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How to Choose the Perfect Sod for Your Lawn

SOD or the turf is a better option as compared to the natural grass. The best part about grass sod Calgary is that you can get fully functional grass within a few weeks when you choose Sod or turf. On the other hand, preparing your lawn by using natural grass may take months for the right growth.

Some of the best options when it comes to choosing turf is:

  • Bermuda grass
  • Buffalograss
  • Kentucky grass
  • Augustine grass
  • Zoysia grass
  • Fescue grass

sod installation calgary In this article, we will try to know which type of grass turf will be best for your lawn and garden. It is important to know that the type of Sod grass that you choose should be according to the local climatic conditions. Some of the useful tips that can help you in making a choice include:

Check the climate

It is important to choose grass sod Calgary according to the climatic condition you have in your location. If the weather remains cold throughout the year, try to go for transitional grass choices like the Kentucky grasses. In fact, ryegrasses can also be a good choice.

Soil condition

Soil condition in your lawn can also describe the type of grass you need. Try to check the PH of the soil and choose the grass accordingly. Other than the centipede grass SOD, no other grass can withstand the acidic soil. Thus, make sure to choose grass that can withstand acidic soil or go for methods to get rid of the soil acidity.

Exposure to sunlight

Daily exposure to sunlight can have a high impact on the landscape. Thus, try to choose the grass sod accordingly. If the grass doesn’t receive lots of sunlight, the Bermuda turf may not last long. Thus, in these cases, try to look for Centipede grass in your lawn. Augustine grass sod, on the other hand, doesn’t need too much sunlight.

Foot traffic

Another important factor that you need to consider is the foot traffic on the lawn. Try to get a grass sod that may not be negatively impacted by the foot traffic. Zoysia and Bermuda grasses are perfect for families with heavy foot traffic. If you have pets at your home, you should be extra careful while choosing grass turf.

All these factors will help you in selecting the best grass sod. Let us know if these tips helped you in making a perfect choice.

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Where to Find Landscape Contractors in Calgary

Sometimes it is difficult to realize how important landscaping and overall lawn maintenance can be.

For a homeowner it is a pleasant place for children and pets to play and for adults to enjoy nature.  It is a wonderful place to entertain and for play dates.  It also is a source of pride and signifies your responsibilities as a homeowner.  It adds curb appeal and will be the envy of your neighbors.  Homeowners associations love us because it adds charm to the neighborhood and you avoid fines or warnings.  Even if you don’t have immediate plans to sell your property, it will improve the value by offering a well established lawn and garden.  Hardscaping will provide many finishing touches.

Commercial Landscape Contractors

Where to Find Landscape Contractors in CalgaryFor commercial operations, it tells a story about your company.  It indicates that you take pride in details and you care about the quality of your product or service.  You make customers feel welcome and safe.  It indicates that you take an interest in the environment.

When you work with a custom landscaping company you get to be involved from the beginning.  At the outset you can discuss the general feeling and ambiance you would like to create.  From there the design phase allows you to make decisions and project your personality.  We discuss your needs and how your landscape design will fit into the overall style of the building or home.  From curbing and borders to gardens and seating areas.  We take your vision and bring it to life.

To begin we will take a survey of the area to determine the drainage and sun exposure.  We will evaluate the existing plants and turf along with any seating areas or special areas like play areas for children or dog runs.  We will check out the turf and any weeds or unwanted patches and decide the best approach to creating a lovely lawn.  After that we can start the process of selecting plants and improving the grassy areas.

Sod Installation

In addition we offer sod installation and mulch delivery and placement.  We can fertilize the plants and treat the turf appropriately.  Our crew can take care of any shrubbery maintenance including regular pruning or shaping.  Trees can be scheduled for a spring pruning or we are able to help in the winter for limb or branch damage after a storm.


Hardscaping takes many forms.  We can install retaining walls that are both functional and provide the aesthetics for either your business or home environment.  We can construct small or large seating areas for your employees or home entertaining.  We can install and maintain water features that will enhance the appearance of your property.

