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Fire Pit Design Tips

In Calgary, fire pits are becoming more and more popular.  They can be constructed of stone, brick, or metal and its basic purpose is to rein in a fire so that it does not spread.  However, the fun part is the ambiance it provides…not to mention s’mores.

Atmosphere – The fire pit creates the mood for a late evening to early morning chat and snuggle with a loved one.

Entertainment area – Much like a patio or deck, a fire pit provides the focal point for outdoor gatherings.  As an extension of your home, it can be surrounded by sofas or benches.  Your style and décor will continue outdoors around the fire pit.  You can coordinate with the seating already in place on your deck or create a new look.  Your guests will enjoy your personal touches as the conversation increases.  You may find it necessary to keep extra wood or gas available for impromptu gatherings.

fire pit design tips calgary All season useFire pits are not restricted to the summer months.  Think about telling ghost stories on Halloween or sipping hot chocolate on Christmas Eve.  Take advantage of clear nights and bring out your telescope or just sit back and enjoy the constellations.

Focal point – As you design your outdoor landscaping, a fire pit will give you a focal point that designers are always seeking.  Whether it is in full view, or more secluded, you can customize the area to suit your needs.  Go rustic or sophisticated.  It is your choice.

Relaxation – Watching the flames flicker is a great way to let the cares of the day melt away.  As you become more peaceful, your blood pressure will drop and things can seem more manageable.  You can transfix on the fire and feel yourself relax.

Cooking – Not just for charring marshmallows, if you add a grill plate on your pit and you can cook just like you would on a grill.  It makes a late dinner seem like a party.  Watch a few cooking shows and you will find that backyard cooking is more than burgers.  You can easily cook pasta, desserts or fondue.

Value – When it comes time to say goodbye to your home, you will realize that the outdoor entertainment area has added value to the asking price.  When you finally leave you will know that someone else will be able to enjoy many hours around the fire pit just as you and your family have for some time.

Safety First – Always locate your fire pit on level ground and at least 10 to 20 feet from any flammable object.  Always have it in an open area and not near any type of overhang.  Keep a fire extinguisher, bucket of sand, or hose nearby for emergencies.  Adhere to all local safety laws and regulations and educate children and others about safety measures.

As you can tell, fire pits make a wonderful addition to your Calgary home’s exterior.  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or an estimate.