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Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Landscaping Service in Calgary

Commercial landscaping is one of the quickest ways to transform how you and your customers view your business’s exterior. Most of the time, the outdoor landscape is always ignored during the rush of interior decoration and design. It’s advisable to hire a reputable landscaping team to complete your commercial landscape design and maintenance. This is the best way to impress your customers from the moment they pull up outside your company.

Below are the major benefits of hiring a commercial landscaping service in Calgary for your business.

Increases Aesthetics

Although looks aren’t everything, they matter with your customers as it affects the way they view your business. A beautifully well-maintained landscape will make a better impression on your customers than an unattractive and run-down landscape.

commercial-landscaping-calgary-Saves Time and Cost

Some businesses are afraid of investing in landscaping because of time and maintenance that’ll be used to grow trees, annual blooms, grass, praise flowers, and other plants. Other factors like proper plant spacing, a correct climate, sunlight, and soil matching and amendments also factor in creating and maintaining an attractive landscape. Every incredible landscape needs periodic seeding, regular general trimming, fertilizer, and weed elimination. These are all time-consuming.

Hiring commercial landscaping services in Calgary such as Project Landscape to care for your business’s surroundings helps you save cost and time to invest them in other business areas.

Furthermore, it helps you save money on buying and maintaining landscaping tools and equipment.


Prioritizing your commercial landscape maintenance shows your fellow business owners and clients that you care about the environment. Consider using native plants and similar eco-friendly options to beautify your space and improve your business’ surroundings.

Attracts Customers

A beautiful and well-maintained landscape will entice a passing customer into entering your establishment. Therefore, investing in a commercial landscaping service will ensure your business looks more approachable.

Boosts Business Value

The more eye-catching your commercial space is, the more the value of your property increases. It also differentiates your business from your competitors that don’t see the value of investing in their surroundings.

Increases Productivity

Investing in commercial landscape services has been proven to make business and workers productive. Having a well-maintained green landscape can help give your employees a mental boost for increased productivity. Consider integrating your landscaping and hardscaping creatively, so it becomes functional yet beautiful.

Relaxation Spot

Having an attractive lawn will come in handy during the warmer months when employees may need to get outside during breaks to enjoy the weather. A commercial landscape company can help you design your outdoor space to include designated seating areas, patios, and benches for employee and customer relaxation.

The company can even hold outdoor activities like barbecues and yard-game days in the outdoor space, saving them money on event venue bookings.


Commercial landscapers in Calgary have several services to offer besides trimming your hedges. They help businesses create a unique, relaxing, and safe atmosphere for both the employees and customers. If you’re a Calgary business owner desiring to improve your company’s exterior to access the numerous benefits mentioned here, contact Project Landscape. Our experts are ready to transform your company’s landscape to the envy of your competitors.

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Enjoying Nightlife in Your Calgary Backyard – Fire Pits and Landscape Lighting

Calgary just like any other part of the world, experiences weather surges different times of the year. Talk about the beautiful summer season where someone can enjoy their outdoor activities in the backyard at night without any need for a Fireplace. Calgary also experiences winters with snow covering most pathways, gardens, bushes and shrubs and the chilling cold nights, making it difficult to enjoy yourself on the backyard.

Although the winters in Calgary can be frigid, that is not a good enough reason to dis your fun life and make it hard for you to enjoy your night time in the backyard. You can still keep warm and keep your yard, landscape, pathways and driveways well lit.

firepit calgary
Circular fire pit at dusk on a flagstone patio

Why should you have an outdoor fire pit?

One of the best ways of increasing the livability of your backyard and your outdoor space on those cold Calgary nights is to set an outdoor fire pit. Outdoor fire pits also add to the beauty of your Calgary landscape giving you a beautiful, charming and warm space for outdoor dinners.  Socializing around an outdoor fireplace creates gorgeous and memorable moments too.

Even on summer nights and other seasons of the year when the outdoor fire pit is not in place, it serves as a gorgeous addition to the landscape. This can actually set a vivid difference between a home and a comfortable winter vacation.

For people that want to sell their houses, an outdoor fire pit is an addition to the already beautiful landscape. It can actually set your price higher than the normal asking price.

The arrival of winter also doesn’t mean you should stop having friends and throwing those birthday parties or house parties. It also doesn’t mean you should lock yourself in the living room with friends to keep warm as you enjoy your drinks and dinner. Outdoor fire pits give you people a chance to host parties even in the backyard during the chilling nights of winter.