For details about our services, please contact us at Project Landscape.  Complete the easy e-form available through this site or give us a call.  We will have one of our specialists contact you with more details and discuss the options available for your circumstances.  It would be our pleasure to make your home or business property the most outstanding in your area.

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Should I Get Grass or Sod?

Believe it or not, spring is not too far off.  If you left your lawn last year in less than stellar condition, you are probably thinking about revamping the turf.  So, for your Calgary home or business, you are perhaps thinking about sod installation or whether you should opt for grass seed.

Start at the beginning by looking at the condition of the soil and the existing grass.  The general rule is if your lawn has less tan 40% weeds, you have an area that is prime for rehab.  However, if half or more of it is weed infested or areas of dead or dying grass, it will be a better and more economical idea to kill off all the vegetation and start from scratch.

Should I Get Grass or Sod?

sod install calgaryIn either event, get a soil test.  That will give you a good perspective of soil acidity (pH), the amount of organic matter already in place (for ongoing nutrition), and any infestation of grubs or other diseases.  With that report in hand you can decide whether it is necessary to amend (improve) the soil or the turf.  A healthy lawn will be dense and lush with good grass and that in itself will repel any weeds.  Every spring it is also a good idea to apply a weed retardant using a spreader.  This will not kill any existing weeds, but will prevent any new ones from invasion.  Check with your local nursery about those that will last through the entire growing season.


With sod, you have someone to grow the grass.  Sod is sold in strips of mature grass and layer of soil.

The greatest benefit is instant gratification – Well, almost.  It is not especially ready for heavy traffic or pets but once laid, it looks like a finished lawn.  If installed properly and gentle, daily watering, the sod will take root in your landscape within about two or three weeks.  That means if you are dealing with erosion, you have an immediate solution.

On the other hand the worst part of sod is the expense.  You will be paying for the labor of growing and harvesting the turf, and it will take a professional to install it properly.

Grass Seed

With seed, you are the controller and will see all the stages from germination to thick, green carpet.

The primary advantage of seed is the lower initial cost.  It is also something the homeowner can do on his or her own without the need for a professional.

The downsides include a limited window for seeding, the need for twice daily, gentle watering and a long lead time before it is ready for normal traffic or pet uses.  That means it will take significantly greater patience and effort.

If you decide that sod is the answer, contact us at Project Landscape.  We have access to good quality turf and have the experts to install it properly.  We will give you instructions on how to maintain and encourage the growth.  We can also give you direction on the best mowing techniques and maintenance tips.

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Sod Delivery in Calgary

For any new construction location or when your front or back yard is looking a little sparse, you have two options. You can use grass seeds to try and get the grass started, or you can opt for sod delivery in Calgary. Which option is best for you? You have to weight both options and determine what is going to work best for your area.

sod installation calgary deliveryThings to Consider

When you are looking at whether you should have a sod delivery in Calgary or opt to plant seeds and hope for the best, here are a few considerations that are you going to want to make:

  1. Remember, when it comes to grass seed you have to do this during the planting season each year. If it is out of time, then you are going to find that it will not grow as it should, leaving you with patches of dirt.
  2. Sod allows you to have a green yard at any time, winter or summer.
  3. After 2 to 3 weeks of installation, sod can be walked on and enjoyed. You can have those back yard gatherings with everyone on the grass. Sod is already matured, so that it just takes a few weeks for this to take hold.
  4. Grass seeds can take one to three years to mature fully, and during this time, you will have thin areas or bare dirt.
  5. Sod gives you erosion control that is immediate once this has been laid down.
  6. Sod is not going to give you weeds…which is a huge benefit for those who are looking to have a yard that is picture perfect.
  7. When you use sod instead of seed, you can save yourself months and even years of maintenance.

With these things being said, you can see why so many people are option to use sod in their front or back yards rather than trying to grow grass naturally.

