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Prepare Your Lawn for Spring Using 5 Simple Steps

Prepare Your Lawn for Spring Using 5 Simple Steps

The cold winters are over and this means it is the time we put away the shovels and start preparing for the spring projects. You can make a start with your lawn as it needs much attention now. The cold weather of winter can leave your plants and grass very weak as they lie dormant for months, covered under a blanket of snow.

If you wish to see your grass and shrubs fuller and healthier like before, it are time for spring clean-up. All you need to do is to follow a few simple steps as suggested by lawn care experts from Calgary.

Let us now have a look at the 5 tips you can follow to prep up your lawn for spring.

Time for some cleaning:

The very first thing you need to do to get your lawn ready for spring is cleaning up the twigs, leaves and any other debris that might have got gathered during winter. You can use a rake or even an air blower if you wish to finish the task quickly. It is important to clean any debris as it can even get stuck to the mower and it will also block fertilizers from being absorbed by the grass.

Time to add fertilizers and kill the weeds:

Well, the next step of lawn care in Calgary is feeding the grass with pre-emergent and fertilizer. Make sure you give them in the right proportions as even a little more than what is required can cause damage to the grass. You can wait for about 5 to 6 weeks and add these again; this time along with a weed killer. You will have to make sure to not let crabgrass grow in the lawn as it gets hard to get rid of it later. There are a number of brands that offer solutions that are a combination of pre-emergent and the weed killer. This way you can lower your costs as well.

Start to mow early and try doing it often:

A number of homeowners only mow their lawns once in a week during spring. You should not let the grass grow longer before you cut it as it can damage the roots and this, in turn, affects its growth. To avoid such hassles, you can make a routine and mow once in every 5 days for the first 5 weeks of spring. This will ensure you have a fuller and healthier lawn. You can even get a power rake to speed up the cleaning process.

Choose heavy mulch:

Now that you have already cared for the lawn, it is time you clean up the garden surrounding it. You can start by edging out your flower beds and start trimming any dead branches and also try replacing the mulch. Remember that there are various kinds of mulches to choose from.

Tree trimming:

Dead tree branches have to be trimmed, especially if you have trees in between the lawn. You really do not want the dead branches to fall over the lawn and kill the grass. You can hire professional services for the same as you can get yourself hurt during the trimming process. Professionals can safely prune the trees and make them look fuller at the same time. They also take care of aeration and dethatching and make sure your lawn and gardens look fuller.

Do not add new seeds until fall:

If you have any brown patches around the garden, you might as well get tempted to fill them up but it is hard for seeds to germinate during spring. You can instead fertilize the lawn and once you have some new shoots, you can fill the brown patches with the same.

If you really wish to get your lawn and garden back in shape, you can even hire professional lawn care services that also take care of timely maintenance and de thatching. The spring to summer months are approaching.  Make sure your lawn, and furthermore your landscape is in check!

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