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Types of Water Features to Install in Your Landscape

Landscapes have a number of different installations including plants, trees, shrubs and masonry features. But nothing can compare to the charm and tranquility that a well-designed water feature adds to the outdoor spaces of your property. There are various types of water features you can choose from, for your Landscaping in Calgary:

  • Ponds– You can choose from different pond type such as reflecting pools, water gardens, ornamental pools and fish ponds. These can be custom-designed to your requirements and can be of any shape, size or depth.
  • Reflecting Pools– These types of pools are generally designed to be decorative, usually with gardens as the central feature. They are typically formal and geometric in shape with walking platforms all around. When Landscaping in Calgary features in the surrounding reflect in the glassy surface of the water, it adds to the allure of the installation.
  • Ornamental Pools– These pools are usually placed near a patio or deck. They are distinctive as they may have a decorative element like a bell fountain, cascading fountain or spouting statue incorporated into the design.
  • Water GardensFilled with aquatic plant life, water gardens are living water features that are full of vivid textures and bright colours. The plantings around the perimeter help create a fresh, natural setting.
  • Fish Ponds- Fish ponds are the most commonly used water feature, however, they require more maintenance than other installations. Aquatic plants, goldfish & Koi are widely used in these ponds and help add colour and beauty to the setting.
  • Waterfalls- These features have a way of adding motion, sound, and vitality to your landscape. Created from natural boulders or stone slabs, waterfalls bring in a vertical dimension to your Landscaping in Calgary.
  • Streams- If you have a spread out landscape with walkways, paths or maybe even pool decks, a stream is a great addition to balance these features out. In most instances, streams are an extension of a waterfall or a pond, creating a larger water feature to add to a unique look to your property.

These are some of the popular choices of water features in landscape settings. You can choose to get a customized feature installed on your landscape based on your requirements. For any more information about our expert landscaping in Calgary services, feel free to contact us at 403-407-5777 or drop us a line via this Online Form and we will get back to you shortly.