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Why Should You Choose Calgary Professionals for Landscape Maintenance?

lawn maintenance calgary Summer months are for spending time outside all day and even in the evening. You can spend quality time with your family and friends if you have a well-maintained landscape. But, the task of landscape maintenance is not as easy as it seems.

Why should you choose us for landscape maintenance?

We offer premier landscaping services that will help you in increasing the value as well as the overall aesthetic of your home. We use the best quality brands, products, and processes to keep your landscape healthy so that the outdoor part of your property can look incredible and aesthetically pleasing. We offer the best calgary landscape maintenance, and we take pride in being called the most reliable company that people trust.

From maintenance of trash, lawns, to line painting and sweeping, our services are aimed towards making sure that your property is safe, clean, and functional.

Benefits of hiring professionals

Landscape can be tiring, especially in the summer months when the temperature is scorching. The heat can also make it challenging to keep plants alive. Doing landscaping tasks without any professional expertise can lead to sunburn and dying plants. Following are some of the major reasons you need to look for professionals for calgary landscape maintenance.


Trying to get equipment, tools, chemicals, and other products needed for landscape maintenance can cost you too much. But, when you choose professionals like Project Landscape, you get the best maintenance services without spending any extra amount on tools and products.

Appealing beauty

No matter if you want to maintain the landscape for recreational purposes or you want to sell your house, your lawn is the first thing that people see when they enter your property. Thus, proper maintenance of the lawn by professionals can give an aesthetically pleasing look to your lawn.

Increase in the value of property

Investing in lawn care services offered by us can help you in the long run if you want to sell your house at some point. A well-kept landscape can be helpful in increasing the value of the property.

Save time

Even if you like doing some of the maintenance work on your property, you may not have the needed time to maintain the landscape every day. These jobs require lots of time and effort. For best results, you need to invest time and effort in trimming, weeding, mowing, and mulching.

Professionals have expertise

Professional landscapers like Project Landscape know how to handle landscaping tasks very well. They have an expert team who know the ins and outs of each task they are doing to make sure your landscape stays beautiful They can also offer you in-depth knowledge about pesticides, fertilizers, and all other aspects of landscape maintenance.

If you want your property and landscape to look pristine, it is always advisable to have expert care on your side. One of the biggest advantages of hiring professionals like Project Landscape is that you can easily relax on your days and weekends off without worrying about lawn maintenance.

Hiring us will ensure that your landscape stays exceptionally beautiful in the summer months when you are busy. Get ready to get a professional touch to your lawn and landscape by calling us today. 

Lawn Care Calgary

Calgary Landscape Maintenance Tips

Keeping a beautiful landscape through the season is a lot of work.  The value comes in pride in your property and a welcoming atmosphere for guests, family, clients, and onlookers.

A healthy landscape is easy when you hire professionals.  They will assign a team to maintain your lawn, flowers, and other plants to stay healthy and appealing.  This will maintain the curb appeal of your home or commercial building area.  It will assure that your property is in perfect shape for special occasions or just an ordinary Tuesday.

Maintaining a Healthy Landscape

Maintaining a healthy Calgary landscape is also important to the environment.  The soil is a natural filtration system for watershed.  In addition, the trees, plants, and flowers clean the air as they grow and mature.  Careful plantings can also help bird and other wildlife thrive to maintain a solid ecosystem.

lawn-maintenance-calgaryMany people don’t realize that by maintaining a healthy lawn, you are actually preventing weed growth.  If turf is healthy with a solid root structure, the weeds will have no place to germinate.  This also means there is less chance for an infiltration of grubs or other unwanted insects.  A landscape maintenance company will keep your lawn mowed to the correct height so that it can properly photosynthesize the sunlight and nutrients and stay healthy.  Watering and appropriate fertilization will also mean there is less chance for weeds to sprout.  Without weeds you won’t need to worry about using chemicals to control the growth, which means it is, again, better for the environment.