Why is landscape lighting important in Calgary?

Were you looking for ways to transform your front and backyards? Maybe because you want to make your home more livable or you just want to add an extra feature on the house before selling? If yes, then there’s no better way that outshines landscape lighting.

Landscape lighting transforms your home and makes it a beautiful and a livable place at night and most importantly makes your home safer to walk during the night. With that said, in the Calgary landscape, it’s easy to notice that landscape lighting is one of the most overlooked aspects even by modern homeowners.

One major drawback is that landscape lighting is costly to set up and maintain. Though, with a reliable Calgary landscape lighting company, this whole investment can be affordable. In fact, most people neglect landscape lighting because of the money invested, time invested, and the work needed to make it a reality. Choosing landscape lighting is one way of adding bills to your already high electricity bill. Though, there are some options that make this whole idea reasonable.

Low voltage landscape lighting

Although people choose solar lighting, low voltage lighting in your landscape is a good option for many reasons. The first reason being low voltage lights is brighter than solar lights. Solar lights are also not reliable, especially during the foggy and winter seasons.

It’s evident that when navigating those dark driveways, gardening areas and pathways at night, you need reliable and bright light sources. In Calgary, Solar lights can easily be stolen especially if the home area is not well fenced.

It goes without saying that low voltage landscape lighting is better than solar lighting, although the costs of installing and maintaining are relatively higher. It’s also hard to wire solar panels on your patio and stonework as it is with low voltage landscape lighting.

The costs of landscape lighting are surprisingly low in Calgary.

The word low voltage in this category means that the costs of paying for the electricity bills are astonishingly low. It also means that with a reliable Calgary landscape lighting company, it’s a worthy investment.

Which is best-Outdoor Fireplace or Firepit?

I haven’t realized any drawback that separates the two methods of setting a warming area in your backyard. The two options offer a reliable fire source during the winter. They actually work almost the same to spray your landscape with lighting and warmth.

If the two are implemented the right way, they are likely to help you enjoy the comfort of your landscape throughout the year. It’s also an excellent idea to use fire pit or Fireplace to anchor at the centre of your outdoor dining or outdoor living area.

One major drawback with Fireplace is that it is always limited when it comes to seating space. If you are planning of hosting an outdoor party, it’s better to go for an outdoor fire pit. Homeowners with small backyard spaces, it becomes a good idea to choose a fireplace where they can enjoy exclusive and bosom gatherings at night.

It’s also important to note that a Fireplace made of bricks and stones can be costly. This is because you will have to opt for a landscape supplies contractor and pay for masonry services. In Calgary, it’s also important to get authorization from a local construction authority.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose an outdoor fire pit or an outdoor fireplace; you can use them for grilling too. Some people would also want to try cooking on an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. This comes with many benefits, first of all, thinking about the aroma and the incomparable flavour spreading through the air creating remarkable memories.

Fire Pit safety

Sometimes it’s vital to think about your safety and the safety of other people when you are using an outdoor fire pit.  If you considered putting up an outdoor fire pit during the winter, understand that water, snow and ice make the walkways and paths slippery. In case you want to host an outdoor party during these times, it’s essential to use landscape lighting in the yard. This is to keep everyone safe while they are getting around the yard and the garden.

I usually recommend adding lights across the hardscapes such as the driveways, paths and walkways. The reason is to make your landscape more inviting and at the same time, create that extraordinary vibe. The sides of the fire pit should also be lit properly.

In this situation, make sure you partner with a reliable Calgary landscaping company that will install your lighting in a fashionable manner. Additionally, this is important for information and advice regarding your outdoor lighting options.

Fire pits and landscape lighting ideas

To inform your decisions in this regard, I have listed some remarkable landscape lighting ideas that you can try now. These ideas are not easy to implement on your own, so it means you should seek expert option for Calgary fire pits and lighting.


This is one excellent idea for homeowners looking for unique ways of lighting their backyard and walkways. The lights are placed at the base of nearby trees. It’s an idea that creates ambient light to create some drama, increase visual effects and help with visibility. For some homeowners, this idea would create a nice backdrop when someone is watching from a deck or patio.


Another cracked but remarkable idea for modern homeowners that creates soft light to your outdoor fire pit is here. This is one of the best landscaping lighting ideas that you can implement around your fire pit. It creates a nice ambient of relaxation on those chilling and cool winter night.

