Different Ways to Clean Your Cedar Deck

You had a cedar deck installed by a professional landscaper. Still, as winter ends, it does not look eye-catching as when installed. Cedar is a popular wood in decks as it is naturally resistant to insect infestations, splitting, rotting, and warping.

In addition, it has a low shrinkage compared to other wood types. But you still need to provide cedar deck maintenance to keep it looking great. So today, we decided to compile a list of different ways to keep your cedar deck clean.

1.    Do Inspections with Regular Sweeping

Yes, checking your home’s regular deck inspections is also crucial. You can do this when you give your cedar deck a sweeping twice a week. Check areas that might need some added TLC. For example, look for warping boards or popped nails and screws.

By doing inspections, you can replace those missing nails and screws. The reason is that water can filtrate into the holes resulting in rot. Where you find the edges are ruff or the wood is soft, you can sand or have them replaced.

Keeping the deck clear of debris is an easy way to see if there are problems, and it frees the deck of a massive mess like mildew that can become slippery. We recommend using a soft bristle broom to keep it spotless.

2.    Wash Your Cedar Deck

Yes, people continue to debate if they should use a power washer for cleaning their cedar deck. We recommend not using one as it can damage the wood like cedar, as it is soft. However, you can perform deep cleaning twice a year using a cedar-specific solution by following the directions.

Alternatively, you can use a bucket with water and dish soap. First, fill a bucket with the mixture to create a foam consistency. Then, pre-rinse your deck with a garden hose and use a soft brush to work the solution into the wood.

But keep the deck moist while doing this to prevent the soap from drying on the wood. Then, use the hose to rinse off the soap residue from the deck. Do not forget about the railing as you find grease and residue build-ups on it.

3.    Seal and Stain Your Cedar Deck

When you seal the deck, it helps prevent water damage resulting in rot. Not only does the stain seal cracks, but it enhances the overall look at the same time. In addition, it protects the wood from UV rays and elements outside.

If your deck has a sealant on for more than two years, the adhesives are worn off. We recommend you give it another seal. If you are unsure how to do it, you can always contact a company like Project Landscaping for a quote.

It is recommended to stain your cedar deck a few days after cleaning it as it needs to dry well. If rough edges are present, you need to use 80-grit sandpaper for sanding it down. Then all it needs is a final sweep before applying the stain.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to keeping your cedar deck looking great, we recommend you follow the steps mentioned above to keep it looking brand new. Another important thing is to keep changing the location of furniture and planters to prevent color patches from the UV rays. Also, avoid placing rugs as it absorbs water to hold them, leading to wet boards underneath. Eventually, it leads to premature rot and can cause mildew to form. If you would like to learn more about decking, contact our team today.