Project Landscape Phased Building Program 

Hey there, and welcome aboard the Project Landscape express! Buckle up as we fuse a sprinkle of sass with our expert know-how to guide you through your outdoor makeover adventure. On today’s agenda is our exclusive “Phased Building Program” – your golden ticket to an awe-inspiring backyard without causing a seismic shift in your bank balance or daily routine. So, snag your beverage of choice and join us as we pave the way to your dream outdoor oasis, one delightful step at a time.

Table of Contents

  1. Project Landscapes Phased Building Program
  2. FAQ About Deck & Patio Combos
  3. The Benefits of a Deck
  4. The Benefits of a Patio
  5. The Benefits of a Deck and Patio Combination

1. Project Landscapes Phased Building Program

Ever found yourself daydreaming about the ultimate outdoor living space but then sighed, “If only my budget were unlimited”? You’re not alone. Many homeowners share this sentiment, believing their dream outdoor space is just that—a dream. However, at Project Landscape, we’re in the business of turning those dreams into tangible realities with our Phased Building Program.

Spread Out the Cost with a Phased Building Program

At Project Landscape, we specialize in creating custom outdoor living spaces, designed to fit your personal style and needs. Our phased building approach allows you to spread out the cost over time, making your dream backyard achievable without breaking the bank. We start with a comprehensive design that includes everything you desire, from a cozy deck and pergola to a chic patio with a fire pit and lush softscaping. Then, we break down the project into manageable phases, starting with the segment closest to your home to ensure structural integrity and a seamless integration with your living space.

This method not only eases the financial burden but also lessens the overall impact on your lifestyle. Plus, it’s a unique service not commonly offered by other landscape and deck builders, setting Project Landscape apart in our commitment to excellence and value.

Ready to learn more? Visit our website at Project Landscape, or dive directly into our Deck and Patio Combo page for more inspiration and information on how we can bring your outdoor dreams to life. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (403) 257-4059 for a personalized estimate.\

2. FAQ About Deck & Patio Combos

Should you build a deck or patio first?

  • It depends on your outdoor space and preferences. A deck is often built first if you’re looking for elevated views or if your yard is sloped. Patios are ideal for flat terrains and can offer a more seamless transition from indoors to outdoors.

What adds more value, a deck or patio?

  • Both can add significant value to your home, but decks typically offer a higher return on investment. However, patios can be less expensive and require less maintenance over time.

Is it cheaper to do a deck or patio?

  • Generally, patios can be less expensive than decks, especially if you choose cost-effective materials like concrete or pavers. However, the final cost depends on the design, materials, and labor.

What looks better, a deck or patio?

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Decks can offer a warm, inviting look with wood or composite materials, while patios offer a classic, grounded aesthetic. The best choice depends on your personal style and the architectural design of your home.

Can you lay decking straight onto a patio?

  • It’s not recommended to lay decking directly onto an existing patio without proper support. Ensuring ventilation and preventing moisture buildup is crucial for the longevity of your deck.

What lasts longer, a patio or deck?

  • With proper maintenance, patios typically last longer than wooden decks. Materials like concrete, stone, or pavers can withstand the elements better than wood.

3. The Benefits of a Deck

Decks are a versatile addition to any home, offering elevated views, a natural aesthetic with wood or composite materials, and a perfect setting for entertaining. They can be customized to any size and style, making them an ideal choice for those looking to enhance their outdoor living experience.

4. The Benefits of a Patio

Patios provide a durable, low-maintenance outdoor space that seamlessly extends your living area to the outdoors. They’re perfect for ground-level outdoor dining, fire pits, and can be designed with a variety of materials to match any aesthetic.

5. The Benefits of a Deck and Patio Combination

Combining a deck and patio offers the best of both worlds—elevated views and a cozy ground-level space. This combo maximizes your outdoor living area, providing distinct zones for dining, lounging, and entertaining. It’s a versatile solution that caters to a wide range of activities and gatherings, adding immense value and enjoyment to your home.

Dreaming of your perfect outdoor space? Let Project Landscape help you make it a reality, phase by phase. Visit our Deck and Patio Combo page for more inspiration, or call us at (403) 257-4059 to start planning your dream backyard today.

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