To implement this idea, the homeowner should install fixtures in nearby trees. They can also be attached to the home and any other structure around the fire pit.

Path Lighting

Your backyard probably has several walkways and paths which can be risky during the winter season. The winters are characterized by darkness, snow, water and ice, which make the pathway slippery. To increase the safety and make the paths seem beautifully planned, you should consider path lighting. It’s a modern and a popular way of setting the mood for your outdoor parties and at the same time improving safety around the garden and the fire pit.

String lights

I would also imagine how beautiful it would be if you choose to hang a string of lights around the fire pit. This is a great way to make sure the entire place is being lit, and the light is evenly distributed. It’s a nice idea to hang these string lights in a pattern for additional feel or organization. Though, aligning them in a simple and orderly manner is also not a bad idea.

Landscape Rope Lighting

This is the last creative landscape lighting Idea I am going to share today. It’s a nice way of showing your creativity and a good way to make you have unending fun in your backyard. The kids and family members would be eagerly waiting for the sun to go down and experience this endless fun on their home. Furthermore, this style of rope lighting can be made to perfectly fit your landscape and light both the paths and the garden.

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Lawn Maintenance Tips in Calgary

Maintaining a lush and lovely lawn may take a little physical effort, but is really simpler than it seems.


Lawn Maintenance Tips

Keep grass mowed at 3 to 3 1/2 inches.  The blades of the plant must be long enough to gather sufficient sunlight to they produce the sugars the plant needs to survive and thrive.  The plant will reproduce, and fill in where older plants are dying, for a denser lawn.  Lawns mowed any shorter will remain stunted, and the fill-in chances are slim.  With the grass barely hanging on, the weeds will go full speed ahead.  If your lawn grows too high, cut only 1/3 of the total height at a time; then return to the 3 to 1/2 inch height.

Do not mow the lawn when it’s wet to avoid damage to the plants.  The soft soil creates a high level of soil compaction limiting the penetration of water, nutrients and air to the roots.

Keep your mower well maintained, but that is the topic for another time.


While it takes an inch of water per week to keep your lawn lush and growing, if you wish to save water during the hot summer months, apply a half inch every two weeks to keep the crowns of the plants alive.  The grass may go dormant and turn brown, but when cooler weather returns, a good watering or two will bring back the green.

Be sure to allow turf to dry completely between waterings to oxygenate the root system.  Start just before dawn, when it’s cooler and the wind is calmer.  More moisture will be absorbed into the ground and not evaporated by the sun.  Also, early watering will prevent many fungal problems and possible root rot that can occur if watering in the late afternoon or early evening.


Start in the spring by spreading a pre-emergent.  Choose a pre-emergent product that will last the entire growing season. This will prevent germination of weed seeds blowing into your lawn.

A pre-emergent will not tackle the weeds already growing but spot spraying will.  Spot spraying is a hand squeeze-trigger unit or a pump pressure sprayer, used to address only the weed and not the entire lawn.  Don’t saturate the weed, just wet the weed leaves. Add Spreader-Sticker to the herbicide.  Always read product directions before beginning.

These are the lawn basics that should give you turf that will be the envy of your neighbourhood.

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What Factors Affect Irrigation Service Costs in Calgary?

The service cost of irrigation might fluctuate depending upon the size of a property. The cost may rise especially for those properties with small lawn. The average rate for Calgary irrigation projects ranges from three-thousand five hundred dollars to six-thousand dollars. The customers can also request for quotes from Calgary irrigation companies and get familiar with what is happening in their lawn.

The estimated operational costs for carrying out Calgary irrigation in your lawn is about two-hundred and fifty dollars. The installation cost would include testing of Double Check Valve Assembly and winterization of surrounding areas of your property. Most of the companies incorporate ultra-modern technology to conserve the water. It might be little expensive for a budget conscious customer. However, it is better to invest some money in order to safe guard your property in the long run.

The Return on Investment or ROI is purely based on overall yard size. It can be quickly recovered within a period of one year. There are numerous service providers located at Calgary who specialize in the installation and maintenance of sprinklers systems. Now let us discuss some of the major factors affecting the service cost of irrigation at Calgary.

  1. Overall size of your property:-

Square footage is one of the key factors that determine the cost. Largest the size of your property, higher the price would be. If you own a massive property, which might need adequate piping and sprinklers heads, you may need more money. The concerned landscaping service providers would take the measurements of the site in order to determine quantities of materials required for installing. The sprinklers systems are often installed at separate areas. In such cases, you may select those areas, which require more attention. As soon as a particular area is plumbed, additional zones can be included.

