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Calgary Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance in Calgary is significantly more than keeping the lawn mowed.  If it is beginning to feel overwhelming, consider a landscape maintenance company to help out.  Here are some of the services you can expect from Project Landscape.

Clean Up

In the spring our crew comes in to assess the current state of the yard.  We will remove any winter debris, aerate the turf, plant annuals, tidy up perennial beds, and deal with any additional plantings or maintenance necessary to make the landscape ready for the growing season.

In the autumn we can rake leaves, remove spent annuals, clean out tree wells, and prune hedges and shrubs to make them sturdy enough to handle the winter snow and ice.

Growing Season

lawn-maintenance-landscaping-calgary-5faebef65da82For the summer, we have a number of maintenance or special project teams that can help your area stay looking its best.  Weekly mowing, periodic watering, and appropriately timed fertilizing, weeding, pruning and trimming.  We can also remove excess litter and debris as necessary.


At Project Landscape in Calgary we are pleased to service both residential and commercial customers.  Our clients include private homeowners, businesses and industrial parks, property managers, homeowner associations.  We can help with areas around condominiums and townhouses.  Ground maintenance like regular mowing as well as ancillary services like planting seasonal flowers, pruning trees, and shrub maintenance.

For turf we can provide top dressing and overseeding in the spring and possibly the fall.  Besides a regular mowing schedule, we can edge the lawn, treat for weeds and provide fertilizing.  We have experts who are willing to discuss the current state of the landscaping.  If a change is warranted or if you feel the need for some updating, we can help you redesign the landscape and offer suggestions for new plants or trees.  We can remove the old growth and add new plants or completely start from scratch to help your outside look lovely.  Curb appeal is important to maintain solid relations with your neighbors or to be in compliance with homeowner association regulations.  We make it easy for you.

The Process

Our initial consultation will include looking at your property and discussing your plans.  We use active listening to incorporate your ideas and requirements.  Relying on our years of experience we will be able to offer suggestions and alternatives.

After we have settled on a scope of work, we can estimate the labor and any equipment that will be necessary.  We will prepare a bid for your approval.  Then we can set dates for the work to commence.

For ongoing maintenance, it will be similar except that will we set up a schedule for the regular services.  The periodic or seasonal work will be scheduled based on weather conditions and the work to be performed.

It is just this easy.  Contact our office and discuss your ideas with one of our representatives.  We can then move forward and schedule an on-site visit.

Landscaping Calgary

What’s Involved in Landscaping Maintenance?

Your property gets a lift when it has a well-maintained landscape. The outdoor areas of your commercial property add to its value and help you maintain your reputation as a business that’s serious about what it does. Maintaining your landscaping in Calgary is no mean feat, especially if the grounds are expansive.

landscaping maintenance calgaryWe at Project Landscape offer a wide variety of Landscaping in Calgary services including design, installation and complete maintenance too. These services help ensure you’re your commercial property is kept neat and clean as well as functional and safe. Well-maintained driveways, pathways, landscaping and parking lots also help:

  • To Avoid Liability- Just as your parking lot, driveway and other outdoor areas must be clean, they need to be safe too. A driveway or parking lot with potholes and cracks is risky and can cause slip and fall injuries. This can expose your business to litigations. The solution is to ensure that all these areas are paved and maintained well.
  • Save Money- A well-maintained landscape will also throw fewer problems. When all the features are in good conditions, you will have fewer repairs to deal with and this can save you a significant amount of money in the long term.
  • Reputation And Value- Regular maintenance also keeps your landscaping in Calgary looking great at all times and this adds to your reputation and the value of your property a well.

Range of Maintenance Services in Calgary

  • Regular Sweeping- All the hardscaped areas get a clean look when swept regularly
  • Litter Pickups- Daily/weekly litter pick-up services help maintain cleanliness of your outdoor spaces.
  • Power Washing- All the hardscaping and masonry elements will be pressure cleaned with regularity.
  • Softscape Maintenance- All the plants, trees and lawns will be maintained as part of your landscaping in Calgary maintenance plan.
  • Line Painting- Line painting improves the functionality of the parking lot. It adds to the safety and complements the aesthetics of your landscape.

For any more information about our expert landscapers inCalgary as well as commercial parking lot maintenance solutions, feel free to contact us at 403-407-5777 or drop us a line via this Online Form, and we will revert shortly.

