4 Deck Privacy Screens You’ll Love

Project Landscape – Enhancing Outdoor Privacy in Calgary

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Oasis Privacy Screens
    • Description and Features
    • Installation and Versatility
  3. Glass Wind Walls
    • Aluminum Posts and Color Options
    • Glass Panel Varieties: Clear, Velour, Tinted, and Rain Style
  4. Batu Wood Privacy Screens
    • Natural Aesthetics and Durability
    • Custom Design Options
  5. Cedar Wood Privacy Screens
    • The Classic Choice for Privacy
    • Benefits and Maintenance Tips
  6. Top FAQ for Deck Privacy Screens
    • Answering Your Common Concerns
  7. Conclusion
    • Summing Up Your Deck Privacy Options

Your deck is your oasis – a place where you can relax, entertain, and enjoy the beautiful Calgary outdoors. But what about when you crave a little more privacy, or need a shield from the wind? That’s where deck privacy screens come in! Not only do they provide seclusion and protection, but they also add an element of style to your outdoor living space.

At Project Landscape, we understand the importance of creating a backyard retreat that feels both open and intimate. That’s why we offer a variety of privacy screen options to suit every style and need. From the functional and stylish Oasis Privacy Screens to the elegant and sturdy glass wind walls, and the natural beauty of Batu and cedar wood screens, we have everything to transform your deck into a private paradise.

Join us as we explore four fantastic deck privacy screen options that are sure to elevate your Calgary home’s outdoor area. And if you have any questions or need advice on deck privacy solutions, feel free to reach out to us at 403 257 4059 or visit our website at Project Landscape.

Let’s dive into the world of deck privacy screens and find the perfect match for your outdoor space!

2. Oasis Privacy Screens

Description and Features

In the quest for the perfect blend of privacy and aesthetic appeal, the Oasis Privacy Screens stand out as a top choice. These screens offer an ideal solution for creating a secluded spot on your deck or even an interior privacy wall, without sacrificing style or openness.

  • Versatile Design: The Oasis Privacy Screens feature a sleek, modern design that complements a variety of outdoor and indoor settings. Their large-format panels are perfect for establishing distinct areas while maintaining a sense of spaciousness.
  • Quality Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, these screens are built to last, offering both durability and visual appeal.

Installation and Versatility

  • Easy Installation System: The Oasis Privacy Screens come with a straightforward installation system comprising posts, panels, and brackets. This ease of installation means you can quickly define and transform your space.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use: Whether you’re looking to add privacy to your outdoor deck area or create a separation within your home, these screens are versatile enough to fit both needs.

The Oasis Privacy Screens are an excellent option for Calgary homeowners seeking a practical yet stylish solution to enhance the privacy and functionality of their outdoor living spaces.

3. Glass Wind Walls

For those who love the idea of a barrier against the elements without compromising on the view, Glass Wind Walls are an exceptional choice. These wind walls are not only functional but also add a touch of sophistication to any deck space.

Aluminum Posts and Color Options

  • Durable Framework: Glass Wind Walls are supported by sturdy aluminum posts, known for their strength and resistance to weathering. This makes them an ideal choice for the varying Calgary climate.
  • Color Variety: Catering to diverse aesthetic preferences, these aluminum posts are available in several colors, including Text Black, Gloss Black, White, Bronze, and Grey. This range ensures that you can choose a color that perfectly complements your deck and home exterior.

Glass Panel Varieties: Clear, Velour, Tinted, and Rain Style

  • Clear Panels: For an uninterrupted view, clear glass panels are the go-to choice. They provide protection from the wind while keeping your view pristine.
  • Velour and Tinted Options: If you prefer a bit of privacy or wish to reduce glare, velour and tinted glass panels offer an elegant solution.
  • Rain Style: For a unique aesthetic, rain-style glass panels add a decorative element to your deck, creating a beautiful light effect while still serving as a wind barrier.

Glass Wind Walls are an excellent choice for deck owners in Calgary who want to enjoy their outdoor space in various weather conditions without losing the open-air feel. The combination of durable aluminum posts and versatile glass options makes these wind walls both practical and visually appealing.

4. Batu Wood Privacy Screens

Batu wood, known for its rich, luxurious look and durability, makes for an exquisite choice in privacy screens. Ideal for Calgary homeowners who appreciate the timeless beauty of natural wood, Batu wood screens offer both privacy and an aesthetic appeal that complements any outdoor setting.

Natural Aesthetics and Durability

  • Rich Appearance: Batu wood is renowned for its deep, reddish-brown color and fine grain, bringing warmth and natural elegance to your deck area.
  • Resilient Material: This type of wood is exceptionally durable, resistant to decay and insects, making it a long-lasting addition to your outdoor space.

