgary decking you can be sure that any picture frame design that you liken will be developed. You might also want to consider having composite decks.

Advantages of Decking

You may be wondering why decking is important and why more people are opting for it. Here are some of the advantages that come with decking;

Creates an Outdoor Space for Entertainment

If you want to have a party or barbeque with some friends, having a deck at your house will come as an added advantage. We can agree that a party is better and more fun when done outdoors rather than in the confines of a house. Since there is lighting in all decks you can have a party even at night with no worries. During the day you can enjoy the sunshine as you have fun with friends, family or neighbors.

Increase Value of the House

Do you know that having a deck installed in your home is actually an investment? In the recent times, homebuyers are on the lookout for homes that have decks. A beautiful and quality deck will definitely increase the value of any home. Therefore if you have plans of selling a home, you can add a deck as a feature. This will definitely be an added advantage when you are selling it.

Extra Space

A deck tends to add some space to your home. If you have a yard that is loopy, adding multiple level decks can greatly help to put it to some use. It can create some space for you to keep potted plants and other accessories that you want in your home.

Aesthetic Appeal

Decks come in various designs, colors and different finishes. Having a nice looking design will enhance the appearance of your current home. You can even opt to coordinate the design of your home with that of the deck. You can also have the deck decorated so that it makes the home appear more attractive.

At Project landscape our deck design team has vast experience in low maintenance composite decking. With all the materials and keeping up on the latest trends, gives us the upper hand on other Calgary deck contractors to design and create a one of a kind outdoor living space. Whether is a simple deck or landing or a more complex deck including a pergola, deck lighting and more, we’d love to hear from you. Our level of attention goes well beyond what most Calgary deck contractors provide. From our customer service to being rated Calgary’s top landscape company, we now set the standards in Calgary landscape construction.

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Types of Decks that Deck Builders in Calgary Can Build

When you are planning the outdoor spaces of your home, your focus is on ensuring that the available space is used optimally and that all the features and installations are resilient, durable and cost-effective. This is where outdoor features such as decks come into the picture.

A deck is arguably one of the most popular outdoor living features that homeowners opt for. This installation helps extend the indoor areas of your home and is one of the best ways to increase the usability of your yard.

If you have conducted some research online you will notice there are a number of different decking materials on the market today and choosing the right one can be a bit of challenge. We at Project Landscape are the Deck Builders Calgary that provide customized and cost-effective solutions to clients across the region. We recommend that you keep some of these factors in view while getting a deck built.


Aspects to Consider

When you are getting a deck constructed there are certain aspects that need to be kept in view such as:

  • The available space matters as does the layout of the yard.
  • This will decide which indoor spaces the deck will connect to and what its shape and size will be.
  • In addition, you need to take into account your personal preferences and styling requirements.
  • Decide how much you want to spend on the feature and allocate a budget.
  • While the aesthetics matter, it’s also important to focus on functionality and durability as well as ease of maintenance.

Deck Materials

Taking a 360-degree view is the only way to make sure you get a deck that will enhance the appeal and increase the value of your property. Just as it is important to hire experienced Deck Builders Calgary, the material you choose for your deck has bearing on the resilience and durability. The different decking materials you can choose from include:

  • Cedar
  • Spruce
  • Exotic hardwoods
  • Pressure-treated
  • Vinyl
  • Dura deck
  • Composite
  • Ruba deck

All of these materials have their pros and cons and having detailed information about these products is important in choosing the right one for your needs. When you choose us as your Deck Builders Calgary for your project, you have the assurance that your new deck will  be stunning, resilient and durable too.

With over two decades of experience in the industry, we are the Deck Builders Calgary that have what it takes to provide top-notch services at the most competitive rates. For any more information about our expert services, feel free to contact us at 403-407-5777 or drop us a line via this Online Form.