Do not ever skimp on the amount of money you spend. Superior quality equipments would ensure durability and their ability to withstand even harsh climatic conditions. It ultimately decreases the possibilities of wear and tear.

  1. Condition of your site:-

The turf of each property might vary. There are certain sites where the surface is flat and green. In such cases, the cost of installation is very low.

  1. Slope of a landscape:-

Installation costs are also based upon the slope of a landscape. Trenching sites becomes complicated if the slopes are higher. It could even lead to pressure issues. The concerned landscaping service providers would recommend a feasible plan of action to deal with the existing condition.

  1. Micro climates:-

Each property demands separate microclimates and water requirements. The installation cost would be higher if size of the yard is long.

  1. Choosing a system:-

The cost of drip and spray systems varies. However, it is better to opt for drop systems since it is available at lower cost.

To sum up, before resorting to the above mentioned activity, one should take into account the estimated budget.

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Top 10 2019 Calgary Landscape Design Trends Part Two    

I do know for a fact that we all love having a beautiful garden or yard in our homes. Creating that breathtaking landscape at your space can be a daunting task for sure. This does not mean that it is impossible. All you need is some inspiration and proper information on how to put any landscape design of your choice into action. At Calgary landscaping, you get all the professional help that you need when it comes to landscaping. There are so many landscape design ideas and trends that are fast becoming popular this year. To put you in the know, I have compiled some of the best landscape design trends for 2019.

  1. Resort style living. The perfect staycation

The truth is many people wait until the end of the year or during the holidays so that they can go on a vacation. What you do not know is that you can create a resort like experience right there in your backyard. This is what is called a staycation. Instead of waiting in the long lines at the airport or having to deal with packing all the time, you can just have a vacation at the comfort of your home. The best part of a staycation is you can have it any time that you want. Additionally, it will save you a lot of money that you would have spent in travelling and staying at a hotel.

So how do you go about creating resort style living there at your home? There are many ways that you can do this. Here are some ideas on how to turn your home backyard into a luxury staycation resort;

Resort style living in your own backyard

The backyard is the perfect space for a staycation. During a vacation it is important that you have fun and also relax. The best place to do this is outdoors. There are a couple of things that you can do so that even as you have a staycation at the backyard it feels more like you are at a resort.  Here are some features to include in your list;

Have an outdoor kitchen

This is for those people who love cooking. You can have an outdoor kitchen installed at your backyard. An outdoor kitchen actually creates an open space where you can have fun and enjoy some quality time with your family and friends. During the summer, cooking in your main kitchen which is inside the house can be quite a bummer. This is because it’s already hot, so the heat coming from the ovens makes things even more uncomfortable. On the other hand, cooking outside means that you won’t have to deal with heat as there is flow of fresh air all around you. It can also be a relaxing moment for you since you can cook and at the same time enjoy the outdoors. If you like pizza, you can have a pizza oven installed in your outdoor kitchen.

Add some water features

Whether it’s a swimming pool or a water fountain, adding a water feature to your backyard is a good idea when it comes to creating a staycation. A swimming pool takes your backyard landscaping to a whole new level. This is because there are so many features that you can add to your pool that will not only make it feel like a resort pool but will also make the surrounding landscape appealing. For instance, you can have a waterfall grotto at your pool. A waterfall grotto is typically a cave like structure that is covered by a waterfall. The water from the waterfall flows back into your pool. The hideout or cave can range from a small space to an expansive area with other added features such as lights, seats or even your own spa. The idea behind having a waterfall grotto is to create that relaxing water sound that gives you the feeling as if you were on a tropical island. Other features that you can add to your swimming pool include a swim up bar, a spa or even a tanning ledge.

Another important water feature is a fountain. If you really don’t like swimming that much then a fountain can be your relaxation nook. There is nothing that brings your mind at ease like the sound of bubbling and flowing water. In addition, fountains come in various sizes and prices to suit your needs.

landscaping-trends-calgary-5cfea7972e51dLandscape lighting

Who said anything about having to spend time outdoors only during the day. If you are going to relax outdoors in the evening then you will need some lighting. There are many ways that you can go about it. If you have a swimming pool then having a multi colored LED lighting will add a dramatic effect on both your pool and the landscape around it.

