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Landscape Design Tips in Calgary

If you watch a fair number of home improvement shows, you will know that they frequently emphasize the importance of landscape design.  When they do it, it seems so easy.  Just trim a few bushes, spend an afternoon at a nursery and pick out lots of lovely plants and then get them into the ground.

When you often don’t see is all of the planning and design that goes into a landscape.  Many of the factors that go into play are:

  • Land grading and drainage
  • Amount of sun per each section of the yard
  • Size and spacing of the plants
  • Bloom season and duration
  • Maintenance
  • Visual appeal
  • Existing structures

When you hire a Calgary landscape design firm you get all of this and more.

Year-Round Enjoyment

The best landscape designs provide for a yard to enjoy as much of the year as possible.  From blooming plants spring through fall and building snow forts in the winter.  Using the right structures and layout can greatly extend the function and use of both the front and back yards throughout the year.


landscape design calgary You can do all the research and make the plans and do it yourself.  This will take more than an afternoon.  You will spend hours over a number of days and possibly weeks just coming up with, hopefully, the best design and layout for your hardscape.  Then there is knowing which plants to put where and how to best utilize the existing space.  After you purchase the plants, you need to keep them watered and ready to plant.

Planting itself may take days of backbreaking work.  You need to dig the area, improve the soil with the proper fertilization and place the plants.  If the plants are out of bloom, you will need to remember which ones are which colors.  Height is an important factor so that the ultimate growth of the taller plants will be toward the house, or back.  Unless, of course, you are creating a design to be viewed from a cozy nook you have built.

All the plants in the same area need the same amount of sun and water.  If you combine the wrong plants, like one that prefers shade to those that need full sun, you will not have a very successful arrangement.

All of this time you have invested are hours you could have spent in leisure activities with your family or enjoying the company of friends or engaged in sports.  In the long run, you have lost time and money.

All of this can be solved by using a Calgary professional landscape design company like Project Landscape.  We do all the hard work.  You get to make the decisions and sit back and watch our crew go to work.  The end result is an outdoor space that your neighbors will admire and an area that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Contact us for a free evaluation and estimate of what it will take to make your home the showplace of the block and subdivision.

Landscaping Calgary

Landscaping Designers Help You Design Your Outdoor Space

Landscape design is all about creating a design for your outdoor space. This can include the front yard, back yard, side yard, or wherever you want just as long as it’s outside. Accordingly, landscaping designers assist you in creating a design for your outdoor space that will meet your expectations if not exceed them.

There are many aspects to creating your landscape design and some are listed below.

Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting is not only beautiful but can also provide a safer environment. Choose from the underground lights that highlight a walkway or driveway or use what is called up-lighting, which means the lights are focused on a particular object that you want to be highlighted, such as a tree or sign. Professional landscaping designers can help you make the best lighting choices that will best suit your specific lighting needs.

Water Features calgary landscaping experts

Love the sound of running water? If yes, you just might be interested in adding a water feature to your landscape design plans. Choose from a variety of water fountains that are meant to enhance your landscape vision, or maybe you would rather have a waterfall or a pond or a stream? Your professional landscaping designers can help you choose the right water feature that will fit your specific landscaping vision.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is a wall that is built for the purpose of displaying a particular item(s), such as plants and flowers, or even a vegetable garden. Although a simple retaining wall is not especially hard to build there are some basics you should know when attempting to make one on your own. If your landscaping plan calls for any type of special needs then using landscaping designers to assist you in building your retaining wall is a good idea.

Decks and Fencing In Calgary

Decks are a very popular landscaping design choice, especially for the back yard. There are many types of styles and woods to choose from so you are sure to find something that meets your expectations. Many times the installation of a deck has to follow codes and thus requires a permit to build so if this is the case it is highly recommended to use landscaping designers as they are familiar with these types of important legal issues.

Fences can have a multitude of uses, such as providing you with privacy, reducing noise, making a focal point, and setting boundaries. There are many types of fences so if you choose to include a fence into your design be sure to know what you are using the fence for as this will help you select the one that is specific to your needs.

Patios Installation & Design

Patios are a great place to sit and relax. Patios come in all shapes and sizes so you can really get creative when it comes to installing a patio. Just imagine all the fun you and your friends and family will have to make memories in a patio you helped to design.


Planters are a great way in which you can display your plants. Of course, many plants will be planted directly into the ground but many people choose to use planters, an above-ground way in which to show off some of your more beautiful foliage.

Calgary has been known to host some of the most professional landscaping designers available so if you live anywhere near Calgary be sure to explore all the possibilities that professional landscaping designers can offer you!

If you are thinking or have been thinking of upgrading your landscape, stop waiting!  Your landscaping project can really beautify any property, but can also raise the property value of your home as well.  Looking for a Calgary landscaping company to help you achieve your goal? Project Landscape Ltd. is the one stop shop!  Get a free landscaping quote now!