Sod is Just as Good as Grass

When you consider that sod is laid out on the dirt and comes in as mature grass, you will find that there are very few things that are going to interfere with you enjoying this once it has taken root. For example, yes, you can still have landscaping done on a yard that is full of sod. And yes, you can still plant things in the ground. Many people have the myth in their mind that you cannot, but you most definitely can. The only reason that so many people go with sod right now is that it gives them immediate results. They do not want to wait for years while the grass grows.

For those who are looking to put sod in their yard, they will find that sod delivery in Calgary is readily available with Project Landscape. We can have this delivered and even installed at your home or business so that you can get that luscious, green yard that you have always wanted. We can also provide you with landscaping needs to make sure this always looks great!

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Ways to Spruce Up Your Backyard This Summer

A staycation is a great time to give a little TLC to the backyard where you will undoubtedly be spending a large portion of your time this summer.

deck builders Calgary7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Backyard

  • Container plants will give a lot of interest to the area, especially if there are large hard surfaces.  Start with a matching pair of containers.  You can plant flowers or have a mini vegetable patch.  Shop the thrift stores and find other containers.  They don’t all have to match.  In fact some coordinating colors will tie the areas together with no problem.
  • If the concrete patio or walkways are looking a little sad, get some concrete paint and freshen them up.  Something a bit easier is to use a power washer.  For a more polished look, purchase some teak interlocking tiles.  Another choice would be a roll-out cedar pathway.  No tools required.  In fact, you can take them with you when you move.  One more idea is to buy an indoor/outdoor rug.  They are easy to clean and make the outdoors feel more homey.
  • Create an area that uses little or no water.  This is called xeriscaping.  It requires little maintenance and can add interest to a little used area.  Create a theme with succulents, stones and a bench and you are done.
  • Storage is always a concern.  There are easy, build-it-yourself bench that doubles as storage.  It can be as simple as a plywood box that is dressed up with wood slats and fancy hardware.  Add a shed to hold trash or recycle bins, lawn mowers, bikes or other items.
  • Once you have a shed, decorate the outside.  Paint a mural or try a vertical garden by hanging pots or planters.  This idea works just as well on a fence.
  • Fire pits are fun.  In fact, you can make a mobile one.  With a fireproof cube for the exterior, you insert a propane tank and then has a top like a typical gas grill.  Because it moves, you can stash it out of the way until you are ready.
  • Luminaries are always a nice addition to a walkway or to put around the porch for an evening sitting on the porch.  Try something whimsical for a change.

If some of these things appeal to you, but you are not handy with tools or just don’t have enough time to complete, contact Project Landscape from Calgary today.  They are not only able to construct your dream, but can make suggestions for other improvements.

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Rustic Landscaping Tips

Rustic landscaping is designed not to follow the rules and instead take on a naturalistic look. This means allowing moss to grow on the pathways, using materials such as wood and stones, and adding carefully thought out water features. Basically, rustic landscaping derives its inspiration from nature and hence creates more of a country feel.  Some people would even prefer to pick a location near a lake or mountain just to emphasize the serenity and privacy that this kind of landscape has to offer.

As much as a rustic design is mostly surrounded by raw nature, you still have to pay attention to detail. For instance, the rocks should be appropriately positioned, water features, if any, should be carefully positioned and pathways created to reflect the nature around us. In all honesty, it’s nothing complicated but professional will do you more good than harm. If you have been yearning for a cozy rustic design for your home, get the best of the best from Calgary landscaping.  Remember to follow your heart and let the designs you choose to replicate your personality. Here are a few more ideas to get you started on the rustic landscape of yours dreams;

deck builders CalgaryRustic pergola

Pergolas are an awesome addition to any backyard and certainly transform any plain landscape into an amazing outdoor living space.  One of the supreme reasons why you should consider a pergola for your backyard is it serves as a supporting structure for climbing plants.  This can be a perfect way of enhancing that natural characteristic.

With a pergola, you have a variety of options at hand. For instance, you can decide to have it free standing or attached to the house.  Most of the time, pergolas are used to add an aesthetic appeal to a backyard or garden.  The focus is not so much on providing shade and shelter especially if it’s a rustic pergola.

