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Benefits of Installing an Irrigation System for Your Calgary Home or Business

Looking to reside or earn a living in Calgary? The odds are you are likely to find that dream space and move into it, and that you want it to look as natural and serene as possible. That’s what irrigation affords you, because plants and grass all need water for growth. If you want your Calgary yard to have that incredibly stunning look, then you should top your list with the task of installing an irrigation system. A good number of homeowners perfectly get to grasps to the understanding that an irrigation system will do a solid for the yard, but there are a variety of other benefits you can enjoy after having that sprinkler put in place.

Increment in Home Value

When you put the irrigation system into employ for the greens in your home yard or the natural environment surrounding your business, nothing stops you from noticing an increase in the overall value in your premises. This is mostly achieved when you go for a more vibrant and healthy array of plants on display, as well as you have that sprinkler system installed to make your homes look like Eden in Calgary. In addition, when you want to put that apartment or office up for sale when it has an irrigation system installed, it sure would pack a punch of bucks. Even when you are looking to busy yourself with your business sales, the irrigation system frees up your time for you to attend to other important projects. The automated sprinkler does well to fix your home and add value to your yard, because it will mostly be taking care of itself.irrigation calgary landscapingWeed and Disease Prevention

Spread word far and wide and you’d be fed back that no one fancies or enjoys a garden chocked up by weed. Having your garden rampant with these unwanted plants steals the beauty of the environment and creates room for the influx of plant diseases. While others may want to spend some dollars from time to time buying chemicals to control the situation, installing an automated irrigation system will do the ultimate trick and in a long term. With the way the system is designed, you have options to target the water supply to the plants you wish to grow strong. If you leave your garden or yard to be watered by the rain, all the plants would have an equal share of water, and they would grow to become rivaling combatants on the same battlefield. With a sprinkler system installed you would be able to nurture your flowers and plants, while stopping the weed seeds from even as much as germinating. Also, when you limit the water sprinkled on leaves, you would be reducing the chances of any sort of blight or leaf disease.

Soil Nutrient Balance

An automated irrigation system affords you the chance to maintain the nutrient balance of your soil. An over-watered yard can culminate into nutrient loss in the soil – the one juice that all plants need to thrive. With the help of an automated or easily controlled system of irrigation, you wouldn’t have to worry about this because the amount of liquid that is distributed is carefully controlled and maintained – hardly any mistakes. Another problem that comes into your yard as a result of too much watering is that the soil soon becomes heavy and overly compacted. This conditions doesn’t allow some plants to thrive, and should be at all costs be avoided. With one of the many sprinkler system installation options, you can sidestep this mishap from befalling your home or business environment in Calgary.

Needful to mention is the fact that the system you may be opting may be automated, which is an excellent option for any yard or garden in Calgary. Since they are self-operated, you will be rid of the worry whether your plants are getting too much water or too little. They also help you save water because you will not be using more than you need to keep that garden looking its best. Most of all, an irrigation system gives you complete control – you can determine anything and everything concerning watering your yard in Calgary.

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Lawn Maintenance Tips in Calgary

Maintaining a lush and lovely lawn may take a little physical effort, but is really simpler than it seems.


Lawn Maintenance Tips

Keep grass mowed at 3 to 3 1/2 inches.  The blades of the plant must be long enough to gather sufficient sunlight to they produce the sugars the plant needs to survive and thrive.  The plant will reproduce, and fill in where older plants are dying, for a denser lawn.  Lawns mowed any shorter will remain stunted, and the fill-in chances are slim.  With the grass barely hanging on, the weeds will go full speed ahead.  If your lawn grows too high, cut only 1/3 of the total height at a time; then return to the 3 to 1/2 inch height.

Do not mow the lawn when it’s wet to avoid damage to the plants.  The soft soil creates a high level of soil compaction limiting the penetration of water, nutrients and air to the roots.

Keep your mower well maintained, but that is the topic for another time.


While it takes an inch of water per week to keep your lawn lush and growing, if you wish to save water during the hot summer months, apply a half inch every two weeks to keep the crowns of the plants alive.  The grass may go dormant and turn brown, but when cooler weather returns, a good watering or two will bring back the green.

