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4 Benefits to Over Seeding Your Lawn

Another way to maintain the magnificent lawn of your Calgary home is over seeding. This method is planting directly grass seeds over the existing turf, without tearing up the grass or the soil. Bare spots are easily filled, the density is improved by the turf, kinds of grasses and the color of the lawn.

When is the ideal time to over seed?

Winter weather, scavengers and general wear and tear turn your wonderfully lush green grasses to brown and bare patches. The simple remedy of reseeding helps prevent future problems. Late summer or early fall are the right time to over seed as atmospheric temperatures and soil are most favorable for optimal degree of seed germination and growth. The new seedling will be established before the setting of winter providing adequate moisture, the proper fertilizer and enough sunlight. Better environment simulates seeds to grow and develop. Initially, you need the right temperatures, good seeds, and a simple watering solution as a circular sprinkler. The ideal reseeding time for lawn located in cooler climates up north is spring or fall. Lawns in southern warmer regions must start reseeding from late spring to summer.


4 benefits to over seeding your lawn

  1. Erosion reduction

The grasses with root systems that are fibrous are compact and are firmly bounded together.  Densely planted and reseeded lawn guarantee that soil and water are absorbed by the right root zone, reduction runs-off and loss of soil. As a rule, it improves the overall health of your lawn because it has firm grip on the nutrients and moisture that it needed to survive.

  1. Uplift appearance

To improve the looks of your lawn, plant fresh batch of seeds to fill all the patches that are browned brown and bald areas that are destroyed by pets and pest. Rake the spot, plant the seeds, and be sure to keep soils evenly watered until seeds start germinating. Use sprinkler to move around allowing target watering. A dense lawn looks great and inviting. It is pleasing not only to the eye but it feels fabulous underfoot.

  1. Risk of pests & disease reduction

Over seeding is one best solution for preventing and combating pests and disease. If your lawn had been devastated by particular pests, don’t apply chemicals, instead plant seed varieties that grow well in your climate.  The right seeds do not require much amount of water and are highly resistant to diseases. A combination of grass seeds and lawn daisies are another wonderful mix as they attract and support beneficial insects and pollinators.

  1. Increase Thickness

If a thick carpet of lawn is what you’re after, over seeding can do this too. Serving seeds at the proper time and the right water amount water will alter a thinning & sickly lawn into a healthy and verdant stretch of green. Blades of grass will fuse into a solid surface becoming sturdier durable. It will develop the capacity to withstand heavy foot traffic and alleviating natural weathering and environmental stress.

Reseeding your lawn is the best option to facelift your place without including the building. Your Calgary home has more appeal with its healthy-looking and verdant lawn. If you plan to sell you would rather stay rooted right where you are.

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