Landscaping Calgary

The Importance of Year-Long Commercial Landscaping

When you think of landscaping, you may think of yard maintenance, mowing, irrigation, and the like. However, landscaping is much more than that, and it isn’t something that’s just limited to summer months either. Here at Project Landscape, we want your commercial property to look and be its best all year long, and in order to make that happen, we offer a variety of services including commercial lawn care, snow and ice management, landscape enhancements, commercial irrigation services, turf care, and parking lot maintenance. Read on to learn the importance of year-long commercial landscaping services.


The way your business is perceived by customers and employees alike is very important. Even if you offer the greatest products or services possible if you’re known as the business with ugly grass and a parking lot that never gets plowed in the winter, that’s all you’ll ever be known for and it may even turn off a lot of customers.


Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to your landscaping, not just for you and your employees, but your customers and any passersby as well. Safety is a concern all year long but especially in the winter when snowfall and ice can be unpredictable. By working with a commercial landscaping company like Project Landscape, you’ll have someone there all year long to check for these safety concerns and deal with them quickly before they cause injury.


If you’re like most business owners, you’re looking for any way possible to increase your company’s efficiency. And if you don’t hire a landscaping company, you’re going to have to find time in your schedule to get the job done yourself. Even then, you may have to settle with the bare minimum because you’re busy and there’s a lot of other things you need to get done. When you hire a commercial landscaping company for year-long services, the work is out of sight and out of mind and you’ll never have to worry whether the job gets done.

Lower Crime

Although a poorly serviced landscape is unappealing to most people, to criminals, it could be even more appealing. If criminals know you’re not putting money into your company’s appearance, they may question whether you avoid putting money into security as well. Typically, businesses that look like they’ve been unattended to experience higher crime rates.  

Get In Touch With Our Commercial Landscaping Experts

There’s never a bad time to start investing in commercial landscaping. Usually, the sooner you can get started, the better. Fortunately, here at Project Landscaping, we provide all the services you need for year-long landscaping. Whether your biggest concern is the way customers or employees perceive your business or you want to eliminate safety hazards, we’re here to help. We offer a number of services including parking lot maintenance, turf replacement, commercial irrigation, landscape enhancements, snow removal, and commercial lawn care.

To get started, simply give us a call and we’ll help you determine what services will be most beneficial for you.

Landscaping Calgary

The Most Common Lawn Care Mistakes Homeowners Make

For some, lawn care is one of the most difficult tasks when it comes to being a homeowner. Not only do people struggle with keeping weeds out of their yard, but keeping their lawn green and lush can be difficult as well. The truth is, you may be falling for some of the most common lawn maintenance mistakes in the book. Read on to learn about some of these mistakes or contact Project Landscaping today for full residential landscaping services in Calgary.

Watering Too Frequently

Many people will water their lawn a little bit every day fearing that they might drown the grass or over water it. Although it is certainly possible to over water your lawn, you’re also not doing it any service by watering a little bit every day. In order for grass to be healthy, it needs to develop a deep root system that can only develop with a deeper watering technique.

Scalping the Lawn

In an attempt to put off mowing as long as possible, many homeowners will set their mower to the lowest level possible. Although you’ll be mowing less frequently, you could also be stunting its growth and weakening its root system.

Not Sharpening Lawn Mower Blades

Dull lawn mower blades might also be the culprit of your brown or unappealing lawn. When you don’t sharpen your blades at the beginning of the year, the mower may be pulling the blades of grass out rather than cutting them. This could make your grass more prone to disease and give it a dull appearance that no homeowner wants.

Using The Wrong Type of Seed

Many homeowners will go to the store, grab the first seed they find and start applying it to their lawn. This is the wrong way to approach seeding and there’s a little more nuance to it than that. First and foremost, you should be buying the appropriate type of seed for the area you live in. You should also look for seed that states “zero percent weed” or “zero percent other crop.” if not, you may find some extra weeds in your lawn when it begins to grow. You should also be testing the pH level of your lawn before you start seeding. Many lawns thrive when they’re seeded with a  pH level of 6 to 6.5.

Disposing of Grass Clippings

Most people send their grass clippings straight to the garage after mowing. Although this is one way to do it, you may be able to use it as mulch. Try investing in a self-mulching mower if this is something that interests you.

Let Us Take The Work Off Your Hands

There’s no shame in letting a professional landscaping company take the work off your hands. Some homeowners simply don’t have the time to take care of their lawn let alone all of the other things you need to worry about as a homeowner. Give Project Landscaping a call today if you’re interested in residential landscaping services in Calgary.