Be sure to allow turf to dry completely between waterings to oxygenate the root system.  Start just before dawn, when it’s cooler and the wind is calmer.  More moisture will be absorbed into the ground and not evaporated by the sun.  Also, early watering will prevent many fungal problems and possible root rot that can occur if watering in the late afternoon or early evening.


Start in the spring by spreading a pre-emergent.  Choose a pre-emergent product that will last the entire growing season. This will prevent germination of weed seeds blowing into your lawn.

A pre-emergent will not tackle the weeds already growing but spot spraying will.  Spot spraying is a hand squeeze-trigger unit or a pump pressure sprayer, used to address only the weed and not the entire lawn.  Don’t saturate the weed, just wet the weed leaves. Add Spreader-Sticker to the herbicide.  Always read product directions before beginning.

These are the lawn basics that should give you turf that will be the envy of your neighbourhood.

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What Factors Affect Irrigation Service Costs in Calgary?

The service cost of irrigation might fluctuate depending upon the size of a property. The cost may rise especially for those properties with small lawn. The average rate for Calgary irrigation projects ranges from three-thousand five hundred dollars to six-thousand dollars. The customers can also request for quotes from Calgary irrigation companies and get familiar with what is happening in their lawn.

The estimated operational costs for carrying out Calgary irrigation in your lawn is about two-hundred and fifty dollars. The installation cost would include testing of Double Check Valve Assembly and winterization of surrounding areas of your property. Most of the companies incorporate ultra-modern technology to conserve the water. It might be little expensive for a budget conscious customer. However, it is better to invest some money in order to safe guard your property in the long run.

The Return on Investment or ROI is purely based on overall yard size. It can be quickly recovered within a period of one year. There are numerous service providers located at Calgary who specialize in the installation and maintenance of sprinklers systems. Now let us discuss some of the major factors affecting the service cost of irrigation at Calgary.

  1. Overall size of your property:-

Square footage is one of the key factors that determine the cost. Largest the size of your property, higher the price would be. If you own a massive property, which might need adequate piping and sprinklers heads, you may need more money. The concerned landscaping service providers would take the measurements of the site in order to determine quantities of materials required for installing. The sprinklers systems are often installed at separate areas. In such cases, you may select those areas, which require more attention. As soon as a particular area is plumbed, additional zones can be included.

Do not ever skimp on the amount of money you spend. Superior quality equipments would ensure durability and their ability to withstand even harsh climatic conditions. It ultimately decreases the possibilities of wear and tear.

  1. Condition of your site:-

The turf of each property might vary. There are certain sites where the surface is flat and green. In such cases, the cost of installation is very low.

  1. Slope of a landscape:-

Installation costs are also based upon the slope of a landscape. Trenching sites becomes complicated if the slopes are higher. It could even lead to pressure issues. The concerned landscaping service providers would recommend a feasible plan of action to deal with the existing condition.

  1. Micro climates:-

Each property demands separate microclimates and water requirements. The installation cost would be higher if size of the yard is long.

  1. Choosing a system:-

The cost of drip and spray systems varies. However, it is better to opt for drop systems since it is available at lower cost.

To sum up, before resorting to the above mentioned activity, one should take into account the estimated budget.

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Mulch vs Decorative Rock – Which Is Best for Your Calgary Landscape

Fabulous homes with their amazing landscapes make Calgary the green city that it is today. Does your landscape look healthy and a worthy addition of the greenery of the City? Or it needs a face lift to enhance its visual appeal. The remedy is within your reach; go for mulch and decorative stone!

What is mulch?

Your plants look unhealthy and weeds are growing around it! There is no visible earthworm to enrich the soil. You need mulch to prevent the growth of weeds and invite earthworms.  Mulching enriched the planting area makes it healthy, earth-friendly and beautiful. Mulch is the process of placing layer of material to the soil surface like a protective covering. The layer conserves soil moisture, improves fertility and maintains good health of the soil; at the same time, it prevents weed growth.

landscape mulch rock calgaryWhere mulch come from?

Any material covering the ground and offering advantages to plants performs the function of the mulch.  Organic mulch comes from bark, chipped or shredded compost, composted manure grass clippings, newspaper, and shredded leaves straw. Organic mulch decomposes and has to be replaced. In the process, soil’s fertility and, organic content are improved.