A wood pergola is considered most suitable in rustic landscaping.  Keep in mind a rustic setting is supposed to imitate nature and nothing does that better than wood. With that said, there are different types of wood. Cedar wood has gained so much popularity and many people are now using it for their pergolas. Not only is it gorgeous but also naturally insect resistant.  Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the wood getting destroyed or eaten away by insects. Also, cedar pergolas have a longer service life.

Rustic fencing

Fencing is necessary for any backyard or garden.  With that in mind, you will require a rustic fence that will outline the perimeter of the backyard or home garden. When deciding on a fence, it shouldn’t just be for privacy or to keep the critters out of your way. A rustic fence is supposed to be designed in such a way that it will bring about a serene environment and at the same time maintain an aesthetic appeal. Also, you can decide to go for a simple and minimalistic style depending on what you have in mind.

In this case, the most suitable material for fencing would be wood. Any kind of wood does the job but if you want a gorgeous fence that you will be gazing at for years, go for cedar fencing. One person might ask, what is so special about cedar fencing? The answer is pretty straightforward; it ages like fine wine.

The water features

water features calgaryOne of the best things about rustic landscaping is it allows you be creative with everything that you do. The water features are among the things that will portray the creative side of you. Whether it’s just a small pond or a waterfall, there are numerous ideas at your display. If your aim is to have a calming environment, a slow flowing waterfall is ideal. Use natural rocks to create the waterfall and even around it.

There is the option of going for a pondless waterfall. The choice of having a pond or not depends entirely on what you want and also the budget. Other than a pond, you can form a small stream that runs through the garden or backyard. This is all what a country setting is about. Make the most out of it.

If the waterfall has a pond area, use gravel, river rock and pebbles inside it. This way, when the water runs over the small stones in the pond, it produces a soothing sound. A lot of work and detail goes into the making of an outstanding waterfall. For instance, the rocks you choose have to be suitable for the landscape and the kind of rustic setting you want. If you are facing trouble with this, get professional help from Calgary landscaping experts.

 Paving stones

The paths and walkways are the signature areas on any rustic landscape. Also, this is where you get to play around with different shapes and colors to come up with something unique and outstanding. For instance, people with a hilly yard may opt for a stone stairway.  The sides of the stairway should be laced with various plants to create contrast.

There are basically many types of pavers. Limestone is perfect for those people who are thinking of a stone walkway. It’s not only long lasting but also can be cut into juts any shape or size to meet your needs. It serves well for a garden path. Other natural stones appropriate for paving include cobblestone, bluestone and flagstone.

Another thing is that stone walkways or paths can be done is such a way that they embrace imperfection.  This means that you can use stones of different shapes, sizes, textures and colors. However, such an idea involves immense care and thought to come up with a worthwhile design.  Consider a meandering garden walkway or path. When you are taking a walk in the garden or backyard, it’s refreshing to simply slow down and take in the beauty and tranquility that the surroundings have to offer.  This is basically the purpose of having a winding pathway.

Fence Installation Calgary

Privacy Fence Options

The major reasons homeowners consider fence installation are for security and privacy.  A fence installed by a professional fence building company will offer not only peace of mind but will allow creativity and design to still showcase their landscape.

There are many options available, but today we will explore materials in types of fencing options.


Traditional and still one of the most popular types is a wood fence.  It offers a warm and yet welcoming look to privacy.  The cost will depend on the type of lumber you choose as well as the height and overall size.  This will also take some labor to install, so you will need to add that to the price tag.cedar fence installation calgaryChain Link

Not a lot of privacy, but chain link fences certainly send a message.  They are very inexpensive and low maintenance.  If the homeowner landscapes with some appropriate shrubbery, vines, and other flowers, the aesthetics are greatly improved, along with adding a bit of privacy from the neighbours.