Landscaping Calgary

Commercial Parking Lot Services in Calgary

The range of commercial parking lot services vary from line painting, sweeping to maintenance and power washing. These services are meant to ensure that a property is kept clean, safe and functional for clients. Here are a few parking lot maintenance services that we at Project Landscape in Calgary offer our commercial clients:

  1. Litter Pickups

landscaping-calgary-commercial-parking-lot-maintenance-5c69ad04daf57Daily/weekly pickups maintain the appearance of your outdoor spaces. The trash cleaning time is set according to what suits you the best. This ensures that your business operating hours aren’t affected.

  1. Parking Lot Line Painting

Line painting keeps your facility much more functional and neat-looking. In addition it keeps your property safer and complements the aesthetic of your landscaping in Calgary.

  1. Power Washing

A lot of oil, dirt and grease accumulate on parking lots and hardscaped areas in landscape in Calgary. Power washing the parking lot, walls and walkways can make them look clean and professional. The modern equipment we use delivers outstanding results at very cost-effective pricing.

  1. Parking Lot Sweeping

Parking lot sweeping ensures that you have a litter-free, clean and tidy parking area for all your clients

The Importance of Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance

  • To Preserve Aesthetics- the difference between a well-maintained parking lot and one that hasn’t been cleaned can make a drastic impact in the impression people have of your property. When a parking lot is free of cracks, holes or loose gravel and is smooth and dark it gives the place a much more polished feel and also impresses clients and customers.

 To Reduce Liability- it is important to maintain the looks of a parking lot. However, it is much more important for it to be safe. If the parking lot is covered with cracks or holes it can result in an accident which may result in slip and fall injuries which can get you embroiled in legal battles. Keeping up with asphalt repairs like patching and pothole filling help reduce the chances of such incidents occurring.

  • To Reduce Costs- A well maintained parking lot can help you save money on repairs in the future. Carrying out crack repairs, seal coatings, and crack fillings in a timely manner will increase the longevity of the asphalt too. In addition, these services can prevent gasoline, heat, water and cold from penetrating the pavement and affecting its quality.

For any more information about our expert services regarding landscaping in Calgary and commercial parking lot maintenance services, feel free to contact us at 403-407-5777 or drop us a line via this Online Form and we will revert shortly.

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Our Range of Landscaping in Calgary Services

Every landscape in Calgary is a combination of various hardscaping and softscaping features. Creating outdoor spaces that will become the perfect backdrop for your home is a lot about using these different elements in the right measure. You also need to ensure that good quality materials are used in the work and that all the installations and features are designed with care.

Range of Landscaping Solutions

The one way to ensure that all these aspects are kept in view is to hire the services of a professional landscaping company like Project Landscape for the job. They will provide a variety of landscaping in Calgary services including:

  • Landscape construction This includes the design and construction of patios, fire pits, seating walls, pillars, walkways, and retaining walls. It also covers softscaping which includes everything from trees, shrub and plant installations to lawn, raised garden beds, traditional gardens and flower bed installations and more.
  • Landscape lighting– Outdoor lighting is a very important aspect of any landscaping project. Regardless of how beautifully designed your yard spaces are, the only way you would be able to use them optimally after dark is if you have well-planned landscape lighting installed. A professional landscaper will ensure they use various lighting features such as floodlights, lamp posts, paver lights, driveway lights, sconces, recessed lighting, step lighting as well as underwater lighting and more.
  • Irrigation & Water management Regardless of how big or small your landscape is, if it has softscaping features it will need an irrigation system. The company that handles the job for you will also focus on installing automated sprinkler systems, drip irrigation, and soaker hoses as required.
  • Decks, Fences & Wood Features– When it comes to outdoor living, and decks have an important role to play. These decks could be made from materials such as wood, composite, vinyl etc. The company will also help you with the installation of wooden features such as pergolas, gazebos, pavilions, arbors etc.

In addition to this, our full-service landscaping company from Calgary will also handle concrete installations in the outdoor spaces of your home and provide water feature installations such as fountains, ponds, waterfalls, streams and more.

We at Project Landscape have been operating in this space for over two decades and know what it takes to provide customized services to our clients. For any more information about our expert landscaping Calgary services, feel free to contact us at 403-407-5777 or drop us a line via this Online Form and we will revert shortly.



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Landscaping Designers Help You Design Your Outdoor Space

Landscape design is all about creating a design for your outdoor space. This can include the front yard, back yard, side yard, or wherever you want just as long as it’s outside. Accordingly, landscaping designers assist you in creating a design for your outdoor space that will meet your expectations if not exceed them.

There are many aspects to creating your landscape design and some are listed below.

Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting is not only beautiful but can also provide a safer environment. Choose from the underground lights that highlight a walkway or driveway or use what is called up-lighting, which means the lights are focused on a particular object that you want to be highlighted, such as a tree or sign. Professional landscaping designers can help you make the best lighting choices that will best suit your specific lighting needs.