Advantages of using mulch

Controlling weed growth is not the only advantage using mulch; it minimizes water loss in the soil and controls soil erosion. It regulates temperature making it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Once mulch is broken down, soil starts to improve. The environment is conducive for beneficial earthworms so they start arriving. Ornamental fruits are kept from falling to bare ground so neat look of the area is preserved.

Decorative stones

Decorative rock can be used in lieu of mulch as ground cover, as driveways and filler around pools and patios. Your landscape looks elegant with a variety of landscaping stones. Adding rocks to the landscape offer many advantages. They last for longer times, they made shady areas brighter, and they draw attention to a plant in dark places or focus to interesting areas, while minimizing weeds.  Exchanging plants for rocks is xeriscaping technique that is an innovative way to conserve water.

If you opt to use stones for your landscape, make sure that they match the theme of your current landscape or complement the theme you intended.  Rocks served as long-term solution, for they go a long way towards making Calgary landscaping the best ever.

Mulch vs Decorative rock?

Mulch has many advantages: they help plants achieve their maximum growth and use less water. With fewer weeds, more nutrients go to the plants. They are able to reduce compaction and erosion.

Decorative rocks can be more expensive and are easy to maintain. They are fire-proof and safer to use. Like mulch, they keep weeds at bay and prevent soil erosion in windy areas. They are the perfect for rock and hardy plant gardens.

Verdict: Both mulch and decorative rock are good for landscaping. They are not perfect but they contribute to Calgary landscaping by keeping plants verdant, healthy and thriving!

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Composite Decking in Calgary

Why Use Composite Decking In Calgary?

Today, composite is a material that is widely used in various indoor and outdoor features on commercial and residential properties. While wood is still a favorite with many people, composite is fast gaining popularity, especially in the deck building space.

We at Project Landscape are a leading company in this industry and design and build customized composite decking in Calgary. Composite decks are extremely durable, attractive and easy to maintain. In fact, they are available in a range of designs that emulate the appearance of wood. composite decking in calgaryThis means, you can get a deck that looks like wood, but without any of its downsides. Timber can be extremely difficult to maintain and requires constant and detailed upkeep. But that isn’t the case with composite decking. Let’s look at what makes composite such a popular material for decks.

Why Are Composite Decks In Calgary A Popular Trend?

  • High grade composite deck products are extremely hardy, able to withstand temperature fluctuations, exposure to the elements and regular wear and tear very well.
  • Composite decking in Calgary is an eco-friendly material option as it’s manufactured from recycled materials.
  • It’s very easy to maintain which means you spend less time and money on it in the long term. You don’t have to worry about painting, polishing, sanding and other maintenance aspects.
  • Composite decks are extremely durable and can last for a number of years with very little maintenance.
  • They are scratch, stain and mold-resistant and don’t fade when exposed to the UV rays of the sun. They won’t rot, warp or crack like some wood species either. Aside from this, they are also insect-proof and splinter-free which makes them an ideal material for homes where there are children and pets

Custom Designed Composite Decks

We at project landscape provide high quality composite decking in Calgary that can be a true value-add to your home. We work closely with you in order to understand what your specific requirements are and provide customized solutions that fit perfectly into your budget and meet your requirements.

Composite material is available in a range of colors, patterns and shades, which means you are sure to find something that suits the overall styling of your home.

If you are looking for high-quality composite decking and Calgary, you are at the right place. For any more information feel free to call Project Landscape at 403-407-5777 or drop us a line via this Online Form.

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6 Ways that a Pergola Can Benefit Your Landscape in Calgary

Many have jumped on to the pergola express, while many others are still in the contemplation phase where they are stuck between trying to understand what the hype is all about and trying to figure out what benefits pergolas would be to them or their property.

For those in the first and second categories, this post is specifically targeted to help them understand why pergolas are so prevalent in public and private discussions and how they can be beneficial in Calgary landscaping.

Before we jump into the business of explaining the overall and specific importance of pergolas, let’s help those who do not know what they are really about to understand more.

A pergola is a structure, crafted as quietly as possible and which is designed to transform any space of empty or vacant land in your backyard into an outdoor living space which add color and grandeur to your apartment and which you may come to love.