This is one of the easiest fencing material options.  Manufacturers state that it is stronger and more flexible than wood.  This is a huge advantage during storms with high winds.  Maintenance is usually some soap and a good hosing off.  It resists paint, so the color you choose is the color you live with.  However, if the area is prone to graffiti, that clean up is significantly easier.  The price is the trade off.


This is another basic alternative.  There are a number of drawbacks, including the fact that it is not very strong and offers little in the way of security.  It is fairly easy to maintain and can be made to resemble other types of fencing.


If you are looking for the most inexpensive method to fence in your yard, this is it.  Instead of wooden stakes and pickets, the posts are PVC sleeves that go on top of the wooden posts.  They are attached either with adhesive to the cross bars or fastened with screws.  There are lots of color choices and heights and it will stand the test of time from the elements.  Because there is less wood, the price is very affordable.

Wrought Iron

Classy and stylish, wrought iron has been used for fencing for centuries.  However, there are a number of negatives.  They will take maintenance through sanding and repainting every few years.  They are not especially secure and they are one of the most expensive because they must be custom made.  But they are elegant!

These are some of the options you will have available when you talk with a representative of your fence building company in Calgary.  If you have questions, our service desk is very helpful.

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Modern Landscaping Tips

Modern landscapes are often characterized by clean straight lines, streamlined walkways and an uncluttered appearance. It’s a landscape where symmetry and geometry are the key elements. There are basically no curves and even the plants if any are placed in a neat row. It’s actually also considered as a formal type of landscaping in Calgary.

A modern landscaping play by the more is less rule. It’s understandable that people barely have time to maintain a demanding yard or garden. This is taken into account. The most important part is usually the materials used.  The design focuses more on the aesthetic appeal of the home rather than having plants or flowers. Plants will still be present but they are kept to a minimum. The main concern is with crafting sleek patios, concrete paths, carefully placed water features and steps.


pergola-decks-fences-composite-calgary-landscaping-experts-5c4b24b4a8706A pergola fits into almost any type of a landscape and can be an invaluable addition to contemporary landscaping. Modern pergolas are stunning to look at considering all the work that goes into it. Both metal and wooden accents are used but the most common is wood.

Many people opt for a pergola as a shade structure that enhances the outdoor living experience. It can be attached to the house or constructed separately. In most cases, the modern pergolas are minimalistic with more attention given to creating straight lines and right angles. Some are constructed with roof louvers that you can open and close as needed. This way it provides shade when the sun is hot or during drizzles.

Pergolas are not just meant to be shade structures. They can also be entertainment areas.  For instance, it can frame an outdoor hot tub or a barbeque area. Opt for materials that are highly durable.

Modern paving stones

paving stones calgaryThe modern pavers are mostly made of concrete, angular tiles or cut bluestone. These are materials which will easily create symmetrical and right angled shapes. Remember, geometry is key in this landscaping and there is no room for error.

Brick is rarely seen because it does not fit well in the modern concept. This is probably due to the color variations and its organic appearance. The walkways are bold and can even create some sort of a focal point. You can opt to fill part of the yard with concrete so as there is less work done in terms of maintenance.

The appropriate plants

The main concern of modern landscaping is low maintenance and uniformity with the design. Mulch is largely used to prevent weed growth and conserve water.  If you need some plants on the landscape, choose the ones that don’t require regular pruning. Also, you wouldn’t want a tree that will drop thousands of leaves on the walkway or outdoor space.

Container plantings are very common. They are more suitable for a symmetric space and can easily be moved around. All plants are positioned in straightforward geometric schemes rather than rounded lines. On the other hand, the lawn is designed to frame gravel flower or plant beds and walkways. The colors are simple but a bit of texture is welcome.

Do not mix so many plants. Two types are enough for a modern landscape setting. Notable examples of plants include bamboo, mountain laurel, boxwood, Japanese maples and ferns.

