Revitalize Your Outdoor Space with Calgary’s Premier Redecking & Deck Resurfacing Service

Is your deck looking a bit like it’s been through a few too many Calgary winters? Fear not! Project Landscape is here to transform your worn-out deck into the envy of the neighborhood. Let’s explore the rejuvenating journey of redecking and resurfacing your deck, ensuring it becomes your favorite spot for relaxation and entertainment.

Table of Contents

  1. Calgary Deck Resurfacing Near Me
  2. Benefits of Trusting Our Team With Redecking
  3. Our Redecking Process

1. Calgary Deck Resurfacing Near Me

In the heart of Calgary, finding a team that can breathe new life into your aging deck is like stumbling upon a hidden treasure. Project Landscape stands as your local redecking maestro, ready to turn your deck dreams into durable, stylish realities.

2. Benefits of Trusting Our Team With Redecking

Improved Safety: Time and nature can be harsh, leaving your deck in a precarious state. Our redecking service addresses any wear and tear, replacing those creaky boards and ensuring every step you take is on solid ground.

Enhanced Aesthetics: Fancy a deck that not only stands the test of time but looks good doing it? Our selection of modern materials and designs will breathe new life into your outdoor space, making it a seamless extension of your home’s character.

Increased Functionality: Imagine a deck that does more. Whether it’s integrating cozy built-in seating or crafting the perfect nook for your green friends, redecking can morph your space into the ultimate outdoor living area.

Upgraded Materials for Durability: With advancements in decking technology, we bring you materials that laugh in the face of Calgary’s weather. This means more sunny days enjoyed on your deck with less upkeep.

3. Our Redecking Process

Inspection and Planning: Every great redecking tale begins with a thorough inspection. We dive deep into the bones of your deck to plan a makeover that’s not just skin deep.

Removal of Old Decking: Out with the old, in with the… well, you know the drill. We meticulously remove the worn-out parts of your deck, setting the stage for its grand revival.

Repair and Reinforcement: It’s not just about making your deck pretty; it’s about ensuring it’s sturdy. We tackle any structural quirks, ensuring your deck is safe and sound for all your future shindigs.

Installation of New Decking: Here’s where the magic happens. Our team expertly installs your chosen decking, paying close attention to the details that make your deck both stunning and strong.

Walkthrough & Education: Once the transformation is complete, we take you on a tour of your new deck. We share tips on maintaining its splendor and answer any lingering questions, ensuring you’re as proud of the work as we are.

Ready to Transform Your Deck?

If your outdoor space is crying out for a makeover, it’s time to consider redecking with Project Landscape. Visit our website to learn more about our services or jump straight to our redecking page for inspiration. Ready to start the journey? Give us a call at 403-257-4059, and let’s make your deck the highlight of your home.

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