Some people would consider pergolas as incomplete structures, mostly because they are built in about the same way that incomplete structures look with basically roof beams, vertical beams and without a solid wall or roof to provide any form of additional shade.

However, it is important to note that pergolas are quite very handy and can provide a lot of space for a wide range or variety of activities. Below are six of the ways owning a pergola in Calgary may benefit your landscape:

Pergolas Help You Define Your Space:

With the way they are designed and built, pergolas are essential for people who seek to define their living space in a way that creates some uniqueness. Also, it creates extra space for those who love to lounge outdoors during the summer or during winter periods when the cold is less.

Pergolas Can Be Used to Add Structure to Your Home:

If you’re one who enjoys a scenic and well-structured outdoor space, then consider owning a pergola because they add structure to your outdoor living space while providing you with a view of the Calgary landscaping.

Outdoor Dining Area:

With a single garden Calgary pergola, you can separate your patio areas from the rest of your yard in a way which creates room for extra privacy and opens up into an outdoor dining area.

Outdoor Reading Space: A Calgary pergola, well-structured and adequately designed will be the perfect place to spend an afternoon with a book or take a nap, depending on which is your thing.

Permanent Structure for House Garden:

As a bonus, a typical Calgary pergola can serve as a stable structure for a house garden where you can grow roses, ivy and other flowering vines to both develop and serve as an exquisite display.

Shade for Winter Hot-Tubers:

A pergola in Calgary can be built over an outdoor hot tub and will also serve the role of protecting the owner from the harsh cold of winter without obstructing the view of the evening stars or the Calgary landscaping in the day.

Located in Calgary, Alberta, we serve the commercial and residential community of Calgary, Okotoks, Airdrie, Chestermere and surrounding areas.

Contact Project landscape for a free landscape estimate at 403 257 4059. Or fill out the contact form to schedule an onsite consultation.


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What is the Cost of Lawn Care in Calgary? Here’s What You Need to Know

Calgary is a beautiful city that boosts of greenery; lovely homes with breathtaking landscapes. There are many companies to serve homeowners who love their lawns. Easily available but don’t know if they are negotiable when it comes to prices. Here is what you need to know about cost of lawncare services in Calgary!

What Makes up Good Lawncare?              

Keep a healthy lawn through mowing and raking but it is not enough. You need at the proper time of the year at the right levels to create a healthy lawn with deeply rooted grasses. Fleas and ticks including weeds that exacerbate allergies are easily controlled by the application of herbicides and pesticides. Take care that your yard are free of disease-carrying bugs that gives lots of nuisance. Your grass will be greener and hardy year round by using nutrient/fertilizer. Lawn maintenance is not only effective, but safe with organic fertilizers options. They are on the cutting edge of research into environmentally friendly lawn care products.

Offers multiple applications of fertilizers at least four to six weeks to make sure your lawn is the best. Use the proper fertilizer within the type of local soil, condition of the weather and type of grass. Through customized service, you have the lush lawn you’ll love.

Calgary’s Lawncare Services

The professional team of lawn experts in Calgary focused their attention exclusively on the following area: fertilization, lawn care maintenance and weed control. They also look after all tasks involved in a year-round lawn care; like snow removal service every time it snows, or just need occasional help; temporary mowing service as your mower broke down or maintenance for the entire summer; or Spring Clean Up or Fall Clean Up. Always be prepared when winter comes.

Some of the services you might need including cost –

Mowing is about $270. Although mowing can be done DIY but the task is so cumbersome that it is worthwhile paying for the job.

Fertilizing costs about $350. By fertilizing your lawn, the stability of the soil ensured plus a healthy plant. The proper type of fertilizer in your lawn helps ward off diseases and other damages.

Watering – In lawn maintenance, watering is the most important service for it compensates for lack of rainfall or dry conditions. Sprinklers can be installed to minimize work on hand watering.

Aerating is about $450. It allows air, water and nutrients to penetrate easily into the grassroots. This task should be done after winter so it facilitates growth of new plants.

Dethatching involves breaking layers of soil to facilitate movement of nutrients. Aside from being cheaper alternative from aerating, it provides the same result.

Overseeding is quite expensive at around $1,200. However, it keeps grasses to grow continuously when the older patches withered and die out.

The cost increases with the number of square foot to be served so look at your budget and determine the most important to be done first.