Water features

While a water feature can be incorporate in any landscape, it takes a focal point in contemporary landscaping. If there is a busy street nearby, adding water feature will work to buffer the noises from outside the home.  Ponds and pools are made in rectangular or square shapes. Anything curved spoils the authenticity of a modern landscape. A fountain or a waterfall can act as a focal point. Keep in mind, there are so many ideas for awe inspiring water features for the modern landscaping.


fence installation calgary Every home requires a fence for the sake of privacy and to keep the critter out of your property. For a very long time, people used wood and at times metal for fencing. However, with the growing technology, there are better materials which also come with many benefits.

Have you heard of vinyl? It’s the main competitor of wood and has earned a soft spot in the hearts of many. Majority of people want something that is durable.  Wood has its popularity but vinyl fencing beats it pants down in terms of long service life.

Another significant benefit of vinyl fencing is that it needs almost no maintenance. Wood has to be treated and stained to keep it in perfect condition. On the other hand, vinyl is strong enough to withstand the harsh weather, insects and decay. The essence of modern landscaping is going for the alternatives that cut down on maintenance. This is exactly what vinyl fencing is all about.

Landscape lighting

pool lighting calgaryIt’s good to enjoy the outdoor living spaces both day and night. That’s why landscape lighting is essential. It gives you room for entertainment and to do some activities outside in the evening or nighttime. Additionally, a properly lit landscape creates both ambience and beauty.

Contemporary landscape lighting features straight lines and immense attention to detail. For instance, if you have floating steps running through the garden, you can place lighting underneath. Furthermore, there should be lighting placed strategically on the water features to illuminate them. This way, they can be seen at night too.

Use lighting on the planters too. In some cases, this not only makes the surrounding beautiful but also illuminates the walkways that have planters lining them. Also, installing lights on the steps is a good idea since you watch your steps and avoid accidental falls. If you have a swimming pool, consider lining the sides with some lights especially when it’s close to an entertainment area.

Basically, lighting ideas for a modern landscape are endless.  You can get creative and even add a dramatic touch where needed. With that said, choose LED lighting since its energy efficient and tends to last longer.

Creating a perfect modern landscape is not a mean feat. There is so much detail involved and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the information and ideas at your disposal. Luckily, Calgary landscaping is here for you providing the best landscaping services around.

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Traditional Landscaping

Unlike modern landscapes, traditional landscapes are timeless. Mostly, a traditional landscape is designed in such a way that it enhances the modern experience. It takes on a more natural approach. This means that you will find more trees and plants than you would in a modern landscape. Furthermore, this kind of landscape makes use of what’s already present in the surroundings to make an even better piece. In this case, when there is a tree somewhere in the garden, it becomes part of the design.

It’s easy to think that a traditional landscape is random. Well, this is not true because there is so much attention to detail involved. As much as the design incorporates the existing elements, the look is not just diverse but also carefully thought out. It’s allowed to have colored plants, but they should be placed in a strategic manner and contain borders. From all this, you can deduce that the traditional designs tend to be a bit informal. But again, the less is more adage still applies here.

Calgary landscaping will help you design and implement a classic traditional landscape that is second to none. The landscape Calgary team consists of a team of experts with immense experience in designing and creating traditional landscapes. With the services, you can cool your feet and expect a job perfectly done. Here are some notable traditional landscaping ideas and tips;

landscape lighting calgary Landscape Lighting

Nowadays, people spend more time in the outdoor living spaces. We live in a busy world where everyone is running up and down trying to make a living. With such a lifestyle, the best way to unwind and escape the monotonous indoors is having quality time in the outdoor living spaces.

There is nothing as relaxing as gazing at the stars in the evening while sipping a glass of wine or even coffee. This calls for planning and identifying the best lighting ideas that will work wonders on your traditional landscape. Remember landscape lighting should provide both ambience and security to the home. So, choose your designs wisely.

