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How the Evergreen Tree Became The Christmas Tree

In ancient Rome, the evergreen tree growing in the midst of winter was considered as a symbol of life. During the coming of the New Year, Roman homes were decorated with evergreen branches. The ancient inhabitants of northern Europe planted evergreen plants in boxes within their homes in wintertime.

Middle ages

A legend was growing about the night of Christ’s birth in the midst of winter where all trees worldwide incredibly performed a snow removal getting rid of all ice and snow on its branches and started producing new green buds. During this time, the favorite Christmas plant was holly for it retained its green leaves throughout the entire winter, symbolizing rebirth.

Christmas Tree has arrived

Celebrating Christmas with gifts around an evergreen tree started to become a global trend during the time of Queen Victoria in 1846.  In the nineteenth century, Christmas trees were not popular until artists, authors and civic leaders presented an image of a content family trading gifts by a tree. This was their option of replacing decadent Christmas custom like wassailing. In fact, many people of other faiths started to adopt the Christmas trees like the Japanese. From here, Christmas tree has gone a long way from its humble pagan origins

Why the evergreen tree is adopted as Christmas tree?

During winter, people considered plants and trees that remained green to have special significance. In many countries people believed that evergreens would avert evil spirits, illnesses, ghosts and witches from home. Starting 400 years ago, evergreen tree were used as part of the Christian Christmas celebration in Germany. By the nineteenth century it spread to most of northern Europe. Canada was first country to introduce the Christmas tree in 1781 in Sorel, Quebec. It was initiated by a German immigrant, called Baron Friederick von Riedesel. The Christmas tradition in Canada‘s celebration today has been borrowed from various customs practiced in many countries. Families who migrated from all over the world also adopted the Christmas tree symbolizing the joyful season.

Christmas tree in Calgary

As landscaping service in Calgary as in all other places, one pre-Christmas ritual is picking up that perfect Christmas tree. Some family prefer pre-cut tree from the shopping mall or they venture in the snow to cut your down their own. Make your hunt for the perfect Christmas tree as an outdoor adventure. There are many organizations or clubs assisting families to cut down their own trees.

Evergreen trees are not only for Christmas

Evergreen trees are also ideal for landscaping. Project Landscape’s landscape designers in Calgary, can help with a new design for your yard! There are hundreds of varieties of evergreens that are ideal are for planting in beds or using as borders. Try planting them between brightly colored plants to enhance the landscape. Do not think of evergreen trees as only useful for Christmas. They are useful many ways in the industry making paper, pulp and wood. They are also utilized as adhesives, basis for rosin and varnishes. They are made as binding agent for construction of fiber glass. They provide sports lovers with sturdy skateboards!  And of course, during the Yuletide Season, they are the Plant of the Month.

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