Okotoks Decks, Patios & Pergolas A Winning Combination

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1. Okotoks Combination Space Builders 2. Low Maintenance Composite Decking For The Win 3. Okotoks Best Pergola Builder 4. Okotoks Paving Stone Patios

Okotoks Combination Space Builders

Since 2016, Project Landscape has established itself as a reliable builder of decks, pergolas, and patios in the Calgary and Okotoks regions. Our clients recognize the benefits of having diverse outdoor living areas for various activities. Whether it’s crafting a serene spot for relaxation or a lively space for entertaining, Project Landscape of Calgary is dedicated to designing the perfect outdoor area tailored to your specific requirements. We offer a range of multi-functional living space designs that showcase our commitment to meeting the unique needs of each client.

The Superior Combo: Decks,Pergolas & Patios The Superior Combo: Decks, Pergolas & Patios” offers the ultimate blend in outdoor living. Decks provide a sturdy, elevated platform for enjoying the outdoors, while pergolas add an artistic, shaded area to relax. Patios serve as versatile ground-level spaces ideal for entertainment and leisure. This combination not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor area but also increases the functionality and value of your property. Transform your backyard into a stunning, multi-purpose retreat with this perfect trio of outdoor structures. Combining Decks and Patios Enhances the Utility of Your Outdoor living space: Decks provide a perfect spot for outdoor relaxation, dining, and hosting gatherings, and patios offer similar benefits. However, some homeowners see it as a binary choice between the two. Yet, those who have experienced homes with both deck and patio know there’s a unique charm in this combination. Integrating a deck with a patio creates a magical, multifunctional outdoor space, opening up a variety of possibilities for use. Let’s explore the benefits and versatility that come with this combination.

Go Beyond The Deck & Patio Combo: Add A Pergola Enhance your Okotoks outdoor living experience by going beyond the classic deck and patio combo: add a pergola for an extra touch of elegance and style. Pergolas not only offer a shaded retreat but also elevate the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space, creating a perfect setting for relaxation and entertainment. This threefold combination transforms any backyard into a luxurious and versatile outdoor oasis. Low Maintenance Composite Decking For The Win Opting for low maintenance composite decking is a game-changer for those looking to enhance their outdoor living space. This innovative decking solution perfectly complements the deck, pergola, and patio combination, offering unparalleled convenience and style. Composite decking stands out for its durability and ease of upkeep, eliminating the frequent maintenance tasks associated with traditional wood decking. It’s the ideal choice for homeowners who value both aesthetics and functionality. By adding low maintenance decking to your outdoor ensemble, you’re not just investing in a visually appealing space; you’re also choosing a hassle-free, long-lasting outdoor experience that lets you focus more on enjoying your outdoor haven and less on upkeep. Okotoks Low Maintenance Decks:

Many of our customers in Okotoks prefer not having the annual chore of staining their decks. This is where low-maintenance decking materials come in handy, as they eliminate the need for yearly upkeep. These synthetic options mimic the look of wood but don’t require staining or regular maintenance. The most they need is a simple clean-up with a sponge or hose to remove common spills, similar to indoor flooring care. For outdoor debris like mud, dirt, and pollen, a garden hose or a sponge with water is usually sufficient to keep the deck looking great. This ease of care makes low-maintenance decking an attractive choice for homeowners who prefer spending more time enjoying their outdoor spaces than maintaining them. Okotoks Composite Deck Installation:

As specialists in composite decking, our team boasts extensive experience with leading brands like Fiberon, Timbertech, Wolf, Deckorators, and Trex. We are proud to be certified by a few these manufacturers, ensuring our installation techniques are in full compliance with their guidelines. This certification not only guarantees the highest quality of workmanship but also ensures that your deck’s warranty remains intact.

Our expertise extends to the Calgary and Okotoks areas, where we apply our in-depth knowledge of composite decking systems to deliver installations that meet the most stringent standards of the industry. Choosing our certified service means you’ll enjoy not only a beautifully constructed composite deck but also the reassurance that comes with a fully valid manufacturer’s warranty. Trust in our professional skill to create a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and warranty-secured decking solution for your home.

Okotoks Best Pergola Builder When contemplating the addition of a new outdoor space in areas like Calgary and Okotoks, there are numerous possibilities to explore. Project Landscape of Calgary is adept at guiding you through the myriad of details for your envisioned outdoor area. Incorporating a pergola can significantly enhance these spaces, offering not just aesthetic appeal and a defined area, but also practical benefits like sun protection for decks or patios. This versatile structure can be a key element in creating an inviting and functional outdoor living environment. Pergola Installers Near Me In Okotoks:

Considering a new deck or patio, either now or in the future? Adding a pergola could be the perfect stylish touch that infuses both character and distinctive functionality into your space. At Project Landscape of Okotoks, we’re not just experts in deck and patio construction; we also specialize in pergola design and installation. Our design team is adept at turning your ideas into reality, ensuring that your outdoor space is not only visually appealing but also uniquely yours. Let us help you elevate your outdoor living experience with a beautifully crafted pergola. Are Pergolas A Good Choice For Okotoks Home Owners?

Pergolas are an excellent, cost-effective addition to homes in Okotoks, enhancing outdoor living spaces and decks beautifully. These structures are perfect for outdoor kitchens, patios, and fire pit areas, offering just the right amount of shade and shelter without the need for fully enclosed spaces.

At Project Landscape, recognized as Okotoks’ top pergola builder, we understand the importance of selecting the right materials for these structures. While pergolas can be constructed from various types of wood, we find that Cedar and Batu wood are the best choices. These materials not only provide durability and aesthetic appeal but also align well with the specific outdoor conditions of Okotoks. Our expertise in pergola construction ensures that we select the most suitable materials to create a feature that is both beautiful and functional for your outdoor space.

Okotoks Paving Stone Patios

Looking for a laid-back yet stylish patio makeover in Okotoks? Project Landscape is here to help. We’re all about turning your outdoor space into a cozy, chic spot perfect for unwinding or hosting friends. Our team specializes in designing patios that not only look great but also fit seamlessly with your lifestyle. Let us bring a touch of comfort and flair to your backyard, making it the favorite part of your home. Your dream patio is just a call away with Project Landscape! If you’re in Okotoks and searching for a top-notch landscaping company, consider reaching out to Project Landscape of Calgary. Renowned for being one of the best in Calgary, we also extend our comprehensive landscaping services to areas like Okotoks. Known for our expertise in deck building, patio installation, and pergola creation, Project Landscape is equipped to deliver the perfect combination for your landscape needs. For personalized service and inquiries, you can contact us at 403 257 4059 or via email at Our teams are ready to help you realize your landscaping vision.–

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