Deck Privacy Screen Add-On Features

Enhancing your deck with a privacy screen is just the first step in creating your ideal outdoor retreat. To truly make the space your own, consider these add-on features that offer functionality, comfort, and a personal touch to your Calgary home’s deck.

Popular Add-Ons for Deck Privacy Screens

  1. Integrated Lighting: Adding lighting to your privacy screens not only illuminates your deck for evening enjoyment but also adds ambiance. Options range from subtle LED accents to statement lighting fixtures.
  2. Decorative Elements: Infuse your personality into your outdoor space with decorative add-ons like custom carvings, patterned cutouts, or artistic panels on your wood or metal privacy screens.
  3. Climbing Plants and Trellises: For a natural touch, integrate trellises into your privacy screens where climbing plants can grow. This not only enhances privacy but also brings a lush, garden-like feel to your deck.
  4. Adjustable Louvers: Some privacy screens come with adjustable louvers, allowing you to control the amount of light and breeze passing through, offering a customizable outdoor experience.
  5. Sound Systems: Incorporating an outdoor sound system into your privacy screen setup can turn your deck into an entertainment hub, perfect for hosting parties or relaxing evenings.
  6. Hanging Planters: Add hanging planters or shelves to your privacy screen for an extra touch of greenery or to display outdoor decor.
  7. Weather-Resistant Fabric Panels: For a softer look and added versatility, consider fabric panels that can be drawn or retracted as needed. Choose weather-resistant materials for durability.

Enhancing Your Deck’s Functionality and Style

These add-ons not only increase the privacy and usability of your deck but also allow you to create a space that truly reflects your style and meets your functional needs. From cozy evening gatherings to sunny weekend lounging, these features make your deck a versatile and inviting space.

Project Landscape in Calgary is here to help you select and integrate these add-on features seamlessly with your existing or new deck privacy screens. Our expertise ensures that your outdoor space is not just private, but also a personalized haven for relaxation and entertainment.

Areas to Add Your Backyard Privacy Screen

Enhancing your backyard with privacy screens is not just about adding seclusion; it’s about creating distinct, functional areas that elevate your outdoor living experience. In Calgary, where maximizing the use of outdoor space is essential, strategically placing privacy screens can transform your backyard into a series of private havens. Here are some ideal areas to consider:

Ideal Spots for Privacy Screens

  1. Around the Patio or Deck: The most common area to add privacy screens is around your patio or deck. This not only provides privacy from neighbors but also creates a cozy, enclosed space for relaxation and entertainment.
  2. Poolside: If you have a pool, privacy screens can offer seclusion for swimmers, as well as a windbreak and a shaded area for lounging poolside.
  3. Outdoor Dining Area: For outdoor dining spaces, privacy screens can create an intimate setting, perfect for meals with family and friends. They can also serve as a barrier against wind and sun.
  4. Garden Retreats: Consider adding privacy screens around a secluded part of your garden to create a peaceful retreat for reading, meditation, or simply enjoying nature.
  5. Hot Tub Areas: Adding privacy screens around a hot tub can enhance the sense of seclusion and relaxation, making your spa experience more enjoyable.
  6. Boundary Along Property Lines: Privacy screens can be used as stylish alternatives to traditional fencing, marking the boundaries of your property while adding aesthetic appeal.
  7. Outdoor Cooking Areas: If you have an outdoor kitchen or BBQ area, privacy screens can provide shelter from the wind, as well as a degree of privacy and separation from the rest of the yard.

Customizing for Your Space

Each backyard is unique, and the placement of your privacy screens should reflect the specific layout and your personal usage of the space. Customization is key, and at Project Landscape, we can help you design privacy screens that not only fit your space perfectly but also complement the style and functionality of your backyard.

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