Sod Installation Calgary

Sod Delivery in Calgary

For any new construction location or when your front or back yard is looking a little sparse, you have two options. You can use grass seeds to try and get the grass started, or you can opt for sod delivery in Calgary. Which option is best for you? You have to weight both options and determine what is going to work best for your area.

sod installation calgary deliveryThings to Consider

When you are looking at whether you should have a sod delivery in Calgary or opt to plant seeds and hope for the best, here are a few considerations that are you going to want to make:

  1. Remember, when it comes to grass seed you have to do this during the planting season each year. If it is out of time, then you are going to find that it will not grow as it should, leaving you with patches of dirt.
  2. Sod allows you to have a green yard at any time, winter or summer.
  3. After 2 to 3 weeks of installation, sod can be walked on and enjoyed. You can have those back yard gatherings with everyone on the grass. Sod is already matured, so that it just takes a few weeks for this to take hold.
  4. Grass seeds can take one to three years to mature fully, and during this time, you will have thin areas or bare dirt.
  5. Sod gives you erosion control that is immediate once this has been laid down.
  6. Sod is not going to give you weeds…which is a huge benefit for those who are looking to have a yard that is picture perfect.
  7. When you use sod instead of seed, you can save yourself months and even years of maintenance.

With these things being said, you can see why so many people are option to use sod in their front or back yards rather than trying to grow grass naturally.

Sod is Just as Good as Grass

When you consider that sod is laid out on the dirt and comes in as mature grass, you will find that there are very few things that are going to interfere with you enjoying this once it has taken root. For example, yes, you can still have landscaping done on a yard that is full of sod. And yes, you can still plant things in the ground. Many people have the myth in their mind that you cannot, but you most definitely can. The only reason that so many people go with sod right now is that it gives them immediate results. They do not want to wait for years while the grass grows.

For those who are looking to put sod in their yard, they will find that sod delivery in Calgary is readily available with Project Landscape. We can have this delivered and even installed at your home or business so that you can get that luscious, green yard that you have always wanted. We can also provide you with landscaping needs to make sure this always looks great!