Essential Landscaping Maintenance Services You Need

Landscaping Maintenance ServicesGeneral Bed Maintenance/Detailing

This includes a range of services from good old lawn mowing to weeding, debris removal, and ground-cover control. The kind of services entailed in general bed maintenance may vary from season to season and may also depend on your type of lawn. However, they are necessary to maintain the curb appeal of your landscaping all year round.

Landscaping Maintenance ServicesPruning/Hedging

Pruning and hedging your lawn, trees, and plants at the right time of the year is essential to preserve their health and help them grow better. Pruning is usually done for aesthetic purposes but also helps to remove dead and weak limbs, get rid of spent blooms, and promote healthy plant growth. Hiring a professional for tree pruning and lawn edging ensures that your lawn plants are trimmed at the right time for optimal results. 

Landscaping Maintenance ServicesIrrigation Installation and Maintenance

Did you know that you should have your irrigation system checked at least twice per season? Lawn plants need to get a good supply of water so it’s important to ensure that all of your sprinklers are functioning as they should. Project Landscape specializes in the installation and maintenance of automatic irrigation systems. Book an appointment with us to ensure that your lawn plants get a good supply of the water they need to stay lush and green.

Landscaping Maintenance ServicesSeasonal Cleanup

Examples of seasonal cleanup services include mulch raking, bed edging, perennial trim down, and general bed maintenance services. These services are usually carried out about 1 to 3 times in a year, but at least at the start of the spring season. A seasonal cleanup service is necessary to maintain the health of your lawn all year round.