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What to Look for in Commercial Snow Plowing

In less than half a year, we are going to experience the winter with heavy snow and ice.  Based on what we have witnessed in the last years, we can expect that this ice and snow can interfere with our activities in one way or the other. For this reason, most people and especially the business owners are looking for ways to prepare in advance by organizing for commercial snow plowing with a prominent and a reliable snow plowing company.

With such a company, you will not have to worry about waking up to report to a snow blocked business office. But how will you choose a perfect company that will work on snow plowing seamlessly? What are some of the questions you will seek answers from the company before you enter into a contract? This brief has all these and additional tips that will help you make a sound decision.

How fast do you respond after a winter snowfall or a storm?

calgary snow removal servicesI think this is the most important question to ask. Are you wondering what would happen if the company you go for is unable to respond to your call fast in due time? That would compromise the operations of your business and at the same time waste you and your business a lot of money and time. For that reason, you have to think about how fast will your snow company be able to respond to the call? Ask them all these questions and demand detailed answers. Inquire whether the company will come immediately you call them during a heavy snowfall or they will wait for it to stop.

To help your company respond faster and better, they expect you to share with them your business hours so that they will know the best time of the day to start their activities. I bet you don’t want piles of snow at the entrance that would block the way as visitors, clients and employees report.

Where will you be putting the snow?

Before you choose any of the companies out there, ask about what they do with the already removed snow and how they do it. Furthermore, you can ask where the company puts the snow and how efficient that will be. What this means is that you should ask them to explain where the snow will be put and whether that will affect your business or the neighbourhood.

Will you be doing any pre-treating of my site?

I know you care so much about your property and how well the company will remove the snow. With that, you have to inquire whether the snow removal company in Calgary you are about to choose will perform any type of pre-treatment on the site. If they do, then they are right for you. If they don’t, it will be a wise decision to look for one that offers this service.

Will you perform any follow-up treatments?

After the whole process has been conducted and the snow removed, you need a company that will follow up for treatments thereafter. You need a company that will inquire and visit the site several times to see how you are doing and if everything is okay. The company should also be at a position to offer all post-treatment measures.

What kind of equipment do you have?

Before you sign a contract with any company, you must ensure they have the right equipment and hardworking employees. This will ensure they are super fast in dealing with your issue and are also at a capacity to solve the problem as needed. I am sure you need a company that can provide proof that they are capable of solving the problems at hand. You also have to ensure that their equipment are fitted with GPS tracking systems which will provide the information about when they arrived, how long they were there and when they packed.

How do I communicate with you during a storm?

Don’t let the snow be a cause of worry this coming winter. Hire a snow removal company that you can reach out to fast enough and be at a capacity to respond and act swiftly to remove the snow. Ask them about their best methods of communication and the best way you can reach out to them. First of all, check reviews about their customer care. If their customer care is able to respond fast and solve your issues, then this is the company to go for.

The above are some of the questions you can ask. However, there’s no limit to how much information you can ask from the company you want to contract with. Delve deeper into their company and be sure you are hiring the best partner.

Snow Removal Calgary

What to Look for in Snow Removal on Pedestrian Walkways

We expect that the coming winter there will be a lot of snow and Ice on the crosswalks and the sidewalks. To make these places passable and safe, we have to, first of all, start by getting a good snow removal company to take the task. What becomes difficult is the process of spotting a nice and highly dependable snow removal company. There’s a lot you are supposed to factor in when in process. To make it easy for you, we have a list of what to look for in snow removal on pedestrian walkways.

Snow and Ice on the walkways can be a cause of worry and a walking challenge. Through commercial snow removal Calgary, you can be able to clear your walkways very fast and reduce the hazards that always come with it.

Overuse of ice melt can damage the pavement

snow-removal-walkways-calgary-As summer fades into winter, there are many mistakes people are likely to make with ice melt. We all know that ice melt products can help us keep the walkways passable and also keep our houses and pavements clear and safe. However, you should know which types of Ice melts you are supposed to use.

Most cleaners assume that as long as little ice melt did a good job, too much of it will do a fantastic job in clearing the walkways. On the contrary, using these products overly will only damage your pavements and cause more harm than good. The good thing is that many manufacturers have come up with ice melt products that can be used in small amounts and still be effective in clearing snow and Ice.

Overuse of ice melt is likely to lead to the product being unnecessarily trapped into the gaps in the pavement. This means it will weaken the concrete and eventually destroy the pavement. As Greg MacDonnell advises, too much of ice melt doesn’t improve performance in any measure.

It’s always a prudent move to get in touch with a snow removal Calgary company to help you because most of them have the right experience and expertise to remove snow and Ice from the walkways.

Multiple services to keep clear and free of snow and Ice

As the winter approaches and you need to get that snow and Ice from your sidewalks and walkways, there’s a lot of work that will be involved. This sounds simple, but you are likely to require multiple services to keep sideways clear and free of snow and Ice.

Most of the services you will not be able to offer on your own. This means that you need a snow and ice management Calgary provider to cater for all your needs. With all the equipment required and a couple of qualified employees to facilitate the process, you can expect they are likely to offer all the services needed and lastly be free to offer post-removal treatment procedures.

Drip zones from roofing and obstacles

You also need a service provider that will remove Ice and snow from all the other parts of the home. With a snow plowing Calgary service provider, Ice from all corners of the house will be removed completely. You are actually required to get in touch with a company with all the right equipment and employees so that you have nothing to worry about. Peace of mind is very important, and it only comes with a reputable service provider.