You may also opt to have an outdoor bar that has lights installed on it. This means that you get to spend as much time as you want outside. Go for a lighting option that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Install a fire place

At times it can get cold in the evening. However, this should not stop you from carrying on with your staycation. This is where the concept of a fireplace or fire pit comes in. These serve as an area where you can gather with your family or friends and do a fun activity like roast marshmallows. Installing a fireplace is a brilliant idea if you asked me. Not only can it serve a decorative purpose but it is functional too. If you want to go for the more affordable option then a fire pit should be your choice. You can install it anywhere and it does not need a lot of space. It will light up the night the same way a fire place will do.

Growing greens; Vegetable and herb gardens

Growing greens in your backyard or garden is one of the trends that are catching up quite quickly this year. This is probably due to the many benefits that come with it. There is no need to buy vegetables at the groceries when you can grow them right there at your home. The best part of edible landscaping is that you get fresh vegetables and herbs any time that you require them.  You only need to take proper care of the plants so that they thrive. Additionally, you have to decide which vegetables and herbs you want to grow in your garden or yard.

Another thing that you have to put in mind is maximizing on the limited space that is available. Just because you really don’t have much room around your landscape does not mean that you cannot do edible landscaping. What you have to ensure is that the plants receive enough sunshine and water so that they can grow well. Similarly, choose plants that will be able to grow on your landscape. This means that you should already have considered the type of soil and climate conditions.

You can grow vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, artichokes, garlic, eggplant, beans and peppers. There are various ways that you can plant your vegetables. For instance vegetables like lettuce can be planted in between the flower beds. If you want to create an aesthetic appeal then it wise if you choose the vegetables that are bright in color such as red-jewel cabbage. If you don’t have enough space to plant vegetables in either your yard or garden then you can grow them in pots. The pots can be placed anywhere including on the windows provided the plants receive the sunshine that they need. Other options to choose from include planting vegetables or herbs in containers, hanging baskets and window boxes.

When you are planting the vegetables it is important that you do not interfere with the curb appeal of your landscape. Do so in a manner that your garden or yard still looks appealing. In this case you can plant both the ornamental plants and your edibles in one space. Also look at the size, color, shapes and the different textures of the edible plants. Remember, the plants are not only for food but should also make your landscape attractive. You may want to opt for colorful vegetables such as the rainbow Swiss chard. The colorful stems of this vegetable will bring that aesthetic appeal on your landscape and at the same time you have edible greens.

When it comes to herbs the most prudent thing that you can ever do is going for the perennial herbs. This is because perennial herbs come back each year and you won’t have to go through the stress of wondering what to do with an empty space in your garden. Some of the best herbs to grow include rosemary, basil, parsley, sage, oregano, thyme and lavender. The herbs that have strong scents are usually appealing to animals so you might want to consider ways of protecting them. When it comes to rosemary and lavender you can simply plant them as a flower border. Rosemary also makes for a great hedge for your yard. Since thyme is a low lying herb, you can use it as a ground cover.

You can never run out of ideas to growing edible vegetables and herbs in your home. If you have a balcony on your apartment or a patio in your home then you are good to go. All you need is a pot or a container and you are able to grow your own food. Garden beds too can be used to grow your vegetables and herbs.

Separation in landscapes

When you are at home you require an area where you can spend time outdoors. This year there are so many trends and ideas that take your outdoor living to another level. One of the key trends is the separation in landscapes. This is aimed at creating an outdoor space that is more like your indoors. There are various ways this is achieved including installing decks and patios.


A deck adds quite a lot of value to your home.  It can be an outdoor living space where you can do your cooking, relax and entertain visitors. If you want an all year round deck then you should consider having a shade structure installed. This means that you can spend time outdoors any time that you want regardless of the weather or season. Similarly, you can have an outdoor kitchen on your deck and even have a dining area. In this way, even when you have some visitors you can spend time outdoors and have your meals right there.


A patio is typically an outdoor area just next to the house. A patio may be covered to protect people from harsh elements or it may be freestanding without any shade structure. It can be decorated with some plants and there is also outdoor furniture where people can enjoy some outdoor time.

Seating area

Take you outdoor living a notch higher by creating a seating area where you can entertain your guests or have some quality time outdoors. Typically, a seating area will accommodate several people.  A seating area may also include a fire pit or a fireplace for warmth during the cold seasons. You can have it anywhere ranging from your garden or yard. Having a seating area in your garden is the perfect opportunity for you to relish the beauty of your garden as you spend time outside the house.