There are lots of traditional landscape lighting options. You can opt for lanterns, lamps and ground lighting to provide the kind of illumination you need. Furthermore, if you often entertain guests in the outdoor living spaces, you have to pick the right lighting. Mostly, your friends and other guests won’t really like bright lighting when having a drink or barbeque out. Therefore, choose subtle lights and those that are not shining directly on the entertainment area.

irrigation landscape calgarySmart Irrigation

Landscape irrigation can use up gallons of water if conservation measures are not taken into account.  I don’t doubt irrigation is essential in maintaining a lush green lawn or vibrant plants in the garden or around the house. However, about 50% of the water used in the traditional irrigation systems is wasted. The end result is usually higher monthly water bills. Well, this is definitely not good for your finances and only makes the landscape more expensive to maintain. For this reason, investing in a smart irrigation system may be the wisest decision of your life.

The smart irrigation system is automatic and flexible. The traditional sprinkle operates on a pre-programmed schedule and a timer. What happens is a landscape is divided into different zones each with its own set amount of watering to occur at a particular time. Determining the exact amount of water required for each zone is done using trial and error methods. Therefore, it’s easy for costly mistakes such as overwatering to occur.

On the other hand, the smart irrigation technology monitors weather conditions, and the moisture content in the soil to schedule watering times and adjust the amount of water released in the sprinklers. For instance, through sensor on site, a smart system recognizes when there is rain and hence stops the watering.

Retaining Walls

Most people will think of a retaining wall as mere structure used to hold back soil and hence prevent soil erosion. The truth is landscapes are not all the same. Some are hilly with varying ground levels. In this case, a retailing wall is built to level the ground and ensure the soil stays in place. Aside from that, retaining walls can be designed using a variety of materials to evoke a certain style. Currently, people construct them to add beauty to the outdoor living spaces and make the landscape more appealing. This way, you definitely kill two birds with one stone.

In traditional landscaping, the retaining walls are useful in creating spaces that serve as flower beds or even gardens.  You also have the chance to get creative with the designs. For instance, there is no rule of thumb that says the walls have to be super straight. Therefore, you can set up a curve where applicable to add a bit of texture to the landscape

project-landscaping-water-features-calgary-Water Features

Water features tend to create some kind of tranquility in the home environment. The best way to improve your outdoor living experience is considering a water feature. It can be a water fountain, pond or waterfall. If you have a large backyard, there is nothing wrong with including a stream with some stepping stones or small bridge.

Go big and add a water features such as a pool that you can jump into on a hot day. This is perfect for a fun day with friends or family.

Composite Decking

Composite is quite a popular decking material and people all over the world are using it. This is for a good reason considering the myriad of benefits this material has to offer. For starters, maintaining a deck can be extremely expensive and daunting at the same time.  The main advantage of a composite deck is it requires minimal maintenance. Its resistant to rot and insects and hence has a longer service life. Composite decking comes in a variety of colors. This means that you can choose a color that suits your home décor.

There are many more ideas for traditional landscapes. Whenever you find yourself stuck, get the help you need from Calgary landscaping professionals.

Landscape Experts

Xeriscape Landscaping

Xeriscape landscaping is all about water conservation. Look around you, and it won’t take long before you realize over 50% of the water used in homes goes to the lawns and gardens.  Xeriscape landscaping is mainly meant for people living in areas that experience a long period of drought throughout the year. It’s also applicable in the regions where water conservation is highly encouraged among the residents.

With that said, you can opt for a Xeriscape landscape if you have a busy lifestyle with little time to do things such as mowing and watering the lawn. After all, this is usually referred to as no maintenance landscaping.

There are lots of ideas that can be used to come up with a low-water landscape. The focus should not just be on using fewer resources but also creating a beautiful landscape. Keep in mind; you can still have a gorgeous green garden without necessarily using tons of water. Furthermore, a Xeriscape landscape is not characterized by just cacti and lots of rocky surfaces.  There are Calgary landscaping professionals that will get things perfectly done. At Calgary, the team of experts takes time to plan a suitable design, discern ways to improve the soil, and select the best plants for your landscape.

In this brief, I will talk about the features and principles of Xeriscape landscaping. This way, you have a clear picture of what it’s about and how it can help in water conservation.