Custom Design Options

  • Tailored to Your Style: Batu wood screens can be customized in various patterns and designs to match your personal taste and the overall style of your home.
  • Integration with Landscaping: These screens blend seamlessly with the natural outdoor environment, enhancing the overall landscape design of your property.

Choosing Batu wood for your deck privacy screen means opting for a material that is both visually stunning and capable of withstanding the test of time, making it a worthwhile investment for your Calgary home.

5. Cedar Wood Privacy Screens

Cedar wood is a classic and popular choice for deck privacy screens, beloved for its natural beauty and inherent properties that make it ideal for outdoor use. In Calgary, where homeowners value both aesthetics and durability, cedar wood screens are a top choice.

The Classic Choice for Privacy

  • Timeless Beauty: Cedar wood is renowned for its rich, natural tones and distinctive grain patterns, adding a rustic yet refined touch to your deck.
  • Natural Aroma: Besides its visual appeal, cedar is also appreciated for its pleasant, natural scent, which adds another layer of enjoyment to your outdoor space.

Benefits and Maintenance Tips

  • Resistance to Elements: Cedar has natural oils that make it resistant to moisture, decay, and insect damage, crucial for the Calgary climate.
  • Longevity: With proper care, cedar wood privacy screens can last for many years, making them a smart investment for your outdoor area.
  • Maintenance Needs: To maintain its color and protect against weathering, cedar wood may require periodic treatment with stains or sealers.

Cedar wood privacy screens are an excellent choice for those who appreciate natural materials and want to add a touch of timeless elegance to their deck. Its durability and ease of maintenance make it a practical and attractive option for Calgary homeowners.

6. Top FAQ for Deck Privacy Screens

When considering adding privacy screens to your deck, several questions might come to mind. Here are some of the top FAQs we encounter at Project Landscape, along with our expert answers, to help guide your decision-making process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the best materials for privacy screens in Calgary’s climate?
    • In Calgary, where the climate can be varied, materials like aluminum, tempered glass, and naturally durable woods like Batu and cedar are excellent choices. They offer resilience against weather elements while maintaining their aesthetic appeal.
  2. How do I choose between different styles of privacy screens?
    • Your choice should be guided by a combination of personal aesthetic preference, the architectural style of your home, and practical considerations like maintenance and durability. For instance, glass wind walls are great for preserving views, while wood screens add natural warmth.
  3. Are there legal height restrictions for deck privacy screens?
    • Yes, there can be. It’s important to check local bylaws and building codes in Calgary to understand any height restrictions or permit requirements for deck modifications.
  4. Can privacy screens be customized to fit my existing deck design?
    • Absolutely! Customization is key to ensuring that your privacy screen complements and seamlessly integrates with your existing deck design.
  5. How do maintenance requirements vary among different materials?
    • Maintenance varies significantly by material. For example, aluminum and glass require minimal upkeep, mainly regular cleaning. Wood, on the other hand, may require periodic staining or sealing to maintain its look and longevity.
  6. Are privacy screens a viable option for small decks or balconies?
    • Yes, privacy screens can be a great addition to small spaces. They can be designed to fit compact areas without overwhelming them, providing privacy without sacrificing the sense of openness.

Need More Information?

If you have more questions or need personalized advice for your deck privacy screen project in Calgary, don’t hesitate to contact us at Project Landscape. Our team is equipped with the expertise to guide you through selecting and installing the perfect privacy solution for your deck.

7. Conclusion

Enhancing the privacy and aesthetic appeal of your deck in Calgary doesn’t just add to your outdoor enjoyment; it transforms your deck into a true extension of your home. Whether you opt for the sleek modernity of aluminum or glass wind walls, the natural elegance of Batu or cedar wood, or a combination that speaks to your unique style, the right privacy screen can redefine your outdoor living experience.

Summing Up Your Deck Privacy Options

  • Aluminum Railing: For a contemporary and low-maintenance choice.
  • Framed and Topless Glass Wind Walls: Ideal for maintaining views while offering wind protection and a touch of elegance.
  • Batu and Cedar Wood Screens: Perfect for adding natural warmth and timeless beauty.

At Project Landscape, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect balance of style, function, and privacy for your deck. Our expertise in Calgary’s specific climate and style preferences ensures that your deck not only looks great but also stands the test of time.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Remember, your deck is more than just a space; it’s where memories are made. It’s where you enjoy quiet mornings, lively evenings with friends, and peaceful moments in the comfort of your own outdoor haven. Our goal is to help you create that haven, a place where privacy, comfort, and style come together seamlessly.

If you’re ready to enhance your deck with the perfect privacy screen, or if you have questions about which option would best suit your home, feel free to reach out to us at Project Landscape. You can contact us at 403 257 4059 or visit our website at Project Landscape for more information. Let us help you turn your deck into the private oasis you’ve always dreamed of.

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