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Mulch vs Decorative Rock – Which Is Best for Your Calgary Landscape

Fabulous homes with their amazing landscapes make Calgary the green city that it is today. Does your landscape look healthy and a worthy addition of the greenery of the City? Or it needs a face lift to enhance its visual appeal. The remedy is within your reach; go for mulch and decorative stone!

What is mulch?

Your plants look unhealthy and weeds are growing around it! There is no visible earthworm to enrich the soil. You need mulch to prevent the growth of weeds and invite earthworms.  Mulching enriched the planting area makes it healthy, earth-friendly and beautiful. Mulch is the process of placing layer of material to the soil surface like a protective covering. The layer conserves soil moisture, improves fertility and maintains good health of the soil; at the same time, it prevents weed growth.

landscape mulch rock calgaryWhere mulch come from?

Any material covering the ground and offering advantages to plants performs the function of the mulch.  Organic mulch comes from bark, chipped or shredded compost, composted manure grass clippings, newspaper, and shredded leaves straw. Organic mulch decomposes and has to be replaced. In the process, soil’s fertility and, organic content are improved.

Advantages of using mulch

Controlling weed growth is not the only advantage using mulch; it minimizes water loss in the soil and controls soil erosion. It regulates temperature making it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Once mulch is broken down, soil starts to improve. The environment is conducive for beneficial earthworms so they start arriving. Ornamental fruits are kept from falling to bare ground so neat look of the area is preserved.

Decorative stones

Decorative rock can be used in lieu of mulch as ground cover, as driveways and filler around pools and patios. Your landscape looks elegant with a variety of landscaping stones. Adding rocks to the landscape offer many advantages. They last for longer times, they made shady areas brighter, and they draw attention to a plant in dark places or focus to interesting areas, while minimizing weeds.  Exchanging plants for rocks is xeriscaping technique that is an innovative way to conserve water.

If you opt to use stones for your landscape, make sure that they match the theme of your current landscape or complement the theme you intended.  Rocks served as long-term solution, for they go a long way towards making Calgary landscaping the best ever.

Mulch vs Decorative rock?

Mulch has many advantages: they help plants achieve their maximum growth and use less water. With fewer weeds, more nutrients go to the plants. They are able to reduce compaction and erosion.

Decorative rocks can be more expensive and are easy to maintain. They are fire-proof and safer to use. Like mulch, they keep weeds at bay and prevent soil erosion in windy areas. They are the perfect for rock and hardy plant gardens.

Verdict: Both mulch and decorative rock are good for landscaping. They are not perfect but they contribute to Calgary landscaping by keeping plants verdant, healthy and thriving!

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