Plant Selection is Vital

xeriscape-landscaping-calgary-5f0dd45d4b34cNobody said a Xeriscape landscape should not have any great plants apart from cacti. As a matter of fact, with a wide selection of plants, you can create an attractive garden or lawn that is no different from the typical watered one. The truth is plants are quite an important part of a landscape and only prudent to go for the best.

The number one choice for a Xeriscape landscape is native plants that are already well adapted to the surroundings. Also, the plants should be drought tolerant to immensely reduce water usage. With that in mind, drought tolerant plants still require considerable amounts of water during the first stages of growth. These are plants that rely on a deep root system for survival. They require enough water to develop deep roots which will afterwards take in moisture further within the soil. Additionally, it’s prudent to water them at least once in a week during the hot weather.

Notable examples of drought resistant plants include artichoke, lavender, fountain grass, red maple, barberry and blue oat grass among many others.

Opt for Smart Irrigation

The main aim of Xeriscape landscaping is to greatly reduce the amount of water used by as much as over 60%. This goes beyond simply selecting a variety of drought tolerant plants. Xeric vegetation still requires a bit of watering to keep all the plants healthy, vibrant and strong. This is usually done in the first weeks of growth and even after they reach maturity to prevent wilting during extreme hot weather.

Look into effective irrigation methods that are not only stress free but will aid in conserving water. Consider having a drip irrigation system on your Xeriscape landscape. This kind of irrigation system gradually provides water to the plants depending on the intake.

Another thing I must mention is smart irrigation. This is basically an automated irrigation system. You don’t have to estimate the irrigation needs of your particular landscape with this technology.  The smart irrigation technology has sensors engineered to monitor the current weather conditions and the soil moisture to determine the water requirements of the landscape. This is especially helpful to people interested in Xeriscape garden or a sizeable lawn.

Put Up a Water Feature

Xeriscape means dry but we live in the 21st century where everything is possible. The truth is in this case, the landscaping is supposed to be low water but who said anything about waterless. Bend the rules and go ahead to install a water feature. The landscape will definitely stand out.

With that said, putting up a water feature especially on seemingly dry land is quite a challenge.  For instance, do you have a reliable water source for the fountain or pond? What kind of water feature is suitable? Do you want a pool, bird bath, fountain or waterfall?

Additionally, think of a way to reserve water since it will be evaporating. A water feature with an underground reservoir is a good choice. Remember, any water feature on a Xeriscape landscape will add appeal and bring about ambience.

Create Practical Turf Areas

People often prefer to reduce the lawn rather than completely eliminate it. The first thing to do is research on the various types of grasses in the region. You will definitely come across some which need less water and suit your kind of landscape better. There is also the option of using artificial turf which is basically low maintenance and requires no water.

One of the perfect ideas you might want to consider is replacing the lawn with a cedar deck. At the moment, I believe decks are a vital part of any home. They work well in enhancing the outdoor living experience. Additionally, cedar decks are long lasting, resistant to insects and rot and are low maintenance. For sure, it’s a classic addition to a Xeriscape landscape.


Mulch is a layer of organic matter at the base of plant. On a hot day, there is very little you can do to prevent the soil moisture from evaporating. However, mulching makes this possible. It’s one of the key techniques that greatly aid in conserving water.

Place mulch at the base of the plants to conserve water in the soil. This ultimately means very little watering. Besides, drought tolerant plants require moisture in the soil so that they can spread their roots further and deeper into the soil.

Sit Back and Plan

Xeriscaping calls for efficient planning regardless of the size of the area. You have to identify how much hardscape should be allowed as well as the area that will be used for plants. Do you need many plants or just a few?  What about the entertained areas and how much spaces will that take up? This is among the many questions you have to answer before getting started.

Take out a paper and a pen so as you put down everything you have in mind. Additionally, you don’t have to do this alone when there are professional ready to help at the go. Calgary landscaping experts will deliver the Xeriscape landscape of your dreams.