Natural stone and paving stones

Stone landscaping is one of the popular landscaping trends in 2019. There are so many options for you to choose from depending on your style. Similarly, the type of stones that you choose should be suitable for that specific area that you intend to have them. For instance, the best stones for walkways are the small ones so that walking can be easy and avoid tripping. You have an option to choose from the paving stone walkways and the natural stone walkways. Both have their advantages and what you have to do is go for what works best for you.

Paving stones are made from concrete and come in various sizes, shapes, textures and colors. Some people may prefer the paving stones because they may be easier to install, less expensive and are versatile. You can get the paving stones that will match your style and meet your needs.

On the other hand, there is the natural stone that is typically cut from the real natural rocks. Natural rock pavers are usually made of travertine, slate, flagstone or limestone.

You can opt to have either a paving stone patio or a natural stone patio depending on your style. Since paving stones come in different shapes and colors they may be a great option if you want to decorate your deck. They are also a good choice because they can withstand the harsh conditions outside and are long lasting. If natural beauty is your style then you can select the natural stone patio designs.

Smart water irrigation

You need enough water to keep the plants in your garden or yard vibrant and healthy.  One of the top trends this year is edible landscaping and this means that you have to ensure your plants receive the water that they need.  If you have flowers, shrubs and trees you have to make sure that they are watered on a daily basis especially if it is not raining. Sadly, many people don’t have that much time to water their plants on a daily basis. The concept of smart water irrigation solves this problem. Calgary irrigation will provide you with the best smart water systems for your irrigation.

Smart water irrigation systems do not just sprinkle water on the plants in your garden. The water systems are designed in such a way that they conserve water. This means that you use less water on irrigation. The smart irrigation systems are equipped with advanced technology in such a way that they monitor the amount of moisture and automatically adjust the amount of watering to the required levels.  The technology used may be one that monitors weather conditions such as rainfall and temperature or one that monitors the amount of moisture that is present in the soil. Smart irrigation that is weather based consists of sensor hardware and a controller. The sensor is placed either on a building, a fence or an object on the yard. There is wireless communication between both the controller and the sensor.  Moisture based irrigation systems work by measuring the actual content of moisture that is in the soil. The time of irrigation is then based on this. If the soil is dry the irrigation system waters the plants until enough amount of moisture is in the soil. It will stop watering when the moisture content is too high. In this case, if you want that beautiful green lawn or an appealing landscape smart water irrigation is the way to go.

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What’s Involved in Landscaping Maintenance?

Your property gets a lift when it has a well-maintained landscape. The outdoor areas of your commercial property add to its value and help you maintain your reputation as a business that’s serious about what it does. Maintaining your landscaping in Calgary is no mean feat, especially if the grounds are expansive.

landscaping maintenance calgaryWe at Project Landscape offer a wide variety of Landscaping in Calgary services including design, installation and complete maintenance too. These services help ensure you’re your commercial property is kept neat and clean as well as functional and safe. Well-maintained driveways, pathways, landscaping and parking lots also help:

  • To Avoid Liability- Just as your parking lot, driveway and other outdoor areas must be clean, they need to be safe too. A driveway or parking lot with potholes and cracks is risky and can cause slip and fall injuries. This can expose your business to litigations. The solution is to ensure that all these areas are paved and maintained well.
  • Save Money- A well-maintained landscape will also throw fewer problems. When all the features are in good conditions, you will have fewer repairs to deal with and this can save you a significant amount of money in the long term.
  • Reputation And Value- Regular maintenance also keeps your landscaping in Calgary looking great at all times and this adds to your reputation and the value of your property a well.

Range of Maintenance Services in Calgary

  • Regular Sweeping- All the hardscaped areas get a clean look when swept regularly
  • Litter Pickups- Daily/weekly litter pick-up services help maintain cleanliness of your outdoor spaces.
  • Power Washing- All the hardscaping and masonry elements will be pressure cleaned with regularity.
  • Softscape Maintenance- All the plants, trees and lawns will be maintained as part of your landscaping in Calgary maintenance plan.
  • Line Painting- Line painting improves the functionality of the parking lot. It adds to the safety and complements the aesthetics of your landscape.

