Landscaping Calgary

5 Reasons to Hire a Landscaper

For a great number of people home ownership is a dream come true.  However, sometimes the exterior maintenance can become burdensome.  Other demands like family, job responsibilities, or physical restrictions make it difficult to accomplish.  For others, they simply do not enjoy landscaping maintenance or they just do not have the skill set necessary.  That is when a professional landscape company in Calgary becomes a part of your life.

Knowledge Base

More than just wheeling a mower around the yard or digging in dirt, a landscaper understands the ins and outs of growing things.  They will be able to maintain a lush and healthy lawn, but they will also know the right times to prune your shrubbery and how much of a tree to remove without damaging it.  They also understand soil composition and the importance of the right pH for the plants you are growing.  They will also have knowledge of insects and whether they are beneficial or not.


You can rely on your landscaper to give you the best look possible.  They will take into consideration the architectural style of your home, the lay of the land, and color scheme that will work best.  They keep up on the latest trends and can help you decide on the right plants for the right areas.


A demanding work schedule can leave little time for maintenance.  Maybe you enjoy travelling and are gone for a couple of weeks several times a year.  There can be things that you would simply rather be doing.  Just call a landscaper.


If you are not particularly schooled in flowers, trees, and turf, you could be wasting a lot of money and effort on failures.  Trial and error works sometimes, but not always.  And, it can become quite expensive starting from scratch.  Your landscape company will dispatch trained teams to create the best landscape possible giving you great value for a reasonable price.

Full Service

A landscape company is the complete package.  They can help design your area, including hardscaping and safety features.  They can take your ideas and offer suggestions to ultimately provide you with the best landscape for your needs and wants.

If you are considering hiring a landscape company in Calgary, please give Project Landscape the opportunity to meet with you and offer our ideas and proposal.  We are flexible in our approach toward design and maintenance and are happy to discuss the options that will be available to you.