Snow Removal Calgary

Commercial Snow Removal Services in Calgary

As a business owner you recognize that it is important to keep your doors open to customers.  In the winter this means keeping the snow removed.  Employees and customers expect to find cleared walkways and plowed parking lots.  If this is done in a shoddy manner, it will reflect on you and your company.

Without snow and ice removal you could face a fine by the city of Calgary, reduce traffic into your business with decreased sales, and liability for accidents.

Project Landscape offers commercial snow removal servicescommercial-snow-removal-service-calgary so that you can operate your business as usual.  Our goal is to create a safe and secure path into your building and to keep your parking areas cleared for driving, parking and entering and exiting the vehicles.

You work hard to keep your building clean and attractive.  This includes summer maintenance of the lawns and shrubbery.  In the winter, curb appeal is just as important.  Using a professional plowing service means you can maintain the solid image you have established.  Returning customers will know that you are concerned for their safety and will encourage new customers to try your products or service.

If snow is left untreated, it will impact the accessibility to the building for employees and patrons.  If improperly shovelled, it will still create a problem involving slips and possible falls.  Another problem can be how the snow is removed.  If performed carelessly, it can damage the concrete or flagstones in the walkways.  In the parking lot, it can damage the asphalt or markers for parking spaces.  It is in everyone’s best interest for your business to contract with a professional snow removal company that deals with commercial enterprises.

Commercial Snow Removal

Our service deals with property areas of all sizes.  From small or tight areas to those lots that extend over acres.  We can clear the full lot, deal with islands.  We handle all entrances including back doors, emergency access, and other points of entry.  We will work with you to determine the most advantageous time for our crews to arrive and complete the work so that your customers can park safely and move to and from their vehicles to your building.

We are able to customize our service to your needs.  This includes basic sidewalk cleaning to heavy duty removal and hauling away the snow.  We can work on public and private areas,  driveways, pathways, ramps, fire exits, and give careful consideration to handrails and stairs.

We have an experienced crew and a fleet of various sized vehicles like snow plow trucks, bobcats, sweepers, etc.

Our commercial snow removal services in Calgary are competitively and reasonably priced.  From inches to feet of snow, we are ready to help you endure the next winter and those after it.  Contact our office for a quote and to arrange service.  We will be happy to send a representative to your commercial enterprise to evaluate your needs and discuss any details pertinent to your situation.