For any more information about our expert landscapers inCalgary as well as commercial parking lot maintenance solutions, feel free to contact us at 403-407-5777 or drop us a line via this Online Form, and we will revert shortly.

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Why Landscaping Maintenance Is Important

Well-maintained landscaping in Calgary is a feast for the eyes but you also need to spend time, effort and money to keep these outdoor spaces looking great. Very few people find it easy to allocate time for regular and proper lawn and garden maintenance and this neglect can affect the health and appearance of your landscape. Here are five reasons why regular yard maintenance is important.


  1. Curb Appeal And Value Addition

Curb appeal is an essential aspect of a well-maintained home and its yard. Not every outdoor space needs to be elaborately landscaped but it should be well maintained. A house with pleasant and manicured yard areas will have better resale value. Buyers are attracted to properties that have well-maintained gardens and lawns. A drab, poorly-maintained landscape is an eyesore and reduces the sale price of your home as well as the other homes in your neighbourhood.

  1. Weeds Destroy The Look

A poorly maintained yard is a fertile ground for weeds to grow and thrive. It is also difficult to entirely remove weeds that are deep-rooted in the soil. It doesn’t take long for these weeds to grow rampantly in your landscaping in Calgary. This makes it difficult and time-consuming to develop a new lawn. Weeds similarly destroy flower beds making it very challenging for you to restore their health and beauty. 

  1. Controlling Insects, Pests, And Bugs

A well-maintained garden needs more than regular watering and mowing. Different varieties of insect species like beetles and other pests burrow into the soil and kill the grass roots. Ticks and mosquitoes breed in poorly maintained gardens. We provide excellent pest control solutions as part of our maintenance plans for landscaping in Calgary.

  1. Fertilization Helps Maintain The Health Of Your Yard 

Lawns have a thin layer of topsoil and the fertilizers get depleted faster compared to deep soils. This slows down the growth of the vegetation and affects its appearance as well. It is essential to add a mix of soil and fertilizers to your lawn during spring & fall to boost its growth. A lush and flourishing garden needs fertilizer applications twice a year. This will ensure your lawns, bushes and trees stay looking great right round the year.  

For any more information about our expert landscaping in Calgary services, feel free to contact Project Landscape at 403-407-5777 or drop us a line via this Online Form, and we will revert shortly.

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Winter Landscaping Tips

The freezing temperatures during the wintertime wreak havoc on your landscape and all the features in it. This is the time your shrubs, plants and trees need some extra TLC. We recommend these tips when it comes to your landscaping in Calgary this winter:

  • If there is any debris or leaves lying around in your landscape, they need to be cleared without delay. This accumulation can affect the condition of the soil and make it difficult for new grass to grow after winter. In fact, if the leaves form a very thick layer on the grass that can ruin the lawn area entirely.
  • Applying good quality organic mulch is a great way to protect the ground from the frost. Make sure you cover all the exposed areas and pay special attention to the spaces around the base of the trees, plants and shrubs. This added protection will prevent soil erosion and keep the moisture in the soil intact.
  • If you haven’t fertilized and aerated the soil once the first freeze set in, do not attempt to do that now. The ground will be frozen hard so it’s best to wait till the warmer weather sets in before you start any aeration processes.landscaping-calgary-winter-5c3dfb2858e48
  • Make sure that all the shrubs and plants in your landscaping in Calgary are pruned and trimmed and cover them with burlap warps. This will provide them some protection from the sleet and snow.
  • Apply anti-transpirants to all your trees and plants. It will help them retain moisture. Water loss from the exposed surfaces of leaves can affect the plantings and the anti-transpirant will help prevent this.
  • If you haven’t trimmed tree branches yet, tie the thinner ones together. That will give them the strength to bear the weight of the snow or ice loads. Trees that become damaged during winter time are more susceptible to disease and rot, later during
  • While trees are hardier than shrubs and plants, they too need some added protection during wintertime. Rabbits & rats can burrow around trees to find some shelter from the cold and this can damage the trees. It’s best to install plastic or wire tree guards around the tree trunks to prevent this from happening.

Hire Experts For Winter Landscaping Calgary

Managing all these tasks yourself can be quite tedious and time-consuming, especially with all the snow around. It’s best to hire professionals like us for these jobs. We have the knowledge, experience and tools to handle these tasks expertly.

We at Project Landscape provide excellent winter maintenance solutions for landscapes. For any more information about our expert landscaping Calgary services, feel free to contact us at 403-407-5777 or drop us a line via this Online Form.