Don’t wait

If you want to deal with this problem fast enough, then you are not supposed to wait any further. As a matter of fact, you are required to contact the snow plowing company as soon as possible so that they can start the work before the problem gets out of hand. One mistake that people make is to wait until the snow has finished. In such a situation, most companies will have overwhelming orders which means snow removal on your walkways and sidewalks will be delayed.

In simple terms, you should talk to the company immediately you notice an impending problem from snow and Ice. This way, they will be at a better position to prepare in advance and help deal with the issue fast enough.

If you want to deal with the problems on your own, then there’s room for that effort. However, start early to avoid dealing with piled up Ice which can also be hazardous to both you and the people around. Though, in most cases, you need experts for pre-and post-treatment.

Those are some of the things to look for in snow removal on pedestrian walkways and sidewalks. The information provided above should be enough to get you started.

Snow Removal Calgary

5 Snow and Ice Management Tips Calgary Shopping Centers

We all know that the winter season comes with heavy snow or ice and we have to act fast in order to maintain our properties. With that said, this is never an easy task. Snow piles up pretty fast and can get to overwhelming levels in a split second. That is why you will need proper snow and ice management techniques to get the job done.

So what do you do to ensure you sidewalk, driveway and landscape remain intact and gorgeous throughout this season? Keep in mind safety comes first and to strike a balance this often feels like a double sided sword. Well, worry no more because there are a few tips that you can implement which will make snow and ice removal an easy no-brainer task. Additionally, visit the Calgary shopping centers for more insights on snow and ice management.

Remove snow quickly and frequently

This is one of the most effective ways to manage snow and ice. Don’t wait for it to pile up to dangerous levels. Always have it removed quickly and as often as you possibly can. Another thing is that you should remove the bulk of snow before your employees report to work. Let the process continue all day long if the snow and ice has not ceased to accumulate.

snow removal shopping centres calgaryBuy good quality machines

Make it a point to purchase solid machines. You wouldn’t want to get frustrated in the middle of removing a heap of snow simply because the equipment you purchased let you down. There are a variety of tools that you can use to remove snow depending on the amount and extent of the snow cover. For instance, shovels, rakes and snow scoops are ideal for quickly getting rid of snow on driveways or yards.

On the other hand, if you have a large yard or driveway then the snowblower is the best option. It will be effective in situations where the snow has covered at least two inches from the ground. You can use the snowblower to clear snow and ice fast and over large areas.

Plow snow and ice after hours

When you want to effectively remove snow and ice from your property then the best time to do so is after hours. This is the time when most areas within the property are empty. At this time, there will be no cars at the parking lot hence it will be much easier to clear snow, ice, frozen run-off or slush. Talk to your contractor and notify them about the after-hour periods.

Observe the thawing periods

This is often a period of time that many people overlook when it comes to snow removal. Be on the lookout for thawing snow and ice. The best thing to do at this point is have all the melting snow or ice immediately cleared. Most of the time, thawing snow or ice refreezes at night when the temperatures drop. This can be hazardous in the morning and cause slips or fatal falls.

Take the necessary precautions

Snow removal is a critical task and has to be done the right way. One wrong move can turn out costly. Make sure you wear protective clothing and keep warm to avoid catching a disease. Also, have a designated place where you will pile the cleared snow. Some contractors usually have such services and will take care of this for you.

Snow Removal Calgary

5 Best Practices for Choosing a Snow and Ice Management Partner

With so many unpredictable climatic changes, you never know which time you will need snow and ice management services the most. Some regions including Calgary and her neighboring areas experience colder and longer winters which is the reason why you should always be prepared. You need to be very ready each and every time for peace of mind. Calgary commercial snow Removal Company will help you in removing snow and at the same time offer melting services.

For most people and Businesses, it’s very hard to get the best snow and ice management partner especially because of lack of information. For this reason, we have offered 5 best practices for choosing snow and ice management partner.

How much are you willing and able to pay?

The weather in Calgary and many other regions is unpredictable. This is actually what makes budgeting for snow and ice management service difficult. The reality is that the services, materials and the pricing will vary from time to time. Though, you can make up your mind whether you want to pay for services delivered only or if you want to set pricing depending on the weather.

Don’t wait


People make one big mistake when they are looking for snow and ice management partner or when they want to switch from one partner to the other. Thinking that there’s enough time to do that is the worst thing you can ever do. The best practice is to start early because you will have enough time to vet different providers, develop a transition plan in case you want to switch partners. You will also have enough time to work with your provider to get insights about the scope and the budget for all the services you need.

Your needs and those of the business

The other practice is to determine your needs and those of the business. The fact is the quality of services you will get from a service provider will be directly determined by how better he/she understands your needs.  Check to see whether the partner you are about to choose is an accurate reflection of the services you require.

Safety and risk management

The other thing to consider is the risk and safety management. The provider you are about to go for should have liability insurance coverage. You should as well determine whether they have a documented safety program. The partner should as well adhere to local and international licensing processes and regulations. The people that will be servicing your premises should as well be certified and possess the right knowledge and experience to offer the services.

Regular communication and Documentation

Before you settle with any snow and Ice management provider, you have to ask about their systems and how to effectively communicate with them. As a matter of fact, communication is what determines the level of reliability between the partner and your needs. The partner you are about to settle for should as well have a subscription to a private weather forecasting service. This will make sure they always have alerts about weather changes.