Landscaping Calgary

A Complete Spring Landscape Maintenance For Calgary and Surrounding Areas

One of the reasons why Calgary is such a beautiful city is its gorgeous terrain.   Walk around the city and you will notice that its grandiose look is attributed to the design of its greenery and properly maintained residential residence or commercial property. Spring is just in our door so it’s spring cleaning time. As plant-lovers, make a checklist for spring landscaping maintenance for the city and surrounding area.

Spring Landscape Maintenance Checklist

Clean Up by removing leaves & winter debris

Your green grasses will turn to brown when covered by fallen leaves and lawn debris as they strangled the plants, and welcome the entrance of lawn fungus, mold spores, and plant diseases. During fall, leaves from your own trees, as well as your neighbors’ trees, fall on your grounds or are blown onto your driveway covering your flower beds and destroying the look of your yard.  It will take days of raking and disposing of these leaves since your areas have areas many trees.

It is admitted that dead leaves are good fertilizers for soil as they provide a natural source of carbon for the earth. For this reason, some people choose to leave the leaves where they fall. Don’t leave dead leaves on your grass, because when fall on your lawn, theses leaves cover the green grasses and cut out rays of the sunshine so they start turning brown. Rake the leaves removed it but do not burn and allow them to sit in your garden.


Weeding is the process to remove out the weeds. Weeds are unwanted plants grow alongside useful crops. Weeding I is a requisite as they compete are competitive plants as they reduce the useful crop yield by acquiring space, fertilizers and nutrients from the soil. Fallen leaves and lawn debris will brown your lawn, choke out your plants, and advance the growth of mold spores, lawn fungus, and plant disease. One of the best ways to control weeds is by using an organic fertilizer. They stop weeds all the way down to the root, without drawing seeds to the surface. It’s important to rid your garden of weeds because they rob your soil and your plants of important nutrients and water.

Edging Beds

Edging helps define the gardening space by marking it off from the rest of the yard. The border pieces create either straight or curved borders to establish the gardening area. Create a clear edge between your lawn and planting area; to include your driveway, lawn, sidewalk, or another landscape. With clear edge, beds and borders seem to sparkle. The edges of flower beds look unfinished as they are often deteriorated by the harsh rain and snow during winter months. As part of lawncare, define the edging of your beds in order to to keep a defined space and their intended shape. Edging isn’t required for a planting area, but installing a border offers functional and aesthetic benefits for your landscaping.


Mulch can be any material used to lay or spread over the soil like a soil’s covering. The primary use of mulch is to retain moisture in the soil as well as, suppress weeds. Bed garden will look more attractive as it keeps soil looking cool. As they decompose, organic mulches improve the soil’s fertility. As a garden technique, mulching is beneficial for plants when it is done properly. The soil is covered with mulches from bark of the tree, chips of wood, fallen leaves, and other organic material. Its sole purpose is to preserve moisture and improve soil condition.

Your landscape benefits much from mulching saving you much of time. It is eco-friendly and time saver in maintaining an awesome look and feel. It is also eco-friendly for it recycles garden waste into mulch. Mulching care for your plants and ensure that they are healthier. Lay new pine, mulch or pine straw into the beds and especially all around the roots of the trees to stop weed growth, keep moisture in, and improve your landscape’s appearance. Morton Arboretum in Chicago conducted a study that showed that applying organic mulch increases the organic matter in the soil.

Seasonal Color

Redesigning your home or commercial property with the right seasonal colors bring in all the fun. Here are some palette samples for this season.

  1. For burgundy tones choose from plants like Purple Pixie Loropetalum, Sedum Spectabile, Venus Purple Garden Mums, Colossus Red Blotch Pansies, Giant Red Mustard and Redbor Kale.
  2. For peach tones try Georgia Peach Coral Bells, Ursa Pink Garden Mums, or Salmon Petunias.

Seasonal color is best with white flowers, such as Alyssum, Dusty Miller, Grandeur White Garden Mums, Nagoya White Kale, Delta White Pansies, and White Violas.

These ranges of colors from the bright green hue of the stem to the deep purple body of the eggplant acknowledge the color of aubergine. Add the hues of purples: Lavender Petunias, Midnight Petunias, Purple Fountain Grass, Ornamental Ember Peppers, Delta Lavender Shades Pansies, Delta Violet Pansies, Penny Blue Violas, Penny Violet Violas, and Nagoya Red Kale.

Love this whole metallic accents trend going on right now and this eggplant-inspired color palette works really well with warm metallics like gold, copper and bronze. This color palette also makes the perfect excuse to host a wine and cheese tasting garden party!

Calgary and neighboring area are up and ready to begin its Spring Maintenance as the checklist is complete. Go head, clean-up, weed, edge and mulch. Plus don’t forget the important task of selecting seasonal color. Wonder what it will be this year?  Still, early spring cleanup tasks always takes place at the time of the year. Remember that lawncare is a never ending task. Go ahead start removing burlap from trees and shrubs as the weather gets warmer. Look for those branches that die with winter. Prune them to encourage new growth. Cut back perennials that looked withered and pull out old dried branches if they cannot be revived. Then look around and be aware that it is March. Hail to March that makes you aware to take a good look at your garden to see it is better to thin out crowded beds and transplant new plants to fill in bare spots. This is a sound advice for any resident to retain its beautiful landscapeGet a free quote now!