Water Features calgary landscaping experts

Love the sound of running water? If yes, you just might be interested in adding a water feature to your landscape design plans. Choose from a variety of water fountains that are meant to enhance your landscape vision, or maybe you would rather have a waterfall or a pond or a stream? Your professional landscaping designers can help you choose the right water feature that will fit your specific landscaping vision.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is a wall that is built for the purpose of displaying a particular item(s), such as plants and flowers, or even a vegetable garden. Although a simple retaining wall is not especially hard to build there are some basics you should know when attempting to make one on your own. If your landscaping plan calls for any type of special needs then using landscaping designers to assist you in building your retaining wall is a good idea.

Decks and Fencing In Calgary

Decks are a very popular landscaping design choice, especially for the back yard. There are many types of styles and woods to choose from so you are sure to find something that meets your expectations. Many times the installation of a deck has to follow codes and thus requires a permit to build so if this is the case it is highly recommended to use landscaping designers as they are familiar with these types of important legal issues.

Fences can have a multitude of uses, such as providing you with privacy, reducing noise, making a focal point, and setting boundaries. There are many types of fences so if you choose to include a fence into your design be sure to know what you are using the fence for as this will help you select the one that is specific to your needs.

Patios Installation & Design

Patios are a great place to sit and relax. Patios come in all shapes and sizes so you can really get creative when it comes to installing a patio. Just imagine all the fun you and your friends and family will have to make memories in a patio you helped to design.


Planters are a great way in which you can display your plants. Of course, many plants will be planted directly into the ground but many people choose to use planters, an above-ground way in which to show off some of your more beautiful foliage.

Calgary has been known to host some of the most professional landscaping designers available so if you live anywhere near Calgary be sure to explore all the possibilities that professional landscaping designers can offer you!

If you are thinking or have been thinking of upgrading your landscape, stop waiting!  Your landscaping project can really beautify any property, but can also raise the property value of your home as well.  Looking for a Calgary landscaping company to help you achieve your goal? Project Landscape Ltd. is the one stop shop!  Get a free landscaping quote now!

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Why You Should Use Professional Landscaping in Calgary

Landscaping designers are professionals who design and create plans for remodeling or upgrading your outdoor space. This could include the installation of items such as special lighting fixtures or a trellis, or maybe the addition of a flower or vegetable garden, or even a customized sitting area in which you can entertain friends and family. Whatever your needs are there are professional designers, especially in Calgary, who will help you accomplish everything you have imagined when it comes to designing and creating that special outdoor space you have always wanted.

Now some may see a new project as quite the challenge and thus attempt to create and implement their own design ideas. This might be fine if it is a smaller project that does not take a lot of time and/or money to create but if you are planning on designing a landscape on a larger scale than it is highly recommended to hire professional designers as they can guide and direct you into making the best choices possible.

Why Should I Hire Landscaping Designers?

Professional designers can help you create the perfect landscape that is right for you. They are specifically trained in garden design as well as horticulture so they will work closely with you in order to fully understand exactly what you want… and then give it yourself! Designers have the experience to not only know how to help you but they also have the skills to make your vision come to life that exceeds any previous expectations.

  • They know what type of plants are best for your region as well as when and where to plant for best results.
  • They can offer additional suggestions that could not only enhance your outdoor space but save you money as well.
  • They are up-to-date on sustainable practices.
  • They are there for you, the client, and aim to assist you in fulfilling all your dreams.

Additionally, a new design is a fantastic way in which you can increase not only the look of your property but it will also add to the overall value.

If you happen to decide to design your next project, there are a few basic things you should know.

Evaluate the Whole Space

When you are ready to start creating a design, be sure to evaluate the entire space being used, even if it’s just a small portion of a larger space. This way you can take into consideration what you may do in the future with space you are not planning on designing at this particular moment so that the areas will blend well together with any future  design plans you may implement.

Avoid These Common Mistakes

  • Most importantly-have a plan!
  • Know your drainage system. Especially where the runoff goes.
  • Choosing the wrong plants. Planting in the wrong place. Planting too deeply.
  • Not using the right fertilizer.
  • Using the wrong tools.
  • Not understanding the maintenance involved once the landscape design is complete.

Whether you plan on designing your next project on your own or choose to hire a professional designer, be sure to do your homework so you feel prepared once you are ready to start implementing your plan.