 Cost of lawn Maintenance

Lawncare prices in Calgary vary if you want the service by the hour, week or month. Price ranges are variable; from $100 to $200 monthly so to find a good price, get few estimates first.

Fees for gardener also vary by the number of hours, weeks or months. It can cost anywhere from $50 to $100, and depends whether you hire an individual or a professional company. If it is for flat fee, it can be per project or for ongoing care.

Lawncare and maintenance are not cheap but the result is invaluable. Of course, beauty has its own reason for being expensive!

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Why Opt For Professional Residential Landscaping Calgary Services?

Homeowners often feel that they would be able to handle the design and installation of the outdoor spaces of their homes by themselves. However, landscaping in Calgary isn’t a job that can be handled by a novice.

Hire Professional Landscapers- The Benefits

If you want a landscape that is functional, resilient, sustainable as well as easy to maintain and long lasting, it is a good idea to hire the services of a professional company that provides these residential landscaping services. There are a number of benefits and doing so:

  • Expertise– Professional landscapers will provide you all around services that include design, installation and maintenance of your landscaping in Calgary. They have a deep understanding of aspects such as soil quality, horticulture, the makeup of various masonry elements and more. They would be able to provide you solutions that will enhance the appeal of your property and increase its value.
  • It Saves You Time– Landscaping is a lot more than just buying plants, trees or sod and installing it on your property. All of these materials need to be chosen with care and installed expertly. Once all the features are in place, it is also important to ensure that regular landscape maintenance is carried out with care. This can prove to be quite a time-consuming task, and hiring a professional for the job can save you the time, and allow you to focus on other things you need to do.
  • Cost-efficiency– One of the primary reasons why people hesitate to hire a professional landscaper is the cost aspect. However the fact is that the professionals would be able to provide you a number of creative solutions that can help save money, materials and reduce the cost of ongoing maintenance in your landscape. In the long term, you would find that professionally installed and maintained landscaping in Calgary, has a lower cost of ownership than outdoor spaces that have been installed by laypersons.
  • Customized Maintenance Packages– Most credible landscapers focus on providing customized solutions to their clients. They take into account various features and installations in the landscape and tailor a plan that would meet requirements of that space. You can opt from all weekly, fortnightly or monthly landscape maintenance plans as per your needs and budget.

We have been operating in this space for over two decades and know what it takes to provide customized services to our clients. For any more information about our expert residential landscaping Calgary services, feel free to contact Project Landscape at 403-407-5777 or drop us a line via this Online Form and we will revert shortly.


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Cost of Deck Construction in Calgary – Composite vs Wood

Landscaping and adding decks will be accrued assets to your home. A deck is a raised flat surface that is able to support weight and constructed outdoor of your house. They are comfortable place to entertain or simply to relax. Realty experts said that you can recoup 72% of your building cost by the increased value of your overall property.

Construction cost

A new deck can add value to your home and increase your living space without spending. You are expected to shell out about $7,000 to build a deck measuring 200-500 square foot. A smaller deck will cost you less for about $2,000. Many factors can affect your project cost as building materials, size and extras enhancement of its functionality. The cost to build a new deck varies from $21.0 to $71.0 per square foot. A standard 12’ x 4’ deck cost from $3,528 to $11,928. Of course, you have also to consider current decking prices and the complexity of work that directly affects labor cost.

Type of decking

Some of the many types of decking that Calgary deck builders can construct for you are:

  1. Similar to a patio, attached desk uses pressure treated wood or composite decking materials, and slightly elevated. It is commonly built behind L-shaped or U-shaped house.
  2. Detached deck is constructed anywhere on a property and must be easily accessed through a path or steps.
  3. Multilevel decks are set on different levels, often linked by paths and steps. This is the appropriate type for large property, or one that changes in elevation.
  4. An entryway deck is located in the front porch with wooden steps and platforms. Sometimes it is placed on constructed with built-in benches or planter boxes.
  5. Calgary decks can be located on your garage roof but you must settle first tests on structural/engineering matters.