Our yard is an important part of our daily lives.  Children play and pets roam.  Preventing weeds means eliminating the worry of some toxic plant starting to grow in your lawn that would be tempting for some pet or toddler to nibble on.

Most people today live hectic schedules between work, professional commitments, travel, volunteerism, children’s activities, and other responsibilities.  Arriving home near dark leaves little time for mowing or maintaining a good looking landscape.  Using a landscape maintenance service means one less thing to worry about.  The crew comes in to mow, trim, water, and otherwise take care of your yard and you can concentrate on the important matters of life.

Professional Lawn Maintenance in Calgary

If you are interested in exploring the advantages of professional lawn maintenance, contact us at Project Landscape.  We bring a team of experts who are dedicated to the quality of your landscape.  We are able to establish and maintain a lush lawn for your personal enjoyment and to provide the curb appeal that your neighborhood will appreciate.

For our commercial customers we are able to provide all the services to keep their green space carefully manicured and healthy to present a professional appearance to their clients and employees.

We can make it happen by your contacting our office.  We will send out a specialist in Calgary to look at the current condition of your lawn, trees and other plants and help decide the best plan of action that will fit your lifestyle and budget. Contact our team at Project Landscape today to see how we can help!

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4 Benefits to Over Seeding Your Lawn

Another way to maintain the magnificent lawn of your Calgary home is over seeding. This method is planting directly grass seeds over the existing turf, without tearing up the grass or the soil. Bare spots are easily filled, the density is improved by the turf, kinds of grasses and the color of the lawn.

When is the ideal time to over seed?

Winter weather, scavengers and general wear and tear turn your wonderfully lush green grasses to brown and bare patches. The simple remedy of reseeding helps prevent future problems. Late summer or early fall are the right time to over seed as atmospheric temperatures and soil are most favorable for optimal degree of seed germination and growth. The new seedling will be established before the setting of winter providing adequate moisture, the proper fertilizer and enough sunlight. Better environment simulates seeds to grow and develop. Initially, you need the right temperatures, good seeds, and a simple watering solution as a circular sprinkler. The ideal reseeding time for lawn located in cooler climates up north is spring or fall. Lawns in southern warmer regions must start reseeding from late spring to summer.


4 benefits to over seeding your lawn

  1. Erosion reduction

The grasses with root systems that are fibrous are compact and are firmly bounded together.  Densely planted and reseeded lawn guarantee that soil and water are absorbed by the right root zone, reduction runs-off and loss of soil. As a rule, it improves the overall health of your lawn because it has firm grip on the nutrients and moisture that it needed to survive.

  1. Uplift appearance

To improve the looks of your lawn, plant fresh batch of seeds to fill all the patches that are browned brown and bald areas that are destroyed by pets and pest. Rake the spot, plant the seeds, and be sure to keep soils evenly watered until seeds start germinating. Use sprinkler to move around allowing target watering. A dense lawn looks great and inviting. It is pleasing not only to the eye but it feels fabulous underfoot.

  1. Risk of pests & disease reduction

Over seeding is one best solution for preventing and combating pests and disease. If your lawn had been devastated by particular pests, don’t apply chemicals, instead plant seed varieties that grow well in your climate.  The right seeds do not require much amount of water and are highly resistant to diseases. A combination of grass seeds and lawn daisies are another wonderful mix as they attract and support beneficial insects and pollinators.

  1. Increase Thickness

If a thick carpet of lawn is what you’re after, over seeding can do this too. Serving seeds at the proper time and the right water amount water will alter a thinning & sickly lawn into a healthy and verdant stretch of green. Blades of grass will fuse into a solid surface becoming sturdier durable. It will develop the capacity to withstand heavy foot traffic and alleviating natural weathering and environmental stress.

Reseeding your lawn is the best option to facelift your place without including the building. Your Calgary home has more appeal with its healthy-looking and verdant lawn. If you plan to sell you would rather stay rooted right where you are.

For more information about lawn care in Calgary, check out for more information today.