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Traditional Landscaping

Unlike modern landscapes, traditional landscapes are timeless. Mostly, a traditional landscape is designed in such a way that it enhances the modern experience. It takes on a more natural approach. This means that you will find more trees and plants than you would in a modern landscape. Furthermore, this kind of landscape makes use of what’s already present in the surroundings to make an even better piece. In this case, when there is a tree somewhere in the garden, it becomes part of the design.

It’s easy to think that a traditional landscape is random. Well, this is not true because there is so much attention to detail involved. As much as the design incorporates the existing elements, the look is not just diverse but also carefully thought out. It’s allowed to have colored plants, but they should be placed in a strategic manner and contain borders. From all this, you can deduce that the traditional designs tend to be a bit informal. But again, the less is more adage still applies here.

Calgary landscaping will help you design and implement a classic traditional landscape that is second to none. The landscape Calgary team consists of a team of experts with immense experience in designing and creating traditional landscapes. With the services, you can cool your feet and expect a job perfectly done. Here are some notable traditional landscaping ideas and tips;

landscape lighting calgary Landscape Lighting

Nowadays, people spend more time in the outdoor living spaces. We live in a busy world where everyone is running up and down trying to make a living. With such a lifestyle, the best way to unwind and escape the monotonous indoors is having quality time in the outdoor living spaces.

There is nothing as relaxing as gazing at the stars in the evening while sipping a glass of wine or even coffee. This calls for planning and identifying the best lighting ideas that will work wonders on your traditional landscape. Remember landscape lighting should provide both ambience and security to the home. So, choose your designs wisely.

There are lots of traditional landscape lighting options. You can opt for lanterns, lamps and ground lighting to provide the kind of illumination you need. Furthermore, if you often entertain guests in the outdoor living spaces, you have to pick the right lighting. Mostly, your friends and other guests won’t really like bright lighting when having a drink or barbeque out. Therefore, choose subtle lights and those that are not shining directly on the entertainment area.

irrigation landscape calgarySmart Irrigation

Landscape irrigation can use up gallons of water if conservation measures are not taken into account.  I don’t doubt irrigation is essential in maintaining a lush green lawn or vibrant plants in the garden or around the house. However, about 50% of the water used in the traditional irrigation systems is wasted. The end result is usually higher monthly water bills. Well, this is definitely not good for your finances and only makes the landscape more expensive to maintain. For this reason, investing in a smart irrigation system may be the wisest decision of your life.

The smart irrigation system is automatic and flexible. The traditional sprinkle operates on a pre-programmed schedule and a timer. What happens is a landscape is divided into different zones each with its own set amount of watering to occur at a particular time. Determining the exact amount of water required for each zone is done using trial and error methods. Therefore, it’s easy for costly mistakes such as overwatering to occur.

On the other hand, the smart irrigation technology monitors weather conditions, and the moisture content in the soil to schedule watering times and adjust the amount of water released in the sprinklers. For instance, through sensor on site, a smart system recognizes when there is rain and hence stops the watering.

Retaining Walls

Most people will think of a retaining wall as mere structure used to hold back soil and hence prevent soil erosion. The truth is landscapes are not all the same. Some are hilly with varying ground levels. In this case, a retailing wall is built to level the ground and ensure the soil stays in place. Aside from that, retaining walls can be designed using a variety of materials to evoke a certain style. Currently, people construct them to add beauty to the outdoor living spaces and make the landscape more appealing. This way, you definitely kill two birds with one stone.

In traditional landscaping, the retaining walls are useful in creating spaces that serve as flower beds or even gardens.  You also have the chance to get creative with the designs. For instance, there is no rule of thumb that says the walls have to be super straight. Therefore, you can set up a curve where applicable to add a bit of texture to the landscape

project-landscaping-water-features-calgary-Water Features

Water features tend to create some kind of tranquility in the home environment. The best way to improve your outdoor living experience is considering a water feature. It can be a water fountain, pond or waterfall. If you have a large backyard, there is nothing wrong with including a stream with some stepping stones or small bridge.

Go big and add a water features such as a pool that you can jump into on a hot day. This is perfect for a fun day with friends or family.

Composite Decking

Composite is quite a popular decking material and people all over the world are using it. This is for a good reason considering the myriad of benefits this material has to offer. For starters, maintaining a deck can be extremely expensive and daunting at the same time.  The main advantage of a composite deck is it requires minimal maintenance. Its resistant to rot and insects and hence has a longer service life. Composite decking comes in a variety of colors. This means that you can choose a color that suits your home décor.

There are many more ideas for traditional landscapes. Whenever you find yourself stuck, get the help you need from Calgary landscaping professionals.