Composite vs. wood

Composite decks are primarily a mix of recycled plastic and wood fibers. Clearly unnatural, these materials lack the potential beauty of a real-wood deck. But you can choose from wide array of hues to mimic a more natural look. The advantage of composite decking is their need for low-maintenance: no more sanding, no refinishing or minus staining. It comes with a warranty for 20 years or like a guarantee for a lifetime. The disadvantage is its cost; it is almost 2 x the cost of decks from natural woods plus quality and warranty given to the work.

Many people prefer real wood for their Calgary decks because of its natural, warm appearance. An inexpensive option is pressure treated wood called PT. PT is made of wood soaked in anti-rot and insecticide agents. Although it’s natural color turned to brown-green, but you can stain it for a more attractive look. Pressure treated wood is the most inexpensive option for decking. But is requires regular maintenance as it is susceptible to cracking, splitting and warping.

If you prefer an expensive hardwood for decks then choose ipe that is rot resistant, more solid and durable than cedar or redwood. Ipe price is four times more than of cedar/redwood because ipe is a South American tree.

Deck maintenance

Some kind of maintenance is required for decks, whether composite or wood. According to Calgary deck builders, decks from natural wood are high maintenance materials. They require yearly refinishing and often needs sanding, removing finish from last year’s and application of a new one. Composite decking has low-maintenance requirements; you can bid goodbye to sanding, refinishing or staining.

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4 Steps Your Calgary Lawn Care Provider Should Take to Benefit Your Lawn


The beautiful gardens and landscapes of Calgary are well-known facts but behind the beauty of these natural sceneries are the lawn care providers who took care of these lawns. It would be interesting to get behind the scene and discover the steps your lawn benefits from them. Here are 4 steps Calgary lawn providers did to benefit your lawn and made the awesome landscaping.

  • Soil test

Soil testing involves analysis of soil sample to: know its nutrient content, study its composition, and evaluate its other characteristics based on as its acidity or level of PH. Soil nutrients differ based on its depth as soil components alter with time. Timing of sample and the depth also affect the results. The object of soil testing is to discover more info of the soil’s properties that are found in that particular location or planting place. Thorough sampling of soil is vital for lawncare in order to create lovely landscape and to use the right fertilizer as well as amendment made on the evaluation and given recommendation. All these work will provide plant roots a better environment through the right kind of fertilizer that will increase product yield, decrease the costs and possibly lessen pollution in the environment.

  • Lawn care schedule

There will always be time for everything. Seasonal cycles play an important role in gardening, Calgary landscaping and lawn care. Schedule of lawn care will vary based on the according to the climate where you reside. The calendar call the month of March as “early spring,” but in the Midwest, your lawn may have piles of snow when your kins in Florida are bringing out mowers for spring.

Lawn care schedule follows: early spring, mid-spring, late spring, summer and fall.

  • Deep soil aeration

Deep soil aeration cuts through hard and compacted soils and remove the plugs at about 3/4″ diameter and 4″ in depth. Each time you aerate the soil, it accomplished many functions: aids the turf in creating new pathways for nutrients, oxygen and water to reach the root system. When you aerate the soil, you help loosen the soil making easier development of root systems and serve as convenient means of eliminating the removing the soil which has minimal amount of soil compaction. Some types aerate the compact soil further.

Aeration benefits landscaping by increasing percolation of water through soil profile; it improves soil water retention; enhances response of turf grass to fertilizers; stimulates feeding of deep roots; frees toxic gases from soil; boosts useful activities of microbes; promotes the revival of turf grass injury or disease and prepares soil for overseeding and reseeding

  • Overseeding

Overseeding is a good option to make yours grass looks greener and appears healthier. The procedure is to plant grass seeds into turf, but without destroying the old turf or throwing away the soil. As the density of the turf improves bare spots are easily filled up. Notice the grass varieties established and colors of the lawn appear brighter. Most of the older lawns were using a type of turf grasses that do not meet the needs of today. They easily succumbed to diseases and are insect-prone, aside from requiring more fertilizers and water. Overseeding plants more new turf grass into an older lawn. The new grasses in the landscape area can better withstand disease, drought, insects, heavy traffic and shady conditions. As an investment, overseeding costs money but it is paid off by many benefits: reducing the amount of fertilizers, water and pesticides required. But the most important is a renovated lawn that is greener, looks thicker and healthier!

Calgary lawn providers are great in lawn care as they do all of these steps to insure a magnificent landscape that made the city well-known for its greenery.