Landscape Experts Landscaping Calgary

Project Landscape’s Expert Snow and Ice Management Services

During the wintertime, many commercial property owners struggle with snow management and find that the snow and ice have a negative impact on their business. When it snows heavily it doesn’t become possible to simply shovel the snow from parking lots, driveway and other outdoor spaces of your commercial premises. This requires the services of landscaping Calgary professionals like the ones at Project Landscape.


We are a company that offers excellent, customized snow and ice management services to businesses of all shapes and sizes in Calgary. Our reliable services help ensure that your property is clear of snow and ice. This goes a long way in keeping your customers, clients, and employees safe during the winter months.

We cater to a range of establishments such as:

  • Retail/mixed use
  • Health care facilities
  • Standalone businesses
  • Religious institutions
  • Office buildings and complexes
  • Commercial buildings and complexes
  • Condominiums/HOA
  • Restaurants and hotels

Customized Snow Management Contracts

We understand that every commercial setting will have very specific snow management needs and this is why we are the landscaping Calgary company that provides customized services. While you do have the option to hire us for a one-off service, most of our clients prefer snow and ice management contracts. This gives them peace of mind that they will get prompt services anytime there is heavy snowfall or a snowstorm in the area.

We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and have perfected the techniques and methods used in all our snow clearing projects. We use the latest equipment and effective products in these jobs which ensures the snow is cleared from your property quickly and efficiently. While we never compromise on the quality of our services, you will find that our services are extremely cost-effective. We can tailor our solutions to meet your needs and budget.

Benefits Of Our Expert Snow Management Services

  • Reliable, convenient and safe
  • Helps reduce downtime of your business
  • Encourages customers to conduct business with you
  • Keeps visitors, employees, and tenants happy and safe
  • Reduces the risk and liability caused by slip & fall accidents

It’s best not to wait till a snow storm hits you this season. Call the landscaping Calgary experts and reserve your snow management service. You can rest assured that the work will be completed safely and without causing any kind of damage to the features on your commercial property. For any more information feel free to call Project Landscape at 403-407-5777 or drop us a line via this Online Form

Landscape Experts

The Best Ways To Protect Your Landscaping During the Winter

Winter time is when you need to shower a little more attention on all the features of your landscaping in Calgary. Here are some tips to help you protect your landscape during winter time:

  • Remove All Debris And Rake The Leaves– Leaves and debris can smother the grass on your lawns and impact the growth of new grass. Leaving these items in the landscaping in Calgary may also kill your lawn altogether.
  • Cut The Grass Shorter- It’s important to cut your lawn down to 2- 2.5” before winter sets in. This protects new growth and helps minimize the risk or your lawn spaces becoming the breeding ground of pests.
  • Aerate & Fertilize The Soil Before The First Freeze Sets In– While lawns don’t really use any fertilizer when they are in a dormant stage, they do draw on all the nutrients once the weather starts to warm. Aerating and fertilizing the soil in your landscaping in Calgary before the winter, helps ensure that your grass gets the fertilization it requires, at the right time.
  • Apply A Good Mulch– Applying mulch very methodically around shrubs, plants, and trees gives them some protection from the cold weather. In addition, mulching helps prevent loss of water and soil erosion.
  • Prune All The Shrubs– It’s best to complete most of your pruning in late winter, just prior to the spring growth spurt. This ensures that the fresh wounds are exposed for a very short period of time before the new growth starts.
  • Helps Reduce Water Loss– Make sure you apply antitranspirants to all the trees and plants; this helps reduce water loss from the leaves. You can also use thick burlap wrapping to protect your evergreens from the freezing temperatures and winter winds.
  • Take The Right Precautions Against Ice & Snow– Tie thinner tree branches together as that makes them less susceptible to ice or snow loads. It also a good idea to remove all the weak branches that can potentially break from the weight of ice or snow. This is because damaged trees can easily become infected with diseases.
  • Provide Adequate Protection To The Tree Trunks– Aside from the inclement weather during winter, your trees and shrubs are also at risk from becoming damaged by animals. Rats and rabbits can cause a significant amount of damage to young trees. The best way to prevent this from occurring is to install wire/plastic tree guards.

We at Project Landscape provide excellent pre-winter preventative landscape maintenance solutions. For any more information about our expert landscaping Calgary services, feel free to contact us at 403-407-5777 or drop us a line via this Online Form.