Hey Calgary homeowners, are you looking to transform your compact backyard into a functional and inviting outdoor living space? You’re not alone! Many of us face the challenge of limited outdoor space, but with a little creativity and the right design elements, your small backyard can become a stunning extension of your home. At Project Landscape, we specialize in turning those cozy corners of your property into beautiful, versatile outdoor areas. Let’s explore some innovative ways to maximize your backyard’s potential.

Maximizing Space with Outdoor Water Features

When space is at a premium, adding a water feature can make a world of difference. Not only do water features like fountains or small ponds add a serene atmosphere to your backyard, but they also create an illusion of space. The sound of trickling water adds a calming effect, making your outdoor area feel like a tranquil retreat. Whether you fancy a contemporary water wall or a classic birdbath, at Project Landscape, we design water features that fit perfectly into your small Calgary backyard.

Vertical Planting: Growing Up, Not Out

Vertical planting is a smart way to add greenery without eating up floor space. Think lush living walls, trellises with climbing vines, or tiered planters. These solutions not only save space but also add an artistic touch to your backyard. Vertical gardens are great for growing herbs, small vegetables, or decorative plants, making them both beautiful and functional. Plus, they can act as a natural privacy screen, giving you a sense of seclusion right in the heart of the city.

Privacy Screens: Your Secluded Oasis

Speaking of privacy, Calgary urban living often means close quarters with neighbors. Privacy screens are a stylish and effective way to create a more secluded outdoor space. They come in various materials and designs, from wooden slats to decorative metalwork, and can be integrated with planters or lighting for an extra cozy ambiance. At Project Landscape, we tailor privacy screens to complement your outdoor decor, ensuring they’re not just functional but also enhance the overall aesthetic of your backyard.

Pergolas: Defining Outdoor Rooms

Pergolas are a fantastic addition to any backyard, big or small. They provide structure and define different areas for dining, lounging, or entertaining. Draped with climbing plants or strung with lights, a pergola becomes a charming focal point. It’s about creating an ‘outdoor room’ that feels both open and intimate. In Calgary’s varied climate, a pergola can also offer much-needed shade during the summer, making your outdoor space more enjoyable.

Decks and Paving Stone Patios: The Foundation of Your Outdoor Space

Decks and paving stone patios are essential for creating a practical and inviting outdoor living area. In a small backyard, every inch counts, so designing these spaces to be multifunctional is key. A well-designed deck or patio can serve as an extension of your home, providing a perfect spot for an outdoor kitchen, a dining area, or a place to relax and enjoy the fresh air. At Project Landscape, we use high-quality materials and thoughtful design to ensure your deck or patio is not only beautiful but also durable and low maintenance.


Transforming a small backyard into a functional and beautiful space is an art, and at Project Landscape in Calgary, we’re passionate about helping you realize the potential of your outdoor area. Whether it’s adding a peaceful water feature, creating vertical greenery, ensuring privacy, building a versatile pergola, or laying down the perfect patio, we’re here to bring your vision to life. Your small backyard has the potential to be your favorite part of your home – let us help you make that a reality.

Ready to create more living space in your small backyard? Contact Project Landscape in Calgary today, and let’s start designing your dream outdoor space!

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