If you happen to come to a point where you feel you need the help of professionaldesigners, just remember that Calgary can help! The Top Rated Local® Landscaping Company in Calgary

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6 Tips for Calgary Landscaping and Lawn Care

Having a luѕh аnd bеаutiful lawn is trulу a grеаt wау to еnhаnсе уоur home and hеlр the еnvirоnmеnt at the ѕаmе timе. Tо еnѕurе уоu keep uр a hарру and healthy lаwn, thеrе аrе a fеw lawn саrе tips to consider bеfоrе сhаnging anything around the hоmе.

1.     Assess уоur Sрасе

Before starting uр any рrоjесtѕ, еѕресiаllу оnеѕ that inсludе vеgеtаtiоn, it’ѕ important tо tаkе a сlоѕе lооk at thе space thаt уоu hаvе. Lооk at thе very sunny аrеаѕ, ѕhаdу аrеаѕ, ѕрасе for рlаntѕ or ассеѕѕоriеѕ аnd thе overall еnvirоnmеnt аrоund your hоmе.Thiѕ applies tо lаndѕсарing аnd lawn саrе since knоwing the еnvirоnmеnt around you саn help уоu dеtеrminе lаwn рrоblеmѕ аnd роѕѕiblе ѕоlutiоnѕ as well.

If уоu are planning a big project оr a ѕmаll оnе, in оrdеr tо get thе bеѕt rеѕultѕ, planning everything ahead оf timе will ѕаvе you a lot оf timе and еnеrgу should аnуthing not wоrk out thе firѕt timе аrоund.

Knowing what kind оf аrеаѕ уоu hаvе will аffесt the рiесеѕ thаt ѕhоuld bе inсludеd аѕ wеll as thе bеѕt аррrоасh fоr thе best lаwn саrе.

2.     Chооѕе Plаntѕ аnd Features Cаrеfullу

Considering thе space thаt уоu hаvе tо work with, roughly write оut whаt you would likе tо inсludе in on оr аrоund уоur lаwn. Rоughlу draw оut thе аrеа with fеаturеѕ likе a роnd, deck оr gаrdеn area. Think аbоut hоw these features will аffесt maintenance nееdѕ аlоng with lawn саrе.

Whеn choosing рlаntѕ fоr thе garden, rеmеmbеr whiсh аrеаѕ are vеrу ѕunnу and which оnеѕ have a lоt оf ѕhаdе ѕinсе аll рlаntѕ hаvе diffеrеnt nееdѕ with ѕunlight.

3.     Consider Timе Wiѕеlу

If уоu would likе a ѕimрlе mаniсurеd gаrdеn оr ѕоmеthing mоrе еlаbоrаtе that inсludеѕ a variety of plants аnd flowers, it’ѕ good tо knоw how muсh time уоu hаvе available. Everything frоm ѕimрlе lawn саrе tо thе nееdѕ оf a larger gаrdеn with flоwеrѕ requires time and еnеrgу for it to thrivе.

4.     Fertilize

Many реорlе fertilize gаrdеnѕ with flоwеrѕ, fruitѕ, аnd vеgеtаblеѕ, but many dоn’t соnѕidеr fеrtilizing аѕ a раrt of lаwn care. In оrdеr to have a bеаutiful lаwn, thеrе аrе diffеrеnt fertilizers tо help with grоwth for a luѕh hеаlthу lооking grаѕѕу аrеа.

5.     Sеаl аnd Sесurе

Whеn рlасing ѕtruсturеѕ likе a dесk оr fencing оn your property, it’ѕ important tо seal and ѕесurе it fоr protection and a lоngеr lifе. Withоut рrореr ѕеаling, thingѕ саn wеаr down and deteriorate ԛuiсklу, whiсh will rеԛuirе уоu to rеbuild еvеrу few уеаrѕ or so.

The same goes for garden аnd lаwn care. Prоtесting thе nаturаl еnvirоnmеnt аrоund уоur hоmе with рrореr care will еnѕurе a happy аnd healthy gаrdеn аll уеаr round.

6.     Ask fоr Exреrt Adviсе

Onе оf thе best wауѕ tо tаkе саrе оf your property, lаwn, аnd garden iѕ to get hеlр from thе реорlе who knоw it bеѕt. Pеrhарѕ some things саn еаѕilу bе tаkеn саrе of by yourself but the bigger jobs that you mау bе unfamiliar with саn be lеft for the оnеѕ who knоw аll thеrе iѕ tо knоw аbоut it аll.

Landscaping in Calgary can be a daunting task.  Ensure you are utilizing a professional service, who gets the job done quickly and efficiently.  If you are unsure of a new potential project, ask our Calgary Landscaping team now! Simply contact us now!